Tissot PRS 516

For those of you who love the classic and old-fashioned versions of Tissot watches, PRS 516 is definitely the watch series you should pay attention to! In this series, Tissot rolled back the time to the years of 1960s when their original timepieces were still greatly inspired by the motor-racing sport.

The products in this series are all created with the deep passion from the racing tracks and the ever-searching quest of perfection. And by combining the advantages of the modern latest Swiss watch technologies such as the Swiss Automatic movement, ion-plated bezel material with the nostalgic and classic designs, Tissot really showed the world how classical watches should be made!

If you’re a man of the past and you love collecting old-school watches, or you just simply want to buy a new men’s watch that make you stand out from the crowd, I highly suggest you take a look at this PRS 516 watch series from Tissot. You won’t be disappointed!

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Tissot PRS 516