Tissot T067.417.16.051.00 Review

Tissot T067.417.16.051.00 ReviewPerhaps the most colorful watch category of all the T-sport series, the Tissot PRS 200 is truly a symphony of colors and designs! And the Tissot T067.417.16.051.00 watch for men is a perfect example. For active and socially people who love sports and hanging around with their friends, a good wristwatch like this one always elevate the confidence and really make the wearer stand out.

If you’re a kind of dynamic and lively person who loves to color up your life with colorful, stylish, and elegant stuff, I can understand why you’re searching for a watch like this one. And in case you’re still not sure whether you should go with this little guy or not, stick with me. I’m about to reveal everything in my short review below.

Some features first

OK, let’s begin with the most notable things first. And you know it, when it comes to assessing a watch, it’s the movement or the watch engine that will make or break the deal. And with the ultra-accurate Swiss Quartz movement inside, this watch is a beast when it comes to timekeeping!

The watch movement & design

Many people who bought the watch reported that they rarely notice any time latency. And it’s a fact that the Quartz movement is only second to the atomic movement in timekeeping. That means you can totally rely on this watch whenever you want to schedule your next meetings or family come-together.

The next thing I want to show you is the whole watch design. Personally, I really love the way Tissot combines colors in the PRS 200 series. And this Tissot T0674171605100 simply reflects exactly the great taste in style and design of its creator.

The combination of black dial with silver-like time markings, and the black calfskin band with the shiny stainless steel case simply make this watch a superior attention-catcher! Whenever you wear the watch, be prepared because there will be lots of people approaching you asking about it.

And what could be better if you can attract the attention from the girl you like without you having to do anything? Seriously, that’s an unfair advantage that every guy wants!

The materials used

Apart from a super reliable movement that keeps the time almost perfect, and a bold, stylish design, this Tissot watch also offers you many valuable features that you can hardly find in other watches on the market. Yes, I’m talking about the protection system it has for you.

You see, it’s really easy to unintentionally damage your watch on a day to day basis. It might be just some small scratches. Or it might be some real damage that costs you a considerable amount of time and money to get the watch fixed. Or even worse, you will have to replace a new one.

That’s why I really want to emphasis on the anti-reflective sapphire window and the stainless steel case here. The sapphire dial window serves two purposes. The first mission is to help you see time more clearly when going under the mid-day sun. And the second one, which is very important, is to protect the watch from taking scratches and damages.

Sapphire is a tough material. And when it comes to toughness, sapphire only falls short to diamond. With that said, you can rest assured that your watch will stand strong and stay scratch-less most of the time. And the stainless steel case, besides making the watch shine under the sun, will act like a second layer of protection against shock and damage.

And you know it, no matter how good the watch functions, if it can’t stand against water damage, it’s highly likely that you will have to throw the watch away some day. But that’s not the case with this buddy. Tissot T067.417.16.051.00 offers you water resistance up to 660 ft which is sweet. And with that number alone, you can now let go of the stress your watch might be water-damaged some day.

Other cool features

Finally, there are other cool features you should take note. The firs thing here is a little window that displays the current date at the 4 o’clock mark. There are also a unidirectional bezel and a stop watch perfect for sportsmen especially swimmers, divers, and runners. Are you one of them? And like many other Tissot watches, the watch hands are luminous so that you can view time in the dark.


  • Stylish and bold designs that will surely make you the crowd’s center!
  • Super-reliable watch movement that keeps time accurate at the rate of 99,9%
  • Strong and reliable protecting system that will save you tons of money in the long run
  • Fully functional added features for sports that will turn you into great athlete
  • Very lightweight so that your wrist will never get fatigued


  • The calfskin might not fit some people’s tastes


All in all, I will highly recommend a watch like this Tissot T067.417.16.051.00 for my friend if he asks me what kind of stuff should he choose to impress the girl he’s after or want to express his styles and personalities in his own ways. And no, I’m not kidding!