Tissot T067.417.11.031.00 Review

Tissot T067.417.11.031.00 reviewNot too long ago, I stumbled upon an interesting online discussion. And people there were talking about a specific watch with passion. They even posted images about it. And you know what, the very first time I saw the photos, I was convinced that the watch was definitely something very special for modern men.

Turned out, it was the Tissot T067.417.11.031.00 watch from the Tissot PRS200 watch series. And today, I decided to put all the information I gathered about the watch after participating in that online discussion here for you.

If you’re here with me today, that means you really want to learn more about this little timepiece. So, go with me in the next 5-10 minutes and you will have everything revealed!

The watch’s main features

No doubt that by covering all the main features of the watch here, I can show you how this watch fits your style. And the main things I’m talking about are watch movement, overall design, materials used, and other added features.

The watch movement

Like the heart of a living body, the watch movement is what keeps the watch alive and the watch hands ticking around 24/7/365.

And with the presence of the world-famous Swiss Quartz movement, you can rest assured that this Tissot T067.417.11.031.00 watch will never fail you when it comes to time precision!

The Quartz engine, in fact, is a very accurate watch movement. It’s placed only below the atomic watch engine in terms of timekeeping. But as I know, there hasn’t been any commercial versions of the atomic watch movement on the market yet. So, that means this Swiss-made Quartz movement is the best thing you can have out there.

Many people who bought their own Swiss Quartz wristwatches reported the same thing. They told others that their new watches never miss out more than 5-7 seconds every year. And that’s insane accuracy if you ask me!

Comparing Quartz-powered watches to mechanical ones and you will see even a bigger gap when it comes to timekeeping as mechanical watches are not that accurate and reliable.

Plus, the Quartz runs on battery energy. That means, all you have to do is a simple battery changing when needed. No need to spend time and money on oiling, winding, and other watch maintenance activities.

So, if you want an accurate watch that keeps time perfectly all year long with only little investment to keep it working, go with a Swiss Quartz watch like this Tissot T067.417.11.031.00.

The watch design

This is another very important ingredient that will make or break the deal.

You know it. No matter how well the watch functions, if it fails to impress people right at the first look, nobody will pick it up. Fortunately, this little Tissot timepiece doesn’t fall into that category.

As you can see from the picture, this watch has an overall silver coat that really makes it shine among other watches. From the white watch dial and watch hands, to the silver-liked watch case and bracelet. I simply love this color and the noble feeling it brings about. Do you feel the same thing?

I mean if you wear this watch and go around the town, get ready for some questions from people around you about the watch! It really is an attention magnet. So use if to your own advantages! And the good news is, with this type of watch, you can wear it to all kinds of possible events in your life.

The displaying mechanism of the watch, as you can see, is analog with a typical round-shaped watch case. The overall case diameter is 41 mm, and case thickness is 12 mm. The length of the watch band is men’s standard with the overall band width of 18 mm.

With the numbers above, I truly believe that this Tissot T067.417.11.031.00 watch could fit almost all sizes of wrist.

Another great thing that I want to show you about this Tissot watch is the fold-over clasp with safety this watch has for you. With is, there is no need to spend time learning how to put your watch on or take it off. It’s really easy to use!

The material used

Now that we’ve covered the watch movement and the watch design. It’s time to switch to another important aspect of the watch which is the material used to create it.

As you know, if the watch protection system is not good, it will be easily crushed down just by simply hitting the wall. But don’t worry, this watch offers you two of the best options out there when it comes to watch protection!

The first thing I want to show you is the anti-reflective and scratch-proof sapphire dial window. You know how hard it is to see time when you’re walking under the midday sun, right? Then with the anti-reflective ability, this watch can help you get rid of that annoying trouble. No more turning the watch left to right or putting it up and down just to see what time it is.

But the best part about the dial window is its ability to resist scratches and damages. Because sapphire is a very tough material. It’s only second to diamond in terms of material toughness. So you can totally rest assured that your watch will be covered by one of the most reliable shields out there.

Another layer of protection is the watch’s stainless steel case and bracelet. Yes, steel might be a bit heavier comparing to titanium bracelet or rubber band. But trust me, it’s the most damage and scratch proof among them all.

Titanium is lightweight but can easily get scratched. Rubber is also lightweight and very flexible, but you know, it’s just rubber!

And with its steel shell, this Tissot T0674171103100 watch can easily stand against shock, damages, and scratches of all kinds. You will never have to worry if the inner parts of the watch would be broken down or not once they’re protected by a reliable steel shield.

Other great features

Tissot T0674171103100 watchNow it’s time to talk a bit more about the added features and functions this watch has for you.

The first thing you’d notice is the small window at 4 o’clock position displaying the current date for you. If you tend to forget the date, and you’re a busy man, you’d love to have a feature like this.

There are also 3 chronograph sub-dials and a tachymeter on the inner rim of the watch dial that will be great assistants for you in daily activities and when you go play sports. They’re especially helpful when you want to measure distance, speed, or perform some stopwatch functions.

The watch hands time markers are luminous so you will never find it difficult to see time in the dark.

And finally, with the ability to withstand water pressure up to 660 ft under, you can rest assured that your Tissot T067.417.11.031.00 watch will never get any water-related accidents. Perfect for swimmers and divers if you ask me!


  • Accurate world-class watch movement that will keep you on time to all important events of life 24/7/365
  • Exceptional, noble, and manly design that will set you apart from the crowd and attract people’s attention for you
  • Reliable and tough materials that will protect the watch from being broken and your money from being burned away
  • Good collection of added features to help you achieve your best outputs everyday
  • Good water resistance to safeguard the watch from water accidents and save you money from watch repairing


  • Stainless steel case and bracelet might make the watch a bit heavy for some people’s tastes


To sum things up, I really believe that this Tissot watch offers you many great features that you can utilize everyday. It even has the ability to help you catch people’s attention when you need. And the best part is, it doesn’t cost you much as well!