Tissot T069.417.47.051.00 Review

Tissot T069.417.47.051.00 ReviewHere we go, the Titanium watch category of Tissot. Today, I’d like to take some time and talk about the Tissot T069.417.47.051.00 watch for men. That exact little timepiece has many people rave about it both online and offline. Fact is, the Tissot Titanium series has very few options for people to choose from. But those few items really have the thing that most people want from top level watches.

Now, if you’re reading this line, that means you’re interested to learn more about this T069.417.47.051.00, right? No matter if it’s just pure curiosity or you really want to buy a new one, stick with my review and you will soon find the needed answer.

Let’s talk about features

In this review, I will guide you through 3 main aspects of this little timepiece. They the main watch engine, the watch design, and other cool add-on features it offers.

Talking about buying a new watch, what is the first thing you look at? The price? The brand name? Or something else? To me, it’s the watch engine or the inside movement that will make or break the deal! No matter how good-looking a watch is, if it fails at timekeeping, it’s never worth your investment. Period!

Tissot know that. And that’s the reason why they forged this watch with the heart of the world-famous Swiss-made Quartz movement. And in case you don’t know, this Quartz movement is very reliable once it comes to timekeeping. In fact, it only comes second to the atomic watch engine, and the old school mechanical movement can’t keep up with it.

Many people who bought their own watches reported that their Quartz-powered watches rarely missed out more than a few seconds every year! Insane, right? And the best part is, if the watch you choose is powered by that Swiss made engine, you won’t have to spend much time and money on watch maintenance and repairing like with mechanical watches.

Now, we’re done with the inner engine. The next thing I want to talk about is the watch design. Yes, it’s better to go with a fully functional watch with mediocre design than with a fancy looking watch that doesn’t deliver. However, I strongly believe in the attractiveness of a good-looking watch.

And with this Tissot T0694174705100, you simply have that factor weigh in heavily! With the strong black dial and rubber band combining with the silver tone of watch hands and chronographs, this little guy has the power to really make you stand out from the crowd. And it will surely help you catch tons of friendly attention from people around.

The lightweight titanium case also works wonder whenever you travel around the town as it will make the watch shine brightly.

OK, so far so good. This watch has a decent sense of style and design, and also has a strong heart that will keep it work tirelessly and accurately for years to come. But I guess there is one thing you still want to find out more. It’s the watch’s damage resistance. Am I right?

It’s good to know that this Tissot T069.417.47.051.00 watch is armed with a good anti-reflective sapphire dial window. It serves two important purposes here. The first one is to help you have a clear look whenever you travel under the mid day sun. And the other being more important is to protect the watch and inner parts from taking scratches and damage from the outside.

Thanks to the main material being sapphire, you can rest assured that this watch will surely survive the regular impacts from daily activities. Of course, unless you really want to brutally destroy it, there is no need to worry about this factor.

And remember the titanium case that makes the watch shine above? Well, you’d love to know that it’s like another layer of protection that can help protect the inner parts from shock and damage from accidents. And in fact, it’s one of the toughest materials out there to forge the watch case!

How about water resistance, you might ask. Well, with up to 330 ft deep in water resistance, you can throw the stress from worrying your watch might get water-damaged some day out of the window! There is no way you can harm this Tissot watch with water in regular ways.

And to end the nice list of features, there are 3 fully functional chronographs and a small window displaying the current date for you. Very handy, right?


  • Well laid-out design that will surely make you the man of the party!
  • Very accurate and reliable watch movement that will save you tons of time and money from watch maintenance
  • Nice collection of add-on functions to further assist you on a daily basis
  • Good capability in damage resistance that will save you much money in the long run of course!
  • Very lightweight thanks to the titanium case – say bye bye to hand fatigue!


  • Dial might be too big for small wrist guys


That’s it for my Tissot T069.417.47.051.00 review! All I want to say is that this watch deserves to be on your list when you want to buy your friend or yourself a new men’s watch. It’s accurate, reliable, stylish, and manly!