Tissot T066.427.17.047.00 Review

Tissot T066.427.17.047.00 ReviewIf diving is your sport of choice, you’d definitely love to have a top-quality diving watch as your partner whenever you want to explore the deep sea. The Seastar 1000 is a special watch series from Tissot that focus on diving. And this Tissot T066.427.17.047.00 is another notable wristwatch from the series.

If you want to find out more information about it before spending money, let me take you for a quick ride with me review.

Some Notable Features

The watch movement

The watch movement is the very first thing I want to talk about. With the top-notch Swiss automatic movement, this watch is very reliable when it comes to timekeeping. You can expect the watch to miss out less than a few seconds every year.

And since it’s an automatic movement, you don’t have to worry about spending money on battery changing. It works based on the movement of your hand. So just keep wearing it often and you will find no problem at all.

The best part is this watch movement can reserve energy up to 45 hours. That means you can leave the watch for a while knowing that it will keep ticking around with no problem. But just don’t leave it too long or else you should be ready to face some time accuracy issues.

The watch design

This Tissot T066.427.17.047.00 also brings to the table a very strong and stylish design. Since it belongs to the diving watch series, Tissot really wants to impress people on the details and overall look of the watch.

With the overall color tone of blue, you can tell instantly from the first look that this watch must have “something” to do with swimming or diving! I know I do! The blue dial combining with the white and luminous time markers and watch hands really make this watch stand out from the crowd and in the dark also.

The silver-tone case and the blue band once again impress people at the first look that this timepiece is made to dive deep into the sea.

With 48 mm in case diameter, 17 mm in case thickness, and 21 mm in band width, I will label this watch a bit big for guys with small wrists. But many people report that the watch fit them perfectly even when they think they have small wrists.

There is also a buckle clasp that will be very handy when you want to wear the watch on or take it off. And the skeleton-like case back will surely catch your attention and curiosity since it’s really great to see how the watch function from the outside.

The materials used

It would be a shortcoming if we talk about any watch without mentioning the materials used to forge it.

The Tissot T066.427.17.047.00 brings to the table an anti-reflective sapphire dial window, a tough stainless steel case, and a stylish rubber band.

The anti-reflective sapphire has two main missions here. The first being to make it easier for you to see time when you’re walking under the mid day sun. I bet you already know how hard it is to see what’s on the dial when you’re walking under the sun, right?

Another important mission of the sapphire window is to protect the watch from scratches and being shattered. Sapphire is a tough material. In fact, it only comes second to diamond when it comes to toughness. That means you can rest assured that your watch will remain undamaged against all kinds of accidents.

The case is stainless steel. That means you can rely on it to protect the inner parts from shock and damage. Without it, I really doubt the watch would last long.

And the blue rubber band with the word “Seastar” on it will surely make a strong impression on people around you whenever you wear the watch.

Other features and functions

Apart from the above great features, this Tissot T0664271704700 also offers you 3 fully functional chronographs at 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions that will assist you in daily activities.

They, combining with the unidirectional stainless steel bezel can also help you break your own records if you’re really into sports and especially diving or swimming.

There is a little window at 3 o’clock position that displays the current date. If you’re a busy man who needs to schedule a lot of things in your working week, you’d find this feature handy.

And finally, since this is a diving watch, we should expect it to be water-proofed at some extents, right? This T066.427.17.047.00 can resist water pressure up to 984 ft or 300 m. And that makes it one of a few watches out there that can go deep under water without any problem.


  • Accurate and economical watch movement that keeps you on time 24/7/365 and saves your pocket from unnecessary costs
  • Eye-catching watch design with blue as the main color will surely make you the man of the party!
  • Tough and reliable watch materials that will protect the watch from harm and save your pocket from repairing fees
  • Tons of useful and functional add-ons to assist you in daily activities and help you shatter your own records!
  • Water resist “like a boss” up to 300 m under water makes it your reliable partner under the sea


  • A little bit big for small wrist guys


In my opinion, the T066.427.17.047.00 watch from Tissot is a real deal that can not only help you in daily activities but also separate you from the crowd with its stylish and eye-catching outfit.