Tissot T039.417.11.057.02 Review

Tissot T039.417.11.057.02 ReviewThe Tissot V8 watch series is definitely one of my favorites. And this Tissot T039.417.11.057.02 watch from that series caught my attention some time ago when I was browsing through some online forums and shopping sites. It was very eye-catching that I decided to take a further look at it later.

It turned out that this watch has many interesting things to talk about. And if you’re here with me reading this line, that means you’re interested to know more about it also. Good news for you, I’ve collected everything you need here in form of a review so you don’t have to look for other places.

Now, let’s dive straight into my review about this watch.

Main features of the watch

There are many things to talk about this little wristwatch, and that’s for sure. However, I will guide you through the main features first as they’re the most important ones.

The watch movement

With the world class Swiss Quartz movement integrated inside, you can rest assured that this Tissot T039.417.11.057.02 watch will always keep you on time 24/7/365! And in my opinion, that’s the most important thing you should pay attention to first before anything else.

Many people who bought their own Swiss Quartz watches before reported that their timepieces rarely missed out more than a few seconds every year. And that would be really awesome if you compare that to other watches, especially mechanical ones.

Quartz-powered watches run by batteries. That means all you have to do when it’s time for watch maintenance is to replace the run-out battery with a new one. No need to spend much time and money to oiling, winding, and other tasks that mechanical watches require you to do. And I’m talking about huge time and money saver here!

So, if you’re looking for an accurate watch that can keep you on time all year long without requiring much time and money on maintenance, a Swiss Quartz-powered watch like this Tissot T039.417.11.057.02 is best!

The watch design

Now that we’ve done with the watch engine. It’s time to move on to the look and feel of this little buddy.

As you can see from the illustration, this watch is round-shaped with the overall case diameter of 42.5 mm, case thickness of 11 mm, and overall band width of 20 mm. With dimensions like that, I believe this watch would easily fit on any wrist sizes.

The watch’s displaying mechanism is analog. And it has a really eye-catching black dial with big white Arabic numbers at 4, 8, 12 o’clock positions as well as white and luminous time markers. The watch hands are also luminous which means you can easily see time in the dark.

There are 3 chronograph sub-dials at 2, 6, 10 o’clock positions displaying 1/10 second, 60 seconds, and 30 minutes in case you want to perform some stopwatch functions or want to measure something needed. It comes really handy if you’re a sport lover and you love to break your own records.

The bezel is a fixed tachymeter made of black ion-plated stainless steel that will give you the ability to measure speed or the distance you’ve traveled based on time. If you enjoy bicycling or swimming or other sports related to time tracking, you’d love to have this feature on hand!

This Tissot T0394171105702 also offers you a very comfortable and reliable deployment with push button clasp which makes it super easy for you to put the watch on or take it off.

Materials used to create the watch

Watch protection is something that you really need to keep in mind when shopping for a new watch. If the watch fails to protect itself from the common accidents, you should not buy it anyway. But how do you know if the watch is reliable and long-lasting? Well, it can be done by looking at the watch’s materials.

The first thing I want to point out here is the scratch-proof sapphire dial window this watch brings along. If you’re worrying that your watch could take scratches and damages from unexpected accidents, you can throw that worry away!

Because sapphire is a very tough material. In fact, only diamond ranks above it in toughness. That’s why it was chosen to forge the dial window of this Tissot watch.

And like I revealed earlier, this watch also arms itself with stainless steel case and band which make it even tougher in sustaining shock and damages. You know, if the watch case is not tough enough, the inner parts of the watch will get crushed easily once accidents happen.

Although stainless steel is a bit heavy, I think it’s worth it to exchange a bit of the watch’s weight for higher safety levels.

Other great features

Apart from the above cool things, there are more about this Tissot T039.417.11.057.02 watch that I want you to know.

Remember what I told you before about how this watch could assist you greatly when playing sports like swimming? Well, with a swimming watch, you need waterproof ability, period! And that’s something this watch excels at as it can sustain water pressure up to 330 ft or 100 m.

And if you’re a busy man who has to plan ahead lots of things and tasks, you’d love this next feature. There is a small window at 3 o’clock position displaying the current date for you whenever you need it. Very handy, right?


  • Accurate watch movement that keeps time 24/7/365 so you will never miss out important events
  • Reliable and tough materials that make the watch scratch and damage-proof so you won’t have to spend money on watch maintenance
  • Eye-catching and manly design make the watch perfect choice to wear on all kinds of events
  • Good waterproof ability to save the watch from water-related accidents and your pocket form “bleeding”
  • Nice collection of add-on functions and features to help you achieve your personal’s bests everyday


  • Might be a bit big for small wrist guys


In my opinion, this Tissot T039.417.11.057.02 really is a great men’s watch that can easily make the wearer stand out from the crowd and attract tons of friendly attention from people around. If you’re seeking a watch like that, I highly recommend this watch to you!