Tissot T066.427.17.057.01 Review

Tissot T066.427.17.057.01 ReviewI came across this Tissot T066.427.17.057.01 watch the other day when I was browsing the Internet and stumbled upon a really interesting forum thread. People there were discussing the pros and cons of the watch. And after spending some time with the thread, I decided to spend my time doing a little research on this watch. And it turned out to be really interesting!

I can say from my research that if you’re a swimmer of diver, this watch definitely has something for you. If you really want to know, then go with me. I will reveal everything you need to know about it in this detailed review.

Main features of the watch

It’s my duty to show you the most significant features of the watch first before anything else. Because that’s the only way for you to decide if this watch is truly the one made for you.

The watch’s movement

The watch movement is, no doubt, the most important thing of any watch. Like the heart of a living thing, the watch movement is the force that keeps the watch accurately ticking around.

And with the presence of the world class self-winding Swiss Automatic movement, you can rest assured that this watch will never disappoint you when it comes to timekeeping. And as you might know, the time accuracy of Swiss made watch movements is something that people all around the world rave about.

Many customers who bought their own Swiss automatic watches before reported back that their watches rarely miss out more than 10 seconds a year. In my opinion, that’s fantastic comparing to other watches especially mechanical ones!

Of course, they might not be as accurate as Quartz watches. But the main advantages of self-winding automatic movements lie in the way they work.

You will never have to worry about battery changing, or oiling, or winding, and other stuff. And that means tons of time and money will be saved down the road. Because this kind of watch movement works based on the movement of your arm. So, all you have to do is to wear the watch often and there will be nothing more to worry about.

Plus, for this Tissot T066.427.17.057.01 watch which runs on the foundation of an automatic engine, the movement of the second hand will be sweeper and smoother than the one on a Quartz watch. I know it’s nothing of a big difference. But many people love that feature so I think I should point that out for you.

One small notice you have to remember. It’s not to leave your watch unmounted for longer than 1 day. Since the reserved energy might run out and the watch would stop working. That means you will have to set everything up again to make it work. Be careful with that!

The design of the watch

The watch’s design is the second thing that I pay much attention to beside the watch movement. And I think you’d agree with me as well that no matter how well the watch works, if it’s ugly as hell, nobody is gonna give it attention!

Fortunately, it’s not the case with this Tissot watch.

The very first thing about this watch that catches my eyes instantly is its color combination! Fancy? Maybe. I think the color combination of orange, black, and silver will be the biggest factor that drives people’s attention back to you when you wear this watch. A good way to start conversations with new people, right?

Another notable thing I want to show you is the dimensions of this Tissot T0664271705701 watch. The watch’s case is round-shaped. And with the overall case diameter of 48 mm and case thickness of 17 mm, this watch is somewhat big comparing to other Tissot watches. But I think it’s never “too big” for anyone.

The watch also supports you a very handy and easy to use buckle clasp so that you will never have any problem wearing the watch on or taking it off.

The length of the watch band is men’s standard with the overall 21 mm in width. On the watch band and the buckle, there are trademark names “Seastar” and “Tissot” of the watch series and watch brand to separate it from the mass.

And finally, the watch’s back has the skeleton design of which you can take a sneak peek into the inner parts of the watch and see how it works from the outside. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? I myself really like this feature!

Materials used

The materials used to create the watch play a significant role in the overall durability of the watch.

But you don’t have to worry. Because this Tissot T066.427.17.057.01 watch has for you two of the most reliable materials out there. It has an anti-reflective and scratch-proof sapphire dial window, and a stainless steel case.

The sapphire dial window will not only help you see time clearer whenever you walk under the mid day sun, but will also act like a safe shield protecting your watch from damages and scratches. Sapphire is really tough. So you don’t have to worry if it would fail the test.

The stainless steel case is another reliable layer of protection that will safeguard the inner parts of the watch from shock and being shattered. Without it, everything inside will be broken easily just by hitting the wall.

The watch band is made of rubber. Personally, I prefer the stainless steel or titanium bracelet. Because they make the watch look manlier and more stylish. But the rubber band is also really good. It’s light and flexible. That means you never have to worry if if could make your wrist go fatigued or react allergically.

Other cool things

Apart from the listed great features. There are more about this Tissot T066.427.17.057.01 watch that I want to share with you.

The first thing in the add-on collection is a small window at the 3 o’clock position that displays the current date for you. It’s perfect for busy people who have to reference to date often.

The watch hands and time markers are luminous. That means you will have no problem seeing time in the dark. Just make sure you wear the watch and go outside during the day for it to reserve some energy.

There are also 3 chronograph sub-dials on the watch dial and a unidirectional stainless steel on the watch case to assist you in daily activities as well as when playing sports. If you always try to break your own records, then these tools will be great assistants for you!

And last but definitely not least, is the watch’s water resistance. Because T066.427.17.057.01 is a diving watch, it can easily withstand water pressure up to 984 ft or 300 m down.

So, you can rest assured that your watch will never be damaged in any water-related accidents. And you can wear it whenever you want to go swimming or diving without any concern.


  • Accurate and easy to maintenance watch movement that will run smoothly 24/7/365 and keep you on time all the time
  • Elegant and manly design that will set you out from the crowd and help you catch people’s attention with ease
  • Tough and reliable materials to protect the watch from damages thus helping you save money down the road
  • Insane water resistance that makes the watch invincible from water accidents
  • Good collection of added features to assist you in daily activities


  • Rubber band might not fit everyone


To sum things up, I really believe that this Tissot T066.427.17.057.01 watch is a real deal. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to you if you’re searching for a new diving watch that can satisfy you on every fronts!