Tissot T-Race

For all the racers out there, there will always be something they carry along the track as their own items of luck. Some choose bracelets, some pick up unique pairs of boots, and some wear their own T-race watches from Tissot! Yes, the T-race series is the special watch series designed for racers to inspire them even more when competing on the racing circuits.

With the stylish and sporty designs plus the vast range of hot and dynamic colors, every racer will be possible to pick up their own favorite.

But it doesn’t just stop there. The eye-catching outfits combine with the state-of-the-art watch technologies such as the premium Swiss Quartz movement, strong water resistant ability, accurate and clear chronographs, plus many more make these watches really stand out from the crowd!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional cyclist, motorcyclist, or just simply love to ride along the street, a T-race watch will be your best pick! Now, take a look at the list below and tell me what’s your favorite timepiece!

Specific product reviews

Tissot T048.417.27.057.06 Review

People say that you can figure out the styles and personalities of a man by just looking at what he wears. And one of those things that people should look at is the watch he wears. You know what, I agree with that statement! And among tons of men's...

Tissot T048.427.27.057.01 Review

One hobby of mine is to search around many watch forums to see what people are talking about. And in the past few days, I've been seeing this Tissot T048.427.27.057.01 watch comes up times after times and people seemed to rave about it. So I decided...

Tissot T048.427.37.057.00 Review

I was introduced to this Tissot T048.427.37.057.00 watch some time ago when my friend told me that he was interested in the watch. And you know it, as a guy who loves Tissot watches and especially the Tissot T-race watch series, I instantly thought about...

Tissot T Race