8 Reasons Why You Should Start Collecting Watches Today

8 Reasons Why You Should Start Collecting Watches Today

If you have been looking to dive headfirst into the world of luxury watch collecting, but aren’t quite sure if the timing is right just now, you’ll want to zero in on the inside information we have for you below.

Sure, there are a lot of individuals out there that purchase amazing luxury watches for little more than the instant gratification and prestige that owning a watch like this brings to the table – but many more individuals are serious about building a “luxury watch” portfolio, and filling it with as many high-end timepieces that will appreciate in value as possible.

Regardless of where you sit on the spectrum (someone that wants to combine style and future value or someone only interested in maximizing your ROI with each luxury watch purchase), we are going to give you a little bit of inside information to help streamline your approach for collecting watches today.

Let’s dive right in!

Many watch prices have started to dip, creating a tremendous amount of opportunity

Luxury timepiece values were climbing pretty steadily for the last 15 years, but according to a number of industry insiders, the value of all but the rarest timepieces have started to tumble a little bit in the last three or four years.

This is because of a variety of factors, and has no doubt been influenced by the state of the global economy, but the value lost by previous collectors will be your gain. Almost all industry insiders believe that the value of those watches will rise again in the next 10 to 15 years, so if you’re looking to “buy low and sell high”, now is the time to jump in the pool.

Affordable options today open up tremendous value tomorrow

Luxury watchmakers have really started to release a number of relatively inexpensively priced limited series timepieces, and it’s likely that many of these watches will be worth quite a bit of money in 15, 20, or 25 years.

You may be able to snap up a brand-new limited edition timepiece for between $500 and $1500 today and then cash in on that limited edition later down the line to the tune of $15,000 or more. It’s happened before, and it’s likely to happen again.

Luxury watches are being undervalued on a regular basis

Because of the downward spiral that the global economy was in over the last 10 years, the overwhelming majority of folks with a luxury timepiece watched the value of their favorite watches collapse – and they still haven’t recovered (at least in the minds of most collectors).

Because there was so much “blood in the streets”, so to speak, luxury watches are still pretty significantly undervalued. This means there is a lot of opportunity for you to purchase great watches at prices you may never see again.

New markets are opening up

Luxury timepiece collecting has been a decidedly “Western world” tradition, but with China and India enjoying tremendously booming economies (and the rest of Southeast Asia, for that matter), they are really starting to get into the swing of things.

Retro timepieces have gained a tremendous amount of value, including ones that aren’t all that incredibly rare or even ones that have the kind of pedigree that an Omega or Rolex might.

This opens up a lot of potential for your collection to only grow in value.

Counterfeits are hitting the market at an alarming pace and driving down values

Because there are so many quality counterfeits hitting the luxury watch world today the prices of these watches have started to dip dramatically – partly because people aren’t sure of whether or not they are purchasing a legion of the timepiece online and partly because those rare timepieces are now being replicated, with people turning to counterfeits as opposed to the real deal.

As we get better at identifying counterfeit timepieces the value in making copies will drop off significantly, and you will be able to watch the value of your legitimate pieces rise considerably.

Starting a new watch collection has never been easier

The overwhelming majority of luxury watch companies out there have expanded their product lineup to include a number of timepieces that are affordable to brand-new collectors, and that is driving a lot of attention to a market that was witnessing a bit of a line.

Thanks in large part to the power and reach of the Internet, you’re going to be able to find a real glut of pieces to pick and choose from to establish your new collection – all without you having to break your bank account along the way.

The Internet opens up a line of potential to sell your timepieces

Back before the Internet, individuals with luxury timepieces that wanted to sell them off had to do so by going through a dealership or a legitimate jeweler – and even then they were usually limited to only the individuals that shopped at that store, through that dealer, or people that the dealer was able to connect them to.

With the Internet though, the marketing potential for your timepieces raises exponentially. You’ll find a hungry market for almost any timepiece these days, allowing you to unload your collection whenever you wish to liquidate your assets and cash in on their improved values.

Today’s “boutique” timepieces are tomorrow’s incredibly rare collectible

Because of the significant movement towards artisanal work and real craftsmanship, there are all kinds of small boutique timepiece manufacturers popping up left and right.

Some of them are producing very innovative movements, very innovative designs, and gorgeous timepieces – but because they are so small (and because there are so many competitors) many of them have already gone out of business or are in danger of doing exactly that.

If you have the foresight to get your hands on some of these boutique items you’ll be in a great position moving forward. Many of them have the potential to turn into miniature gold mines in the future, if only you decide to purchase them today and hold onto them until they are value reaches its apex.

At the end of the day, getting into the watch collecting world right now and is very intelligent for those that are looking to make the most of their opportunity. Look for great deals, pursue timepieces that you’ve always wanted to add to your collection, and make sure that you’re in this for the long haul.