Tissot T048.417.27.057.06 Review

Tissot T048.417.27.057.06 ReviewPeople say that you can figure out the styles and personalities of a man by just looking at what he wears. And one of those things that people should look at is the watch he wears. You know what, I agree with that statement!

And among tons of men’s watches available on the market, the Tissot T048.417.27.057.06 stands out from the crowd with its own unique and notable features. If you’re searching for more information on this specific watch model, keep reading and you will find what you need in my review!

Notable features

Important things first, right? So, when it comes to men’s watch, there is nothing more important than the movement that powers up the timepiece. And with the world-famous Swiss Quartz movement beating inside, this Tissot T048.417.27.057.06 truly is a beast when it comes to timekeeping!

Don’t believe me? There are countless number of people all reported that after buying the watches, they rarely missed out more than a few seconds every single year. If you ask me, that’s insane. And I just to let you know that the Swiss Quartz movement is only second to the atomic watch movement when it comes to time accuracy.

So now, we’re relieved to know how powerful this watch is with its core engine. How about the designs and watch materials? Because in the end, it’s the things that the man wears will define who he is, right? OK, that’s an overstatement!

The thing is, you don’t have to worry too much because to be honest, I haven’t seen one bad-looking watch from the whole Tissot collection ever! They all have great designs. And with this T048.417.27.057.06 watch, you will love the motor racing inspired design it brings.

With the black watch dial combining with the golden toll from the case and the watch hands, I can confidently say that when you wear a watch like this, people will instantly give you their attention without you having to try. That’s cool, right? Especially when you want to attract the eyes from the girl you’re targeting.

Another nice feature that I think you will really like is the anti-reflective dial window. It’s made of artificial sapphire that means it’s really a tough mission to land even the slightest bit of scratch on this guy! Although the material is man-made, you can rest assure that it still is as hard as natural sapphire.

Now, the watch band is another thing I want to talk about. For people who love fancy things like golden watches with crocodile skin bands and stuff, this black rubber band might not excite them even the slightest bit.

But let me tell you this, the rubber band this Tissot has is very solid and durable that it can last for a very long time even if you decide to wear the watch 24/7/365 (which I don’t believe is the case)! Plus, thanks to the good choice in material, your wrist will never suffer from pain because rubber is so flexible.

And the final notable thing in the whole watch design is the appearance of the chronographs and the tachometer. With the fully functional chronographs and tachometer, you can virtually do whatever you want to do like with a stopwatch. These functions are perfect for people who love playing sports and breaking their own records!

Apart from the above cool things, this Tissot T0484172705706 also gives you a lot more interesting features such as water resistant ability up to 330 ft under water, a small calendar window displaying the current date, and luminous watch hands so you don’t have to worry seeing the time in the dark.


  • Bold and stylish design
  • Ultra-good at timekeeping!
  • Wide range of handy features
  • Good water resistance
  • Lightweight


  • Rubber band might not be suitable for the “players”


All in all, I strongly believe that the Tissot men’s T048.417.27.057.06 watch is a really good choice for people who love stylish and sporty watches that offer them tons of useful and handy features. If you’re looking for a watch like that, I highly recommend this one!