Tissot T066.427.11.057.00 Review

Tissot T066.427.11.057.00 ReviewThe Tissot Seastar 1000 series is definitely one of my favorites. And among many options available under this watch category, the Tissot T066.427.11.057.00 really stands out. I love this watch basically because I love the deep blue color or the sea. And this watch has the exact thing I’m talking about! And I guess I’m not the only one who is paying attention to this little timepiece, right?

If you’re reading these lines, that means you’re in a search to find out more information on this specific item before buying it. Or at least, you’re interested in this watch model to some extents. No matter what the reason is, you’d be glad to know that I have the things you’re searching for.

Simply take 5 minutes of your time to take a glance at my review and you will simply find out the answer.

The watch movement

OK, the features, right? It’s really important to know that no matter how good-looking the watch is, it’s still a piece of crap if it can’t complete the basic task which is good timekeeping. And when it comes to this aspect, Tissot T0664271105700 watch has one of the strongest watch engine contenders – the Swiss Quartz movement!

It’s nothing surprising when people swear that the Swiss-made movement is one of the world’s most reliable and accurate engines. And reports from people as well as many experiments show that this movement is only a few seconds missed every year. That, my friend, is an unfair advantage especially for businessmen or sport coaches.

The watch design

Apart from a very accurate and reliable engine, this Tissot wristwatch also wows people because of its bold and sporty designs. The outfit is inspired by the dark blue color of the deep sea. And if you’re a swimmer or diver who loves to swim your way to victory, you’d love to have a watch like this along with your swimsuit.

Personally, I really love the color combination of this watch. You know, the silver tone of the bracelet and watch case, combining with the black dial and blue and white watch hands. They just fit my taste so much! Do you feel the same?

Anyway, we’ve covered the engine and the designs. Now, how about the materials used to make this watch? Occasionally, I stumbled upon watches that look really nice and might work well thanks to their decent engine. However, the things that turned me off sometime is the materials used to forge the watch.

The materials used

It’s really easy to unintentionally damage your watch these days if you’re not careful. So, it’s logical to buy the watch that offers solid scratch resistance and/or damage proof. And with a scratch-resistant sapphire dial, this T066.427.11.057.00 watch for men is a perfect example!

As you know, sapphire is really tough. In fact, it’s only second to diamond in hardness. And although the material is man-made, you can rest assured that it’s still hard enough to protect the inner parts from damages and stay scratch-less at the same time.

The watch case and bracelet are stainless-steel. That means it will surely shine under the sun. And more importantly, it will create another round of protection for your watch from being shattered by shocks and damages.

Other cool features

And things do not just stop there. Besides the above listed features, T066.427.11.057.00 also offers the wearer many other interesting functions. And I’m talking about the unidirectional rotating bezel, a small window displaying the current date, a fold-over clasp with safety, and the ability to resist water pressure up to 1000 ft (yes, it’s 300m under the water)!


  • World-class watch movement that keeps time ultra-accurate!
  • Bold and stylish designs
  • Strong protection system
  • Ridiculously good at water resistant!
  • Good collection of add-on functions


Watch dial might be too big for small wrist guys


Tissot, as always, over-delivered with this watch they forged. The Tissot T066.427.11.057.00 really is a good watch that can really help you to stand out from the crowd and attract much friendly attention. If you’re still sitting on the fence thinking if you should pick up this guy or not, then I highly recommend you do!