Tissot T044.614.26.051.00 Review

Tissot T044.614.26.051.00 ReviewFor people who loves to have a classic and sporty watch that can express their own tastes, the Tissot T044.614.26.051.00 is definitely a good choice. With a bold design plus tons of add-on features and useful functions, this watch will surely help you catch people’s attention and make you stand out from the crowd.

Let’s dive deeper into the review as I will reveal more interesting things about this little timepiece to you.

Main features

It’d be pointless for a watch review that comes without touching the main things of a watch. That’s why I will begin with the most significant features first before diving down.

Watch movement

This T044.614.26.051.00 watch from Tissot has its engine powered by the world-famous reliable Tissot automatic movement. It works based on the movement of your hand. That’s why there will be no battery for the watch. And that also means you don’t have to spend time and money on battery changing as well.

This automatic movement is very reliable when it comes to timekeeping. You can expect high performance from it. And many people who own other Tissot automatic powered watches say that their timepieces rarely miss out more than a few seconds every year! Compare that to a mechanical watch and you will see the drastic difference here.

And the best part is, Tissot watch with this kind of automatic movement can store energy to use up to 45 hours. That means you won’t have to worry that your watch will instantly stop ticking once you take it off. But just don’t leave it for a week!

Watch design

The overall look and feel of this watch is, in my opinion, classic, bold and elegant. And it goes well with the main design idea of the whole Tissot PRS 516 watch series.

The color combination of black and white is in fact one of my favorites. And as you can see here, the black dial goes really well with the silver-tone case and the black leather strap. There are also luminous white watch hands and time markers that make it super easy to see time in the dark.

The watch utilize the deployment buckle clasp thus making it very easy for you to put the watch on and take it off.

Tissot T044.614.26.051.00 has an overall case diameter of 45mm, and 15mm in case thickness. With that said, I believe this watch could fit almost all sizes of wrists. But it might be a bit big for guys with small wrists.

The watch back is skeleton-like in design so you can take a sneak-peek into the inner parts of the watch and see how it work from the outside. It’s a really interesting feature, I think.

Watch materials

This Tissot watch, like its fellows, has an anti-reflective sapphire dial window that makes it really easy and comfortable for you to see time when walking under the sun. You know how hard it might be to see time in that situation, right?

Furthermore, that exact sapphire dial window will act like a tough shield to protect the watch from scratches and being shattered. Because sapphire is really tough, you can totally rest assured that your watch will be safeguarded once it has a dial window like that!

The watch case is made of stainless steel. And apart from the fact that that watch case will shine under the sun, it will also help protect the inner parts from shock and damages.

You know it, it’s very easy these days to unintentionally damage your watch especially when you’re working in hostile environments. But with a stainless steel case like this, you can throw that worry out of the window. Because it really is a tough mission to even try to break your stainless-steel case watch!

The watch band is made of calfskin. And although it might not bring the “modern” look of other flashy men’s watch, it holds the essence of classic wristwatches.

And that, I think, is what make this Tissot T0446142605100 watch be loved by people who have good tastes in classical collections. If you fall into that category, I believe you’d love to see it in reality as well.

Other features

We’ve had a quick tour at the main features of the watch. Now it’s time to move on to the other features and functions this watch brings you.

The first noticeable feature here is the small window at 3 o’clock position displaying the current day and date. If you’re a busy man who has to schedule a lot of things in advance, you’ll find this feature handy.

Another great thing that comes to eyes is the black tachymeter bezel. With this tachymeter, you can easily measure speed based on the travel time, or compute the traveled road based on speed. If you’re a sportsman and you love running or biking, this feature will be a great add-on!

There are also 3 chronographs at 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions that would not only help you in playing sports and breaking your own records, but also in your daily tasks as well.

And finally, for people who find their previous watches got water-damaged a lot, this Tissot watch will never fall into that category! With the ability to withstand water pressure up to 100m (330ft), you can rest assured that your watch will never go out of services just by being suddenly dropped into water.


All in all, I really think this Tissot T044.614.26.051.00 is a real deal if you love to have your own classic and manly watch that can attract tons of friendly attention from people and set you apart from the pack!