Tissot T062.427.11.057.00 Review

Tissot T062.427.11.057.00 reviewWhen I first came across this Tissot T062.427.11.057.00 watch from a really interesting online discussion, I thought right at the moment that I had to spend some time learning a bit more about it. The watch is from the Tissot Navigator watch series. And to be honest, this one stands among my favorites!

Let me guess, if you’re here reading between these lines, that means you’re really interested to know more about this watch as well. So, why not come with me as I will walk you through all the things you need to know about this watch?

I guarantee that by the end of my review, you will have all the needed information to make the best decision possible!

Main features of the watch

It would be pointless for me to do a watch review without mentioning the main features the watch has to offer you. So here we go, the most important parts of the watch.

The watch’s movement

The watch movement is the inner engine that is responsible in keeping the watch working all the time. It’s also the defining factor in which you can tell how good the watch is in terms of time accuracy.

With that said, I introduce you to the Swiss Automatic self-wind movement that this Tissot T062.427.11.057.00 has inside it! There are 2 popular choices when it comes to watch movements. They’re Quartz and Automatic. And we’re talking about the second choice here.

The way this self winding Swiss Automatic movement works is based on the movement of your arm. So as long as you keep wearing the watch and doing things like normal, it will keep functioning well. Comparing to Quartz engine, Automatic watches are more about craftsmanship and traditions.

One thing that people really love about the automatic movement is the way the second hand sweeps around the dial. It’s just more attractive than the “ticking around” fashion of Quartz watches.

About time accuracy, you can rest assured that with this kind of watch movement, you will never miss out more than 10 seconds every year! And that number doesn’t come out of my mind randomly. It’s from many people who bought their own Swiss Automatic watches before.

And one more thing about this watch movement that I want you to know. It’s its ability to reserve energy and keep the watch working even when you take it off. But remember to never leave it out for more than 1 day or so.

Because once the reserved energy runs out, the watch will stop working, and you will have to set everything up again. And believe me, it’s not as easy as in the case of Quartz watches!

So, if you want a watch that withholds the traditions and values craftsmanship while offering you decent accuracy in timekeeping, this Tissot T062.427.11.057.00 watch is a great choice!

The watch’s design

Now that we’ve done with the watch movement. It’s time to see if this watch can catch anyone’s attention with its outfit.

As you can see from the picture, the main color tone of the watch is black and white of which I find to be a typical color combination for today’s watches. But there is a reason why it’s that “typical.” It’s because that type of color combination has the power to attract tons of attention from people around you!

If you wear a watch like this, I’m sure there will be plenty of people approach you to ask questions about it. So you better get ready for such situations in the future.

This timepiece has an analog displaying mechanism with a roundly shaped watch case as you can see. The overall case diameter is 44 mm and case thickness is 17 mm. The watch’s band is men’s standard in length with the overall band width of 22 mm.

In my opinion, with the dimensions like that, this watch can easily fit in almost all wrist sizes.

There is another thing I want to show you is the deployment clasp this watch has. With is, you will find it easily to put the watch on or take it off. There will be no time and effort required to learn how to properly wear your watch like with other overcomplicated clasp mechanisms.

The materials used

It’s important to know that no matter how well a watch operates, and how good looking it is, if it can’t protect itself from potential harm, there is no way you should buy that watch at the first place!

Fortunately, this Tissot T0624271105700 watch doesn’t fall into that category.

The first layer of protection this watch has for you is the scratch-proof and anti-reflective sapphire dial window. Besides the fact that this sapphire dial window helps you see time clearer when you’re walking under the midday sun, it also acts like a strong shield protecting the watch from scratches and damages.

Sapphire is a very tough and reliable. That’s why there is no need to worry if your watch face could be damaged in anyway.

The stainless steel case is another level of protection to protect the watch from damages and shock from unexpected accidents. Without it, there is no chances the inner parts of the watch would survive from the shock.

So, right there you have two of the most reliable materials used to forge this watch. If you’re still worrying that this watch could be damaged in any way from daily activities, you can throw that concern away!

Other added features

Besides the main things list above, there are more about this watch that I want to show you.

The first added feature that I really like is the small window displaying current date for you at 3 o’clock position. If you’re a busy man who have to plan ahead lots of things, you’ll find this feature super handy.

There are also 3 chronograph sub-dials at 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions as well as a fully functional tachymeter on the inner rim of the watch dial. They will be of great help for your daily activities as well as when you go playing sports.

And finally, this watch can withstand water pressure up to 330 ft or 100 down under. That means you can rest assured that your watch will never be damaged in any water-related accidents.


  • World-class watch movement that excels in timekeeping
  • Bold, modern, and manly design to set you out from the crowd
  • Reliable and tough watch materials
  • Good water resistance
  • Nice collection of add-on features


  • Might be a bit big for considerably small wrist guys


In conclusion, I strongly believe that this watch offers you great value that not so many watches out there can do. If you’re still seeking for a manly watch that can set you apart and keep you on time on all important events of life, take this one!