Top 20 Websites About Watches to Follow in 2016

top watches websites 2016

If you want to make sure that you never miss out on any information about the timepiece world, or that you are always able to find red hot deals on some of the best timepieces available for sale, you need to be sure that you are following these top 20 websites in 2016.


Possibly the most visited blog or website about timepieces on the planet, you’re going to find pretty much anything and everything you ever need to know about watches on this site. Check back regularly, as they are ALWAYS adding more content to the mix.

Fratello Watches

The people behind this website are some of the most passionate timepiece collectors you’re ever going to come across. Every single one of them are going to share as much inside information as they can with every post, and they have some of the most exhaustive and well researched reviews you’re ever going to find on the Internet. This is one of the “must read” websites you’ll want to check back with on a daily basis.


This website definitely goes beyond just the timepieces that they write about, really digging into the history of the manufacturers, the craftsmen, and the kind of timepieces that become legendary in the watch collecting community. You are going to find out a lot more about what goes on behind the scenes in the timepiece world when you pay attention to this site.

Watch & Whiskey

This is like the perfect combination of watches and whiskey for those that love the finer things in life.

You aren’t going to have any trouble whatsoever finding something new, something fun, and something exciting to read about when you visit this site. Though they definitely spend a little bit of time covering whiskey around the world, the overwhelming majority of the content has to do with timepieces. These tidbits are exceptional.

Haute Time

The bulk of the content that this website covers has to do with watches that are worth $10,000 or more, but you are also going to find (every now and again) content that definitely caters to the more inexpensive – but still drop dead gorgeous – watches available.

The Versatile Gent

If you are on the hunt for incredibly deep research and breakdowns of all the different components that go into a specific timepiece you aren’t likely to find that here. At the same time, you are going to find breaking news about the industry, new collector’s pieces that become available, and other details that you might not be able to find anywhere else.


What a perfect name for a website about timekeeping pieces!

This is very much a community driven website, so the types of content that you’ll find here are all over the spectrum. This is definitely a resource that you’re going to want to bookmark, and one that you may even consider contributing to.

Wound For Life

Talk about a passion for everything that has to do with timepieces!

The bulk of the content that this website produces goes far beyond the “cut and dry” technical information about watches that you can find most everywhere else. Their regular series “Lessons in Wristory” will captivate you from the very first post, and it’s what’s going to keep you coming back time after time.


Most definitely one of the newest kids on the block, so to speak, this is a website that was created in 2014 – but one that has quickly built up a dedicated following of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Filled with information about some of the rarest and most exciting timepieces on the planet, as well as watches that are available to the rest of us, spend some time here and see what they have to say.


Billing themselves as America’s number one blog as far as watches are concerned, the content that you are going to find here is second to none. Their online experience is top-notch, but they offer a print magazine every month that is exceptional as well. If you’re looking to really dive in, consider a subscription.

Bob’s Watches

This website is the ultimate resource for everything the Rolex. If you want information about this legendary brand, or if you want to find amazing pieces at unbeatable prices and maybe the best customer service on the planet as far as timepieces are concerned, this is your go to source.

Man of the World

A website completely dedicated to vintage timepieces, this is like stepping into a time machine and getting the opportunity to enjoy watches that have been forgotten about by everyone but the most dedicated collectors. If you want to track down something really special, this is the place to investigate.


Certainly one of the smaller online boutiques you’ll find dealing in luxury watches, this is also maybe one of the best curated chops with a selection of vintage chronographs available at the $1000 price tag (give or take a few hundred dollars. If you are just getting started in the world of vintage watch collecting, this is the kind of site you’ll want to start with.


Many of the watches that this website features are very much off the beaten path and a little bit “out there”, with most of the watches that they feature from smaller manufacturers and brands that do not have the same kind of recognition some of the other bigger names in the business do. Still, it’s a lot of fun to check this site every once in a while.

Bulang & Sons

The photography on this website is jaw-dropping, so much so that you’re likely to try and purchase as many of these watches as you can based off of the pictures alone. This is a website that you’re going to want to really play around with, as they offer amazing pieces, amazing information, and answer as many questions as they are able to.

World of Watches

A gigantic online marketplace with one of the largest inventories in your going to find anywhere, if you are trying to track down a very specific timepiece, this is the place you’re going to want to look. You’ll want to check back regularly also as their inventory is constantly refreshed.


One of the industry leaders when it comes to providing information about amazing timepieces, all of the details that they are able to share with you about special watches can be taken as gospel. These folks know exactly what they are talking about.

The Watch Hut

Certainly one of the United Kingdom’s most influential watch websites, if you live in the UK or anywhere else in Europe, for that matter, this is probably going to become your go to source for information and offers. And if you live anywhere else on the planet you’ll still want to check the site out, as sometimes they’ll have deals almost too good to be true.

The Watchery

A slightly smaller online site that doesn’t have the same kind of name recognition some of the other platforms on this list has, you really can’t go wrong visiting these folks when you want to learn more about your favorite timepiece. They have some of the friendliest customer service representatives anywhere, and are happy to share as much information with you as possible.

Luxury Watch Exchange

You are going to have the chance to uncover amazing deals on some of the best luxury timepieces anywhere when you visit this online exchange. Inventory changes on an almost hourly basis though, so you’ll want to check back regularly to make sure that you don’t ever miss out on something really special.

Closing thoughts

As long as you focus on these 20 websites in 2016, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on anything that has to do with the world of timepieces. You’ll be flooded with inside information, offers and opportunities, and answers to all of your questions – so much so that by the time 2016 is over, you might be an expert yourself!