Tissot T008.417.44.061.00 Review

Tissot T008.417.44.061.00 ReviewFor every now and then, men need something that can express their styles and inner personalities to their partners in a smooth way. And a good men’s watch like this Tissot T008.417.44.061.00 might be the answer. This watch belongs to the Tissot PRC100 watch series, a special series that has many options for both men and women.

And if you’re here with me today, that means you’re really interested to learn more about this watch. Maybe you’re planning to buy it for yourself or for your important person. No matter what it is, you will have what you want by the end of this review.

List of notable features

I will walk you through the most notable features this watch has for its buyer.

And to start with, I want to talk about the watch movement of the thing that keeps the watch run everyday. It’s important to know that top quality wristwatches always have strong engine to back them up. And with this Tissot T008.417.44.061.00, the buyer will have the service of the world-class Swiss Quartz movement!

The watch movement

Swiss Quartz is well known of its pin-point accuracy when it comes to timekeeping. Many people with their Quartz-powered engine reported that their watches rarely miss out more than a few seconds every year. And that also means if you decide to go with this, you won’t have to worry about your watch suddenly going out of service some day.

And in my opinion, comparing a mechanical watch to a Quartz watch, the latter is more reliable and somewhat more economical in terms of investment. Because with a mechanical watch, you will have to invest time and money in watch maintenance to keep it running. But the Swiss Quartz watches don’t require that. Just a simple battery change should do the work!

Now, we’re clear with the engine behind the cover. It’s time to move on to other aspects. And I want to talk a little bit about watch design next.

The watch design

If you like the classic design with the color combination of black and white, you’d love the overall look and feel of this watch! With the black dial goes hand in hand with white watch hands and time markers, you can easily attract people’s attention at will! OK, that’s a bit extreme, but this watch really knows how to make you stand out.

And the silver-toned titanium case and band simply add up to the overall attractiveness of this little timepiece. It will become even more recognizable if you walk under the sun. Don’t trust me? Then try it yourself!

About the overall dimensions, this watch is 38mm in case diameter, 12mm in case thickness, and has a band of 16mm in width. If you ask me, I would expect this watch to fit almost all sizes of wrists. But remember, it’s just “almost all” not “all.”

The materials used

The next part I want to talk about here is the materials used to forge the watch. I bet you know how crucial it is to have a watch made from tough and reliable materials so that you don’t have to spend money quite often on watch repairing. So, what’s the deal with this one?

If you’re constantly in a worry of having your watch taking scratches and damages from daily activities, you’d be relieved to know this. The watch has itself a tough and indestructible sapphire dial window to protect it from harm. The sapphire window also acts like the reflection filter that let you see time clearly even when you’re walking under the mid day sun.

And the titanium case, besides the fact that it can glow under the sun and is super lightweight, will also act like a reliable shield to protect the inner parts of the watch from shock and damage from accidents. If you’re working in a hostile environment, having many layers of protection like that will ensure you never have to spend much money on watch repair!

Other cool features

Finally, I want to share with you the list of added features that the watch offers. And the first thing on the list is a small window displaying the current date at the 4 o’clock position. For people who tend to forget about date and time, this comes really handy!

This Tissot T008.417.44.061.00 watch also has for the wearer 3 functional chronographs to help them in their daily activities. These chronographs are also excellent for sport lovers as they can perform like stopwatches and more.

And talking about sport lovers, if you love swimming or diving but are worry that your watch could be water-damaged, don’t! Because this watch can stand up against water pressure at 330 ft (100m) down under water. That means you can comfortably bring the watch along when you want to go swimming or diving without having to worry anything.


  • World-class watch movement that keeps time accurate almost 24/7/365 so you’ll never miss out important events in life!
  • Stylish and bold designs that make the watch and the wearer stand out from the crowd
  • Titanium case and band make it super lightweight to wear. You can say bye bye to hand fatigue from now on
  • Reliable watch materials that will safeguard the watch and save the wearer’s budget in the long run
  • Good collection of added features that help the wearer achieve his daily goals and tasks
  • Good water resistance ability that will surely save someone’s pocket from constant watch repairing!


  • People with small wrists might find this watch a bit big for them to handle


All in all, I really think this Tissot T008.417.44.061.00 is another great deal from the Tissot collection for men who are seeking new watches that can make them stand out from the crowd. If you’re still sitting on the fence on this, I highly recommend you give it a try!