Tissot T067.417.26.051.00 Review

Tissot T067.417.26.051.00 ReviewIf you’re trying to find out more information about the Tissot T067.417.26.051.00 watch then you’ve come to the right place! There is a reason why I pick up this watch to do a review about it today. Because I’ve seen many people talked about it with passion and excitement.

That means this watch clearly has something that really catches attention from people. And right at that moment, I decided to dive deep into this case and do further investigation on it. It turned out to be a very interesting review!

So just keep reading and you will know if this little timepiece would fit you or not.

The main features

I like to talk about the basic and very foundation things first when it comes to reviewing anything. And it’s no exception in this case. The main things I’m about to share a bit of information with you are the watch movement, the watch design, and the materials used.

The watch movement

If you’re a Swiss watch lover and collector, or you just simply own some Swiss-made watches before, I think you’d agree with me that those Swiss made timepieces work wonder when it comes to timekeeping!

And the secret here is the Swiss Quartz movement inside them. It’s like the heart of a living body that keeps beating tirelessly to keep it alive. And in this case, the Swiss Quartz keeps beating 24/7/365 to reserve the flawless time accuracy for its wearer.

Many people reported that their Swiss Quartz never missed out more than 5 seconds every year. I don’t know about you, but to me, it’s fantastic! Especially when you compare that to the mechanical watches, you will see a huge difference!

So, with the powerful Swiss-made Quartz engine, this Tissot T067.417.26.051.00 will keep perfect time for you if you choose it.

The watch design

It would be a mistake if I do a watch review without touching on the look and feel of the watch.

And my first impression when I saw the T067.417.26.051.00 watch was this watch could easily fit in so many situations! With the strong and manly overall design plus the mysterious color combination of red, grey, white, and black, you can easily attract tons of attention from people around you.

Trying to impress the girl next to you? Easy, just wear the watch and start talking to her! Try it and you will see. And hey, don’t forget to smile first :)

I also really like the way Tissot place the 3 chronographs on the watch dial at 2, 6, and 10 o’clock positions. They’re easy to see and use also. The tachymeter bezel is unidirectional and is fully functional whenever you need it.

This watch utilizes the deployment buckle clasp thus making it very handy to put the watch on or take it off. And finally, with the round shape and the overall case diameter of 45mm, I believe this watch would fit almost all sizes of wrists.

The materials used

No matter how reliable and good looking a watch is, if it gets broken all the time, you should never buy it at first place. Will that be the case with this Tissot watch? Fortunately, Tissot T0674172605100 has more to offer the buyers here.

Firstly, I want to show you the anti-reflective sapphire dial window this watch has. It acts like a light-reflection filter that makes it super easy for you to see time when you’re walking under the summer sun.

You know it, you’d normally have to take some “weird” actions just to see the time in that case. But it’ll never be a problem with a sapphire dial window like that. Furthermore, this exact sapphire window will protect the watch from all kinds of scratches and damages.

You know it, sapphire is very tough. In fact, its toughness only stands second against diamond. So you can totally rely on the sapphire dial window when it comes to safeguarding your watch from scratches and being shattered.

The black PVD stainless steel case also pack up another layer of protection for the watch. I know you never want some unintentional accidents happen to your little wristwatch, right? Then with this kind of stainless steel case, you can throw that stress out of window.

Finally, the watch band is made of calfskin which will make it very comfortable to wear the watch. You will never have to worry if your wrist gets scars when wearing the watch for too long, or other hand fatigue issues. Its color is black, and that, I think, will make the watch look better overall.

Other cool features

Apart from the main features I listed above, this Tissot watch also brings you many more interesting features and functions.

The first add-on feature I want to stress on is the small window at 4 o’clock position displaying the current date for you. If you’re a busy man who has to schedule ahead a lot of things, you’d find this feature useful. Even when you’re not, it’s still be beneficial in many situations I believe.

The next noticeable added feature is the unidirectional tachymeter bezel that I talked about earlier. With this bezel, you can easily measure time and the traveled distance whenever you want. It’s very useful if you’re a sportsman who loves to play sports.

And if you love to break your own records as well, there are 3 easy-to-read chronographs on the watch dial that have all the functions of stopwatches and more to assist you.

And finally, with the ability to stand up against water pressure down to 660ft, you can rest assured that your watch will never take any water damage from daily activities!


With all things reviewed above, I strongly believe that this Tissot T067.417.26.051.00 watch is a real deal. If you want a new watch that offers tons of useful features and has the ability to attract the right people to you, pick up this one!