Tissot T039.417.16.057.02 Review

Tissot T039.417.16.057.02 ReviewIf you ask a man what is the thing that describes his personality best, the answers you have will vary greatly. Some will say it’s the pair of shoes they wear. Some will tell you it’s the suit. And to some, it’s the watches on their wrists. Really, a good watch like this Tissot T039.417.16.057.02 can easily express your style to other people.

I also believe that every man would love the combination of pin-point time accuracy and creative design on their timepieces. Agree with me? And the fact that you’re reading these lines means you really want to find out that “perfect” watch for you. Will this T039.417.16.057.02 be the answer? Let’s find out below!

The list of notable features

In order to logically present to you the most important features of the watch, I will go from the main watch engine, to the watch design with the materials used, and will end the review with the list of functions.

Talking about the watch engine, this Tissot watch has the world-famous Swiss Quartz movement that can keep the time accurate at an incredible level! Many people reported that their Swiss Quartz powered watches only miss out a few seconds every single year. That means you will never have to worry about your watch being suddenly out of work.

Comparing the Swiss Quartz engine to the mechanical movement, you will see tons of advantages and improvements. And the most notable one is about the cut down time and cost in watch maintenance. With a Swiss-made Quartz-powered watch, you simply just leave it run 24/7/365!

The watch design is something that will surely catch the eyes. The color combination this watch has is simply brilliant! I really love the black dial and the white numbers. They really make the watch and the wearer stand out form the crowd. And people will surely give you tons of friendly attention.

The stainless steel case is another thing that adds up to the overall good-looking of the watch. It will surely shine under the sun. And when it combines with the black calfskin band, they really make a deep impression on people who first encounter it! If you want to make a good first impression on the girl you like, utilize this tip!

And with the overall case diameter of 42 mm, case thickness of 11 mm, and round-shaped face, this watch is perfect for people with all kinds of wrist sizes!

Now, I think you’ll agree with me on this. A watch that is good looking but can easily be broken or taken scratches is not the watch that we want to buy, right? In the end, we want a wristwatch that is good looking and stay in shape for a long time.

With that said, will this Tissot T0394171605702 pass the test? Well, with an anti-reflective sapphire dial window and a stainless steel case, I’m sure it will! The sapphire window has two main missions here. The first one is to get rid of light reflection so that you can see time clearly even when you’re walking under the mid day sun. And the second one being to protect the watch from scratches and damages.

Sapphire is a tough material. And if your watch is protected by it, you can rest assured that your watch will stay scratch-less and undamaged for a very long time. The same is true with the stainless steel case. It simply protects the inner parts from shock and damages from common accidents.

And water resistance is another good thing about this watch. If you’re worrying that your watch can’t last long because you find yourself dropped your previous watches into water quite often, then fear not. Because this watch can stand the water pressure up to 330 ft! It’s good for swimmers and divers so you don’t have to worry that it can get water damaged in normal ways.

Tissot T039.417.16.057.02 also offers the wearer a fully functional tachymeter bezel, three chronographs, and a handy buckle clasp.

The tachymeter bezel is perfect for divers and runners to measure the needed statistics so that they can break their own scores! The 3 chronograph displays act like a super-accurate stopwatch that will show everything a sportsman ever needs. And the handy buckle clasp always make it easier to put the watch on and take it off.

And if you notice, there’s also a tiny window that displays the current date for you!


  • Ultra-accurate watch movement that will keep the time and never make you late for appointments
  • Brilliant watch style that makes sure you catch people’s attention right off the bat!
  • Reliable multi-tier protection that will save the watch and your pocket as well
  • Good collection of add-on functions that will help bring out the best of you
  • Balanced design that fits all sizes of wrists


  • The calfskin band might not be everyone’s pick


OK, that ends my review about the Tissot T039.417.16.057.02 men’s watch. All in all, I think this watch is a real deal that can really help you in many situations. If you choose it, you won’t regret it!