Tissot V8

Another men’s watch category that have very few choices under it. But the V8 series from Tissot has its own rights to be proud thanks to its unique ways to shine among others. And if you don’t mind having less options in exchange for super high quality in both designs and performance, you’ll love this watch series.

With the unique designs combining of easy-to-read Latin numbers at 4, 8, and 12 marks, plus the dashboard-inspired counters and detailed tachymeter bezels, these timepieces can easily make the wearers stand out from the crowd and attract lots of welcome and friendly attention from people around.

And when it comes to timekeeping, wearers will never have t worry thanks to the reliable world-famous Swiss made Quartz movement!

Now, it’s up to you to choose the right thing. If you’re thinking about investing in a new men’s watch that satisfies you both physically and emotionally, you’ve come to the right section. Take a look at the list of my reviews below and you will have a deeper look at each specific watch model in the category.

Specific watch reviews

Tissot T039.417.11.057.02 Review

The Tissot V8 watch series is definitely one of my favorites. And this Tissot T039.417.11.057.02 watch from that series caught my attention some time ago when I was browsing through some online forums and shopping sites. It was very eye-catching that...

Tissot T039.417.16.057.02 Review

If you ask a man what is the thing that describes his personality best, the answers you have will vary greatly. Some will say it's the pair of shoes they wear. Some will tell you it's the suit. And to some, it's the watches on their wrists. Really, a...

Tissot V8