15 Amazing Benefits of Wearing a Good Mens Watch You Probably Don’t Know

good mens watches

Believe it or not, there once was a time that every man wore a watch to work.

And to the ballgame.

And to work on their car.

… And pretty much anywhere else they went!

Today though, the overwhelming majority of men don’t wear a watch at all. Instead, they use their smart phones to tell time, and the watch has pretty much disappeared from the wrists of millions and millions of men all over the world.

But not you.

No, you are still looking to take advantage of all the benefits that wearing a watch offers. Let’s outline some of them below.

You’ll be able to tell time a lot faster

Of all the benefits you were going to be able to take advantage of when you decide to wear a watch on a regular basis, the biggest is that you’ll be able to immediately tell time with just a glance at your wrist. This is always going to be a lot faster than pulling out your smart phone, unlocking the screen, and having a look at its clock.

You’ll look like a man

There is certainly a lot to be said about gender equality and a blending of the two sexes, but if you want to make an immediate impression – especially at work – you were going to want to make sure that you have a nice watch strapped to your wrist. You’ll look like a man that is serious, you’ll look like a man that is important, and you look like a man that respects time and everything it represents.

You’ll be able to better respect time

Speaking of respecting time (and everything that it represents), when you have a fancy watch strapped to your wrist you’re constantly going to be reminded of just how fleeting time really is. This will help you stay on track, move towards your goals, and pursue everything that you’ve been hoping for.

You’ll have the instant ability to time everything

You’ll be surprised at just how often you use your watch to time things – things you didn’t even know you wanted to time in the first place! That impromptu race at the office? Just how long it takes to cook the perfect soft-boiled egg? All of that can be timed effortlessly with a great watch on your wrist.

You will be honoring an important tradition

As we mentioned above, there used to be a time not all that long ago that every man wore a watch – and every man took his watch very seriously. Even though our smart phones have replaced watches as far as timekeeping is concerned (for most, anyway), you’ll be on a ring that important tradition and everything that it represents.

You won’t have to worry about disrupting folks

There is something incredibly rude about pulling out your smart phone every time you need to check the time – especially if the people that you are with feel as though you aren’t checking the time, but are instead looking at texts, browsing the Internet, or otherwise distracting yourself from the time you’re supposed to be spending with them.

You’ll be poised to have impromptu conversations

People are always looking for reasons to talk to new people and strangers, but breaking the ice can be very difficult and even a little bit uncomfortable. When you have a watch strapped to your wrist, people are going to notice it – and they are going to strike up conversations with you with the perfect icebreaker.

You’ll be making a savvy investment

When you decide to purchase a top quality timepiece from any of the legendary brands out there – we’re talking about brands like Breitling, Rolex, Omega, and all the rest – you’re going to not only be purchasing a fantastic watch, but also a rock solid investment. Many of these watches only become more valuable over time.

You’ll be joining an exciting community

Watch collectors all over the world are some of the most passionate individuals you’ll ever come across. Each and every person that collects watches are very interested in the history of these timepieces, and love nothing more than to share everything they know – and their collection – with other like-minded individuals.

You will be taken more seriously

In much the same way that people take those that wear suits more seriously, when you have a nice watch strapped to your wrist people are also going to respect you more, listen to what you have to say, and be more effortlessly influenced to you as well.

You will take yourself more seriously

There is just something about putting on a fancy watch that gives you the boost of confidence you need to get through the day. A lot of people – especially savvy and influential business people – feel that a perfect watch is a major part of their “superhero costume”, the clothes they wear every day that gives them the confidence they need to compete in the middle of the most competitive business environment in human history.

You’ll be attached to the history of that watch brand

Rolex watches are almost universally regarded as the timepieces of smart and savvy business people, the wealthy and the influential. Breitling watches are connected to the history of aviation, and Omega watches are the first watches that ever made it to the moon. You’ll be a part of that history when you put one of these timepieces on your wrist.

You’ll always be ready to dive the deepest depths

Dive watches are some of the most popular watches available as far as fancy men’s timepieces are concerned, and it’s easy to understand why. Incredibly masculine, very stylish, and perfect as a casual timepiece or as a more serious one, your watch will perfectly complement your outfit – regardless of whether or not that’s in the board room or at the bottom of the ocean.

You’ll never miss another alarm

Some of the best watches available on the market today come with incredibly accurate and functional alarms that are going to wake you from even the deepest sleep. If you have a tendency to sleep through “traditional” alarms, you’ll want to have one of these noisemakers close by.

You’ll have the chance to enjoy the thrill of the hunt

There is something incredibly exciting about tracking down and purchasing one of the best timepieces available – going through all of the research, looking at all of your options, and then landing on the watch that you have been dreaming about for some time.

When you put an amazing timepiece on your wrist that you’ve been hunting for over the last 6 to 12 months (or even longer than that) there’s a tremendous sense of accomplishment that many of us are looking for.

In conclusion

Finding the best men’s watch isn’t always easy, but it is almost always worth it. Make sure that you enjoy the thrill of the hunt, really do your research and due diligence, and always negotiate for better prices. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the kind of amazing what you’re able to come away with – and you will be able to enjoy all of the big benefits we have broken down above!