8 Reasons Why Citizen Eco Drive is the Best Watch Series Ever Created

citizen eco drive

Though there are quite a few different options on the market when it comes to affordable luxury timepieces, the Eco-Drive from Citizen is hands down one of the most impressive options money can buy.

Some even consider it to be the best watch series ever created!

If you have been thinking about adding one of the Eco-Drive watches to your collection, but aren’t quite sure of whether or not they are worth your time and your money, you’re going to want to pay close attention to the eight different reasons we provide below to make this your next timepiece purchase.

The Eco-Drive mechanism is simple in design but advanced as far as technology is concerned

The technology behind the Eco-Drive system engineered by the folks at Citizen has to be one of the most advanced timekeeping power systems ever conceived, but the actual implementation and hardware behind this platform is simple and elegant.

The technology is built on the back of solar technology (certainly not the newest advancement in the timekeeping world), but instead of only running off of the sun’s power, the Eco-Drive runs off of any light source imaginable. The engineering behind this is second to none, and the actual implementation is top-notch as well.

Any light source will do

Seriously – you are going to be able to rely on any light source imaginable to recharge and re-power your Citizen Eco-Drive watch.

Cloudy day? No problem

Work the night shift and sleep during the daylight hours? No worries.

Work underground? Isn’t going to be an issue.

As long as you can put your Citizen watch under a light source for a couple of minutes each and every day, you aren’t going to ever have anything to worry about.

The power source is all possible thanks to innovative power storage cell

The miracle behind the Eco-Drive is the inclusion of an incredibly advanced power storage cell that is light years ahead of the traditional backup power sources that most solar powered watches take advantage of. This particular storage solution has been engineered to keep power locked away for a tremendous amount of time, a sufficiently and automatically releasing power but only just enough to keep the watch ticking.

You’ll never have to worry about replacing the battery in this watch!

At the same time, there IS a battery included in these Citizen watches

Because the folks at Citizen want to make sure that you aren’t ever going to have to worry about your timepiece losing time or powering down they have included a backup battery system that is going to make sure that your watch runs 24/7 – even if it isn’t able to be recharged by a viable light source.

The inclusion of this backup battery system is ingenious. It is engineered to only trigger if the main storage cell goes down or is depleted, saving you a lot of headache and hassle and always making sure that you have a redundancy in place to keep your watch going strong should you go without light for any reason whatsoever.

You can expect 40 years of use without any slowdown whatsoever

One of the most amazing things about the Citizen Eco-Drive watch is that it is going to provide you with at least 40 years of accurate timekeeping without you ever having to worry about changing batteries, replacing “guts”, or fiddling with any of the other critical timekeeping mechanisms.

This watch (and all other watches in the Eco-Drive line) has been engineered to produce stunning results for at least 40 years – and even after your 40 years have passed, you are only going to notice minor slowdowns that can be repaired with a quick trip to any jeweler.

This is the kind of timepiece that is going to last your entire life.

The Eco-Drive timepieces have been built with energy awareness

You aren’t going to have to keep track of whether or not your Eco-Drive has been recharged because it is going to do all of that for you.

Each of these timepieces have been engineered to tell you when they need to be recharged by having the secondhand jump two spots instead of the smooth sweeping motion that it usually displays. It is still going to keep accurate time (moving every two seconds instead of sweeping every second), but you’ll be able to tell visually that you were watching needs a little bit of light exposure to recharge.

Time reset warning capabilities are built in as well

If, for any reason whatsoever, your Citizen watch begins to lose time, it is also going to make you wear of these issues by jumping two seconds, sweeping one second, and then jumping two more seconds. This is just another way that the engineers at Citizen have made it easy for you to tell that your watch needs some adjustment – and it’s one of the most intelligently designed systems to give you a fair accuracy warning.

Seven second restart

Should your watch go without exposure to a light source for a long enough block of time to completely deplete the storage cell AND the backup battery system, you are only going to have to expose your Eco-Drive to ANY light source for seven seconds to “wake it back up”.

There aren’t any other watches on the planet that can offer a faster recharge cycle, getting you back in action faster than you ever would have thought possible.

Your watch can keep time for up to five years with no light exposure

Some select Eco-Drive models are going to be able to be kept in complete darkness for up to five years without losing even a single second of time. This is the power of the unique storage cell technology, and allows you to swap out watches – even for years at a time – without having to make any readjustments along the way.

Breathe new life into your Eco-Drive with just a single hour of light exposure

If your Eco-Drive timepiece has become completely depleted and needs to be exposed to light to recharge the storage cell completely, you’ll only have to expose that timepiece to ANY light source for a single hour to replenish and refill the entire storage cell.

That means you can quite literally wake your timepiece up from the dead and have it provide you with five years of constant operation after only a single hour’s worth of light exposure.

Talk about engineering marvels!

Closing thoughts

At the end of the day, there are lots of timepieces out there to pick and choose from – especially if you’re looking for a high-end watch like this one.

But there’s a reason why so many people consider the Citizen Eco-Drive line up to be amongst the very best in the business and you would be wise to consider adding one to your collection.