Tissot Seastar 1000

The Seastar 1000 watch series from Tissot is a very special one designed solely for divers and swimmers who want to conquer the depth of sea with their very own styles. These timepieces combine the very best technologies of diving watch with a stylish look and sturdy feel.

As you might know, it’s not easy to create a watch that is functional at 660 ft of water depth and has great outfit at the same time. But Tissot showed us that nothing is impossible in this mission!

They forged these watches with epic features such as the famous and reliable Swiss Quartz movement, unidirectional bezel, top-quality helium valve that can automatically depressurize the watch, and more.

If you’re a professional diver, swimmer, or you just simply love wallowing yourself in the blue sea discovering the underwater world, I highly recommend you take a look at the watches below. I believe that if you can pick up one of them for you, you will have the most reliable partner ever on every underwater venture you have!

Specific watch reviews

Tissot T066.427.11.057.00 Review

The Tissot Seastar 1000 series is definitely one of my favorites. And among many options available under this watch category, the Tissot T066.427.11.057.00 really stands out. I love this watch basically because I love the deep blue color or the sea....

Tissot T066.427.17.047.00 Review

If diving is your sport of choice, you'd definitely love to have a top-quality diving watch as your partner whenever you want to explore the deep sea. The Seastar 1000 is a special watch series from Tissot that focus on diving. And this Tissot T066.427.17.047.00...

Tissot T066.427.17.057.01 Review

I came across this Tissot T066.427.17.057.01 watch the other day when I was browsing the Internet and stumbled upon a really interesting forum thread. People there were discussing the pros and cons of the watch. And after spending some time with the...

Tissot Seastar 1000