Differences Between Men’s Watches and Women’s Watches

Differences Between Men’s Watches and Women’s Watches


Despite the indisputable presence of smartphones in everyday life becoming stronger with every day, there is still an enduring market for watches.

There are a variety of watches that can be put into a lot of different categories, but there will always be two main qualities than the two can easily be separated into on basic levels; men’s watches and women’s watches. There are a variety of subtle differences between a man’s watch and a woman’s watch to pay attention to whenever one is curious, but one of the first and foremost to take heed of is the size of the watch.

As not a necessity but general rule of thumb, men’s watches tend to be larger and heavier than the smaller and lighter watches of women. Another important thing to consider is the design of a watch; a man and woman’s watch have several typical variations on color, pattern and decoration. For color, a man’s watch is generally in black or silver while some others are golden. Women’s watches, on the other hand, have a greater variety of color that can branch in red, pink, purple and others.

Designers tend to make the watches of men look more simple and unassuming, while women’s watches are made with the intention to grab attention. Patterns and decorations of a woman’s watch may be engraved with floral print or set with diamonds or rhinestones, which can make a watch look more elegant and precious than a man’s watch.

Another factor to consider in distinguishing between a man’s watch and a woman’s watch is to pay attention to the watch’s general functions, such as the calendar and stopwatch, which are generally necessary functions for buyers that have a high level of demand.

Because a woman’s wrist is general less able to bear burden than an average man’s wrist, a female watch is generally oriented more to be an object of great beauty than one of potentially cumbersome but helpful practicality like a man’s watch. While sometimes the differences between a man and woman’s watch can be subtle, taking heed of some key differences can serve to keep from one from making a well-intended but potentially embarrassing gift choice.