Tissot T062.427.17.057.01 Review

Tissot T062.427.17.057.01 ReviewFor the past few days, I’ve been hunting for information about this Tissot T062.427.17.057.01 watch from the Navigator series. The reason was I’d seen many people on forums and online sites talking about it with passion and much love. And that made me feel curious about this little timepiece.

And as usual, after searching for all the needed information, I gathered everything about the watch here in form of a review for further reference. And in case someone like you who wants to know more about the watch in details, you won’t have to search around the web anymore.

The main features

I will begin my review with a list of main features that I bet you want to know first. And they’re the watch movement, the watch design, and the materials used to create it.

The watch movement

Unlike many other Tissot watches that are powered by the famous Swiss Quartz movement, this Tissot T062.427.17.057.01 watch runs with its own automatic self-winding movement. That means this watch is a mechanical watch to its very core.

There are different opinions on the subject of Quartz vs mechanical watches. And to be honest with you, I’ve been lost with all the arguments. Because they’re all valid ones.

Basically, a Quartz watch excels in durability and time accuracy. Whereas a mechanical watch prospers at quality, classic look and feel, and historic value.

A mechanical watch might even last very long if you maintain it the right way. On the other hand, a Quartz watch might get obsoleted as time goes by because it runs on batteries. And you know it, the current battery model could get out-dated some day in the future.

However, you should not let the fact that the Quartz watches are more accurate than mechanical ones fool you. Because this Tissot T062.427.17.057.01 watch can easily keep you on time everyday.

And the best part is this movement is self-winding which means all you have to do to keep it working is wearing it! But don’t leave it unattended for more than 30 hours as the reserved energy might run out and the watch will stop working.

So, if you’re a man of classic things who love the age-old craftsmanship of mechanical watches and don’t bother with a few seconds late every now and then, you’d be happy with this automatic self-winding movement.

The watch design

Now that we’re done with the most important part, the movement, it’s time to move on to the watch design.

I bet that no matter how good the watch is at timekeeping and no matter how much effort the craftsman put in to create it, if it looks ugly like hell, there is no way you could buy it! I know I won’t!

As you can see from the image, this watch has an overall dark color combination of black and orange with a few “silver” plates from the watch case.

Personally, I really love this color combination as it shows up some kinds of strength and manliness. And if you’re a fan of Tissot watches like me, you will easily notice that this type of color combination is rare in the whole collection of Tissot. And I think that’s a reason why this watch becomes special.

There is a small window at 3 o’clock position displaying the current date for you. If you’re a busy man who has to schedule ahead lots of things, you will find this feature helpful.

On the watch dial, there are 3 chronograph sub-dials displaying 60-second, 3-minute, and 6-hour in case you need to perform some special tasks or calculating time when you do something.

The outer rim of the watch dial is a tachymeter which allows you to easily measure speed and traveled distance based on time. If you’re a sport lover of you simply want to break your own records, put this tachymeter to work and see if you can achieve your goals in time!

There is also a rotating unidirectional black PVD bezel and it has compass markings on it for you.

This Tissot T0624271705701 wristwatch is round shaped. And it has an overall case diameter of 44mm and case thickness of around 16 mm which make it perfect for almost all sizes of wrists.

The materials used

We’ve covered the watch movement and the design. It’s time to talk a bit about the materials used to forge this timepiece.

I will begin with the watch dial window – one of the most important parts of the watch. The reason is the dial window is the only shield protecting the watch dial from taking damages and scratches. And the good news is, this Tissot watch has one of the best material for that mission – an anti-reflective and scratch-proof sapphire!

Sapphire is really tough. It stands only second to diamond. That means you can totally rely on it when it comes to watch protection. Your watch will stand strong against almost all kinds of accidents and damages.

The next notable thing here is the stainless steel case. You know it, if the watch case is not hard enough, the inner parts of the watch might be crushed during accidents. And that’s not what you want, right? But you can throw that concern away because this steel case is hard enough to withstand that kind of shock and damage.

And finally, there is a rubber band which will be comfortable enough for you to wear the watch all day long.

Other great features

Apart from the above cool things, there are more to this watch that I want to share with you.

The first thing here is water-proof. And with the ability to sustain water pressure up to 330ft or 100m, you can rest assured that your watch will never get water-damaged in any way. And if you’re a swimmer, this could be a great feature to consider when buying new watches.

The watch hands are luminous which make it super easy to see time in the dark. And as you already knew from the above things, the three sub-dials and the tachymeter will assist you greatly from daily activities to playing sports. It’s just whether you can utilize them to the maximum potential or not!


  • Accurate high-end automatic self-winding movement that works 24/7/365 and keep you on time every time
  • Manly and bold design that can easily set you apart from the crowd
  • Tough and reliable materials that will protect the watch and save your pocket from maintenance fees
  • Good water-proof which is perfect for water sport lovers
  • Nice collection of add-on features to assist you in daily activities


  • Watch movement needs proper maintenance in order to work
  • Might be a bit big for small wrist guys


All in all, I strongly believe that this Tissot T062.427.17.057.01 watch has what it takes to be a special watch that all men want to have. If you love the good old day of craftsmanship and perfectly shaped mechanical watches, you’d love to have this watch!