Tissot T048.427.37.057.00 Review

Tissot T048.427.37.057.00 ReviewI was introduced to this Tissot T048.427.37.057.00 watch some time ago when my friend told me that he was interested in the watch. And you know it, as a guy who loves Tissot watches and especially the Tissot T-race watch series, I instantly thought about digging deeper into the details of this watch.

And if you’re here with me today reading these lines, that means you’re interested as well. I know what you need. And I guarantee that by the end of this detailed review, you will have all the answers for your questions about the watch. Cool enough? Then let’s begin!

Some main features first

Like many other reviews I have on my site, I will begin this review about the main features and functions this little wristwatch has for you.

The watch’s movement

The most important thing about a men’s watch is how good it is in terms of timekeeping. And I think you will agree with me on that. And to keep time accurate, the watch needs a reliable movement.

This Tissot T048.427.37.057.00 watch has for its own a super accurate and reliable Swiss Automatic movement that will surely keep time perfectly 24/7/365! During my research, I found out that many people who bought their own Swiss Automatic watches before reported that they were satisfied with the time accuracy their watches brought.

And as you might know, Automatic watch engine works based on the movement of your arms and wrist. That means, there is no need for battery changing like with Quartz engine, or spending time and money for oiling and winding like with mechanical watches.

The best part is, this Swiss Automatic movement can reserve energy to keep the watch running even when you leave the watch for a while. But you should not leave it out for more than one day since the reserved energy might get depleted and the watch will stop working.

Beside that notice, there is nothing you have to worry about this watch. Accuracy, reliability, and ease of maintenance. What else could someone require from a men’s watch other than those traits?

The watch’s design

It’s nothing surprising when I say the design of the watch is something people really care about. Personally, I never buy a watch that doesn’t look good even when it runs as smooth as possible and keep time perfectly all year long.

Fortunately, this Tissot T048.427.37.057.00 doesn’t fall into that category. As you can see from the image, this watch has an overall theme of black. From the black watch dial, to the black case, and black strap. There are two exceptions of the grey scale chronograph sub-dials at 6 and 12 o’clock positions.

If you ask me, this color combination emphasis manliness and promote styles of the wearer to a noticeable level. Since most of the watch designs out there, including other Tissot watches, prefer white and silver color combinations, this color style can really set you out from the crowd!

Apart from the exceptional color scheme, there are more to talk about the design of this watch. And in case you didn’t notice, the displaying mechanism of this watch is analog.

The watch case is round-shaped with specific dimensions of 45 mm in case diameter and 17.5 mm in case thickness. The watch band is men’s standard with the overall band width of 20 mm. Plus, you will see the trade mark “T-race” word running along the band and the word “Tissot” on the case.

In my opinion, these overall dimensions are perfect for almost all kinds of wrist sizes. So it doesn’t matter if you have a considerably big wrist or somewhat small wrist, this watch will fit.

There is a fold over with double push button safety clasp that will make it super easy for you to put the watch on or take it off. And finally, with the open back design that is very common for Swiss Automatic watches, you can have a sneak peek into how the watch work from the outside! Quite interesting, isn’t it?

The watch’s materials

No matter how good looking the watch is and how accurate it can be to timekeeping. If it can’t protect itself from unexpected accidents, you should not buy it at the first place! Because sooner of later, you will lose it.

Again, fortunately, this Tissot T048.427.37.057.00 watch doesn’t fall short for such situations.

With an anti-reflective and scratch-proof sapphire dial window shielding the watch, you will never have to worry if your watch could take scratches and damages from unwanted accidents. Sapphire is a tough guy. In fact, it’s only second to diamond in toughness. So there is nothing to worry about.

Plus, thanks to the “anti reflective” trait, you will find it easier to see time when you’re walking under the mid-day sun, of which I find to be ridiculously hard to do with normal watches!

And when we talk about watch protection, the stainless steel case simply can’t be ignored. Because it’s another important layer protection that will safeguard the inner parts of the watch from shock, damages, and being shattered. Without it, your watch would easily get crushed down when, for example, hitting the wall hard.

The last thing I want to mention here is the rubber band. And to be honest with you, in some cases, I prefer rubber band much more than stainless steel. Because it’s more lightweight, and never put pressure on your wrist. It’s more flexible as well.

Other great features

Apart from the above great things, there are more about this Tissot T0484273705700 that I want to share with you.

The first add-on feature I want to point out is the small window at 3 o’clock position displaying the current date for you. If you’re a busy man who has to plan ahead lots of things, you will find this feature helpful.

There are also 3 chronograph sub-dials that you can fully utilize to your advantages on a daily basis. Plus, there is a tachymeter on the inner rim of the watch case. That means whenever you want to measure your traveled distance or your average speed along the way, you can do it all on your wrist!

And finally, it could be a mistake if I leave the water resistant aspect of this watch on the table. With the ability to withstand water pressure up to 330 ft or 100 m, this watch will surely stand strong against all kinds of water-related accidents.

If you’re worrying that your watch could be damaged simply because you drop in the water, you throw that concern away by now!


  • Accurate and easy to maintenance watch movement that keeps time 24/7/365 and help you stay on time in all important events
  • Stylish, manly, and exceptional design that will surely catch people’s eyes and set you out from the crowd!
  • Reliable and top-quality materials that will protect the watch and help you save tons of money on watch repairing
  • Good water resistance that will free your mind from any concern about water-related damages
  • Some very useful add-on features that will help you achieve your daily goals with ease


  • Rubber band might not fit the taste of some people


All in all, I really believe that this Tissot T048.427.37.057.00 is a very good watch for people who want to buy it. If you really want a watch that can express your styles and set you out from the crowd, pick up this one! You will never regret it!