Tissot T008. Review

Tissot T008. reviewI will admit that the Tissot PRC 100 series is one of my favorite collection in the entire Tissot family. And among all the watches in the collection, the Tissot T008. definitely stands out! I’ve been wandering around some forums and websites recently. And it seemed like people pay much attention about this watch too.

That convinced me to do extended research on this watch. And it turned out that this little timepiece is a really interesting one to talk about!

If you’re here with me today, that means you want to learn more about the watch as well. If that’s the case, then I promise that by the end of this review, you will know everything about this watch. Sounds great?

The watch’s main features

Great buildings always built on solid foundations. And a great watch always prove its worthiness through providing wearers top-quality performance and memorable design! So let’s see if this Tissot T008. watch can provide you that.

The watch’s movement

With the world-famous Swiss Quartz movement integrated inside, this watch is proven to be one of the most timely accurate watches out there. Many people who bought their own Swiss Quartz watches before reported back that their watches rarely miss out more than 5 seconds every year.

And that’s something you really need to keep in mind. Because when you compare the stats to other watches especially mechanical ones, you will see a big difference here. Quartz-powered watches always outshine mechanical watches in terms of time accuracy.

And if you decide to stick with a Swiss Quartz watch like this Tissot T008., you will never have to worry about spending much time and money on watch maintenance. All you have to do is to buy a new battery and replace the old one when needed. No need for oiling, winding, and stuff.

In my opinion, if you’re a busy man and you need to keep time as accurate as possible when it comes to scheduling tasks, a watch with Swiss Quartz movement is a great choice!

The watch’s design

No doubt that the watch movement is the most important thing to look at first. But I bet that if the watch is not good-looking enough, you will never consider it at the first time, right?

But that will never be the case with this little wristwatch!

Tissot T008., as you can see in the image, is a really attractive watch that will surely catch anybody’s attention right off the bat. The watch has an overall silver-liked outfit that makes it and the wearer stand out from the crowd.

The displaying system of this watch is analog. And the watch case is round-shaped with the overall case diameter of 35.5 mm and case thickness of 11 mm. Plus, the band’s length is men’s standard and it has an overall width of 16.5 mm. And the watch’s weight is around 1.5 pounds which makes it a bit lightweight comparing to other watches.

In my opinion, with such dimensions, this watch would fit perfectly on almost all sizes of wrists. So no worry if you have a considerably big wrist or somewhat small wrist, you can rest assured that this watch still support you!

The last thing about watch design that I want to share with you is the fold-over clasp with safety. With this clasp system, you will never have troubles wearing the watch on or take it off.

The materials used

The materials used to create the watch is very important. Because they are the core and only protection system the watch has.

And the first layer of protection this Tissot T0082171103100 brings along is the anti-reflective and scratch-proof sapphire dial window! You know it, sapphire is a very tough material. In fact, it’s only 2nd place to diamond in toughness. That means you can totally rely on it to protect your watch from scratches and damages.

Plus, thanks to the anti-reflective part of the dial window, you will see how easy it is to see time when you’re walking under the sun.

Another level of protection the watch has is the stainless steel case. Apart from the fact that steel will make the watch shine under the sun, it will be a tough enough shield to safeguard the watch from shock and damages from unexpected accidents. Without it, the inner parts of the watch will be crushed or broken easily just by hitting the wall for example.

Other great features

So, we’ve covered all the important things of the watch. It’s time to move on to the added features this watch offers you.

The first thing I want to show you is the small window at the 4 o’clock position displaying the current date for you. If you always forget what the current date is, and are a busy person who has to schedule lots of things ahead, you will find this feature super helpful!

Another thing you will notice is the 3 chronographs sud-dials at 2, 6, and 10 o’clock positions. They are 1-minute, 30-minute, and 1/10 second displays that you can utilize whenever you need.

The watch’s hands and time markers are luminous. That means there will never be any difficulties for you to see time when you’re watching a film in the cinema, or when light just suddenly goes out.

And finally, with the ability to withstand water pressure up to 330 ft, you will never have to worry about any water-related damages your watch could take. And that also means you can save lots of money on watch maintenance as well!


  • World class watch movement that keeps time perfectly 24/7/365 and keep you on-time for whatever important events you have
  • Attractive design that will surely catch much attention from people and make you stand out from the crowd
  • Reliable watch materials to protect the watch from harm and protect your pocket from “bleeding” for unwanted situations
  • Good water resistance that will free your mind from any water-related accidents
  • Nice collection of add-on features that help you achieve your bests everyday


  • Since steel is the main material, it might cause some rare unwanted skin reactions for allergic people


All in all, I truly believe that this Tissot T008. watch, with its elegant and manly design plus the reliable timekeeping ability and nice collection of added features, would be a great pick for you if you’re searching for a men’s watch that can make you stand out!