Tissot T048.427.27.057.01 Review

Tissot T048.427.27.057.01 ReviewOne hobby of mine is to search around many watch forums to see what people are talking about. And in the past few days, I’ve been seeing this Tissot T048.427.27.057.01 watch comes up times after times and people seemed to rave about it. So I decided to take a deeper investigation about this little timepiece to see if it’s really that good. And the result is quite interesting!

If you’re here with me today, I guess that means you want to know how “interesting” this watch is too, right? Then go with me for a short ride as I will reveal to you what you need to know about this watch.

The Watch’s Features

No matter if you’re buying a new watch or a new car, it’s advisable to take a serious look at the features and functions you’d have if you decide to buy. So here they’re, the features of this Tissot T048.427.27.057.01 wristwatch.

Watch movement

This watch is powered by the world-famous Swiss automatic movement. That means you can totally rely on this watch when it comes to timekeeping. It will never miss out more than a few seconds a year.

And since it’s an automatic movement, you will never have to worry about battery changing. Because automatic engine works based on the movement of your hand. Just make sure you wear the watch often and there will be no problems to deal with.

Many people believe that the Swiss-made automatic movement is better than the Japanese ones in terms of time accuracy. And if you already own a Japanese automatic watch, you’ll know that they’re very good at time keeping as well. And this Swiss made movement is believed by many people to be even better! That’s great, right?

One more thing I want to tell you is that this Tissot watch can reserve power up to 45 hours. So you won’t have to worry that it will stop running the second you put it off your hand. But don’t leave it more than 45 hours untouched or else there will be some problems with time accuracy.

Watch design and materials

With the black dial and gold-tone watch hands as well as chronographs at 6 and 12 o’clock positions, this watch surely has what it takes to impress a lot of people! The T-race watch category from Tissot is hugely inspired by the racing sport. So you can rest assured that all of the watches under this category have styles in them.

The black and gold color combination once again featured on the watch band and stainless steel case. The case is gold-toned to make it even more attractive and look nobly. The black rubber band is very well laid out with the brand name “T-race” on it.

With an overall design like that, this watch will help you attract tons of attention from people around you. And the best part is, you can wear this watch to almost all kinds of events from family meet-ups to meetings at work to playing sports. That also assures that the watch will keep ticking all the time.

Talking about protection, with an anti-reflective sapphire dial window, this watch can stand against almost all kinds of scratches and damages with ease! Sapphire is a very tough material. And you can rely on it to protect your watch from being scratched or shattered.

The sapphire dial window will also make it easier for you to see time when you’re walking under the mid day sun. You know how hard it is to see time in that situation, right? Thanks to the anti-reflective feature, that problem is no more!

The stainless steel case, apart from being a noble touch for the watch, will also act like a shield protecting the inner parts from shock and damage from accidents. Without it, the watch won’t last long especially if you’re working in a hostile environment.

The overall dimension of this watch is 45 mm in case diameter and 16 mm in case thickness. In my opinion, it would fit easily with most wrist sizes. The watch is 5.44 ounces in weight which makes it comfortable to wear on.

Other watch functions and features

Besides the above cool features, there are more to talk about this watch.

Tissot T048.427.27.057.01 offers the wearer 3 functional chronographs at 6, 9, and 12 o’clock. A seconds sub-dial at 9 o’clock position, a 30-minute counter at 12 o’clock, and 6-hour 6 position. All of them make great add-ons for sportsmen who love to shatter their own records!

There is also a small window displaying the current date at 3 o’clock position. It’s perfect for people who have to work with daily tasks and schedules. The watch also has a stainless steel stationary black bezel and a fold-over clasp with push button safety.

The back case of this watch is made specially so you can see through the case and into the inner parts of the watch. In my opinion, it’s pretty amazing to watch the watch run from the outside!

Finally, with the ability to resist water pressure up to 330 ft, you can rest assured that your watch will never get water-damaged in any way from daily activities.


  • Reliable watch movement that keeps time accurate 24/7/365 and makes you the man of on-time meetings
  • Stylish and noble design will surely put you on the spotlight and catch tons of friendly attention from people around
  • Tough watch materials that will save the watch from damages and your pocket from watch repair cost at the same time
  • Tons of added features to assist you in daily activities and help you achieve new personal records
  • Good water-proof ability which will free your mind from the stress of an easily water-damaged watch


  • A bit heavy and big for people with small wrists


Perhaps I don’t have to say more about this Tissot T048.427.27.057.01 watch. It’s a real deal from Tissot that will offer you tons of useful features and functions. And I believe you can put them to good use once you decide to stick with this watch.