Spotting a Fake Men’s Watch

Spotting a Fake Men’s Watch


Buying a new watch can no doubt be a fantastic way to lighten one’s mood and add a relatively affordable and appealing luxury item to one’s repertoire, but unfortunately, scammers are aware of their profitability and make new victims every day by selling off cheap and poor-quality knockoffs to people who honestly don’t know any better.

The ways that a fake watch can get sold off are very numerous and very diverse. In order to get the best idea of just what sort of quality a watch is before they actually commit to a potentially fraudulent purchase it is imperative to make sure that one has all of the observatory and communicative skills to analyze their sellers and wares before becoming just another victim and paid lunch for a con artist.

First and foremost, it is important to really communicate with the person that one is buying the watch from. People who sell fraudulent items generally benefit more and more from the less amount of time that their customers invest into learning about what they’re being asked to pay for, and so putting the pressure on by asking real and practical questions about the origin and material of a watch can be very helpful in disassembling a poorly constructed ruse before it becomes a sale.

When purchasing a watch online, it can prove very beneficial to take heed of what sorts of pictures are being used to advertise the watch on display. Sellers of fraudulent items will tend to put up pictures that are taken with poor quality resolution in order to mask their deficiencies or blemishes, so asking for more pictures can be a great way to save oneself from legitimately buying something that you cannot actually see for what it truly is.

Another solid method to protecting yourself from a potentially fraudulent watch sale is to be wary if the deal simply seems too good to be true in the first place. If it seems as if the watch carries a $10,000 dollar value but is being offered for only a couple hundred dollars, chances are that the watch really is only about half the value that it’s been marked as for sale.

Also, as with any item that could be made out of precious metals, take care to really learn the feel and constitution of legitimate gold or silver before buying a watch or other item passed off as having it. Examine the second hand, weight, and labels if possible before deciding to make any new watch your own.