Tissot T069.417.44.041.00 Review

Tissot T069.417.44.041.00 ReviewI love titanium watches. Not just because they’re so lightweight comparing to steel watches, but because they also have something really special about them that I can’t express in words. And this Tissot T069.417.44.041.00 watch is another titanium watch that I will do review today.

The Tissot Titanium watch series doesn’t have many options for people to choose from. But that doesn’t mean people don’t love them. In fact, the Tissot watch I’m talking about is one of the favorites from what I heard from feedback all around the Web.

So, if you’re here with me today, that means you also want to learn a bit more about this watch. And it’s my job to fulfill that request. Just go with me in the next 5-10 minutes and you will have everything you want to know.

Main features of the watch

There is no point conducting a watch review without touching on the main points of the watch first. So I will go from there to make it as easy as possible for you to see how things going.

The watch’s movement

Arguably the most important thing in a watch, the watch movement is what keeps the whole system ticking and running around. It’s also responsible to the time accuracy level of the watch.

And with the presence of the world famous Swiss Quartz movement, you can rest assured that this Tissot T069.417.44.041.00 watch will never disappoint you when it comes to timekeeping! And that’s not what I randomly pull out from thin air.

Many people who have their own Swiss Quartz watches also report the same thing. Their watches are very accurate. And they never miss out more than a few seconds every single year. If you compare that to mechanical watches for example, you will instantly see a huge gap.

Mechanical watches, although they represent high levels of craftsmanship and withhold the old values of men’s watches, are not that accurate in terms of timekeeping comparing to Quartz watches. You will also have to spend more time and money on oiling, winding, watch maintenance as well.

But with a Quartz-powered watch like this Tissot watch, all you have to do is to simply replace the battery when it runs out of energy. And I’m talking about serious money saving here.

So, if you love to have a wristwatch that can keep time accurate 24/7/365 without costing you much on maintenance, you should consider going with Quartz-powered watch like this Tissot T069.417.44.041.00!

The watch’s design

If the watch movement is the most important thing that keeps the watch working tirelessly, the watch design the what attracts people’s attention at the first place. And I think you will agree with me that no matter how well the watch works, if it fails to impress people, no one is gonna pick it up!

With that said, let’s see what this watch has for us.

The very first thing I want to show you here is the color combination of the watch. With a dark blue watch dial and grey-scaled case and bracelet, this watch implies the sense of mystery, manliness, and maturity.

As you can see, the vast majority of watches out there, including the ones from Tissot, with their main color tone of silver and white, this watch stands out from the crowd with its noticeable mark of color. I’m sure it can help you attract tons of friendly attention from people around you as well. So, get ready for that!

The displaying mechanism of the watch, as you can see, is analog. It also has a round-shaped watch case with the overall case diameter of 43 mm and case thickness of 11 mm. The watch band length is men’s standard with the overall band width of 20 mm.

In my opinion, the above dimensions are perfect for almost all wrist sizes from considerably small to guys with big wrists. And the best part is, with a design like this, you can easily wear this Tissot T069.417.44.041.00 watch to all kinds of events from family meet-ups, to important company meetings and more.

The watch’s materials

It’s important for you to know that simply buying a watch that runs smooth and is good-looking is not enough. You need a watch that can protect itself from harm. And I’m talking about the watch protection system which mainly consists of the materials used to create the watch.

And the first thing I want to show you here is the scratch-proof sapphire watch dial. As you might know, sapphire is a very tough material. In fact, only diamond is above it in terms of toughness. That means you can rest assured that your watch will be much less likely to take any scratches and damages from unexpected accidents.

The next thing that I want to show you is the titanium case. Titanium has a huge advantage over stainless steel which is the weight it puts on your wrist. Steel watch case is much heavier than titanium ones. That means you will feel next to nothing when wearing a watch like this Tissot T0694174404100.

Titanium is also much harder than steel so you can totally rely on it to protect the inner parts of the watch for you. You know it, if there is no protection for the inner engine, it will get crushed down easily just by hitting the wall for example.

So, two of the hardest and most reliable materials used in one watch. You can now throw away the fear of seeing your watches broken down or taken serious damages from unexpected accidents!

Other cool features

The extra features that this little timepiece brings you really add up to the watch’s value.

The first thing I want to show you here is the small window at 4 o’clock position that displays the current date for you. It comes really handy if you’re a busy person who has to plan ahead lots of things.

There are also 3 chronograph sub-dials that function like stopwatches. And you can easily utilize them in your daily activities to achieve your best outputs.

And last but not least, the watch can resist water pressure up to 330 ft or 100 m down under. So you can rest assured that it will never get any water damages. It’s also a great choice for you if you love swimming and diving too.


  • Timely accurate watch movement that will keep you on time in all important events of life
  • Attractive and manly design that will help you catch much attention from the right people
  • Reliable watch materials that will protect the watch from harm and your budget from “bleeding”
  • Good water resistance so you will never have to worry about any water accidents happen to your watch
  • Many valuable added features to help you achieve your best outputs everyday


  • It’s really hard to fix the titanium case once it gets scratched, so you need to be careful with that


All in all, I believe that if you choose this Tissot T069.417.44.041.00 watch, you will have on your wrist one of the best timepieces in the whole Tissot collection!