Easily one of the most impressive of all the American timepiece brands around the world, Bulova has been responsible for designing very collectible watches since 1875 – many of them amongst some of the most popular wristwatches worn by the world’s powerful and elite.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a new watch to your collection, or are hoping to jumpstart your timepiece collection with a real superstar that won’t threaten to break your bank account, you’ll want to think about purchasing one of the great Bulova men’s watches available on the market today.

A Quick History of the Brand

The Bulova company was established in 1875 when 23-year-old Joseph Bulova decided to immigrate to the United States and make his home in Brooklyn, establishing a new watchmaking company to put to use the watchmaking training he had received in his home country.

It didn’t take long for the powerful men in Manhattan to pay attention to this immigrant and the watches that he was making. Not only were they some of the most accurate timepieces they never come across, but they also happened to be stylish, classically inspired, and conveyed the kind of powerful yet understated aesthetic that many of them were looking for.

Joseph began to increase the prices of his timepieces over time, and soon enough he was commanding top dollar in the same way that many of the world’s best brands were. Bulova men’s watches had arrived by the late 1890s – and they would quickly cement themselves on the global time piecing industry by the time 1900 rolled around.

Today these watches are coveted not only for their incredible design, but also because of the unique timekeeping movements that they take advantage of. Accurate, gorgeously designed, and capable of commanding attention even when they are mostly hidden under the sleeve of a suit, Bulova watches are top-notch and cannot be beaten!

Amazing Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Bulova

There are a lot of interesting things that have happened in the history of these watches, many of them completely unique to this brand and set as far apart from the rest of the watch manufacturing community as it gets.

We’re talking about interesting tidbits like the introduction of the first hypoallergenic stainless steel, a protection of a lifetime warranty, unique partnerships with other legendary brands (like Harley-Davidson, for example), and the creation of maybe the most accurate battery-operated watch ever made available – the Accutron!

This company has always been about breaking the mold and innovating, however. Joseph Bulova himself was a big-time innovator in the world of timepieces when he first found in his company, not only because of how creative he was but also because (the age of 23) he had to be to compete against more established companies led by men twice his age.

Bulova was one of the first people to introduce the assembly line production system into the world of fine watchmaking, utilizing jeweled movements that produced a standardized accuracy that had never before been seen in the industry.

On top of that, they introduced a line of movements and mechanisms that had only been used in the clock and pocket watch industries to the world of wristwatches – pushing innovations into the market that may have never been introduced without the creative team at the helm.

Bulova was also the first watchmaker to produce a clock radio, and in 1931 they were responsible for making the first-ever electric clocks – many of which can still be seen in train terminals throughout the United States. Talk about durability, reliability, and accuracy if they can still be used close to 100 years after they were first produced.

This watchmaker was also the first to take advantage of television advertising in the watch industry, which revolutionized the way that these watchmakers do business.

Here is Why People Love These Watches

Of course, this was also the company that developed the Accutron – the world’s first ever fully electronic watch.

NASA worked closely with Bulova to design and develop the technology that would be used in this timepiece, as they requested that this watchmaker create the timekeeping technology necessary for the Vanguard series of satellites to be launched in space during 1958.

Even though the astronauts that first stepped on the moon (Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin) were both using Omega watches come all of the timekeeping instruments on the lunar lander and the return modules were made by Bulova and designed under the Accutron brand name.

This reputation for incredible accuracy, uncomplicated movements, and a reputation for discretion help them to become the number one company for outfitting Air Force One with timekeeping solutions, and they have held that this position ever since 1979.

Some complement this company has established themselves in the position of the best watchmaker on the planet, and when they were acquired by Citizen in late 2008 they really cemented their position in the industry.

Reasons to Consider Wearing a Bulova Wristwatch

There are all kinds of reasons that you’ll want to think about wearing Bulova, but the most important ones are:

  • The legendary reputation for accuracy
  • Unparalleled design aspects
  • Watches that dramatically appreciate in value over time

This company has been around for close to 150 years, and will likely be around for 150 years more. These are amazing timepieces, the kind of timepieces that you are going to love to pass down from generation to generation – the kinds of timepieces that can be worn in casual events, and black-tie events, and at everything in between.

Famous Individuals That Have Worn These Timepieces

There are quite a few people (famous individuals) throughout history that have worn Bulova watches, in some of their biggest brand ambassadors include:

  • Legendary aviator Charles Lindbergh
  • Game changing billionaire Sir Richard Branson
  • Internationally recognized and former top golfer Tiger Woods

Rudy Giuliani was a big fan of Bulova watches, as was President George W. Bush, and just about every single Wall Street executive has at least one Bulova watch in their collection!

My 3 Favorite Bulova Watches of All

Finish reading yet? Too many things to consider? Still don’t know what to pick up this time? Read the following Bulova watch reviews as I will reveal the most significant features of the above 3 products in details for you.

Bulova Men’s 96B104 Watch

Bulova 96B104This minimalist timepiece comes with a precise and reliable Japanese Quartz movement that will ensure you time accuracy throughout the year. As you might know, there are countless number of debates out there arguing which one is better, the Japanese or the Swiss version of the Quartz.

In my opinion, this version of Quartz engine is still a reliable one when it comes to timekeeping. And many other people who bought the watch before also reported that they’re satisfied with the way this little wristwatch keeps time.

Another notable feature is the mineral crystal that can protect the watch from taking scratches and provide a clear look when you want to see time. Although mineral is not the toughest one when it comes to watch protection, it still provides a decent layer of shielding that keep this little guy away from being harmed by outside impacts.

The watch also has “shock resistant” ability thanks to its stainless steel case, and will provide you an elegant look thanks to its high quality calfskin band.

There is also a small date window for easy reference. And with the ability to resist water up to 99 feet or 30 meters, this watch is not for swimming or any other water-related activities. So, remember that.

Editor’s rating: 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Bulova Men’s 96A108 Watch

Bulova 96A108The next product under the spotlight is a watch powered by the Automatic self-wind movement. With this type of timekeeping engine, this 96A108 watch can power itself from the movements of your arm and wrist. And I’m talking about much time and effort saved in replacing the battery or hand-winding the watch.

The automatic watch movement is also a reliable timekeeping engine that can keep the watch ticking around at high accuracy pace. It’s only second in popularity to the Quartz counterpart in today’s timepieces.

And with the same mineral crystal and stainless steel case like the first one, this Bulova Men’s 96A108 can also offer you the same level of protection like any of its relatives.

The leather band also adds up to the manly look and feel of the watch. And with the luminous hands, you can now rest assured that you will know exactly what time it is even when the light goes off suddenly.

With 99 feet in water resistance, this watch is also not for water-involved activities.

Editor’s rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Bulova Men’s Marine Star 98C62 Watch

bulova 98C62The third watch in the series is a product from the Marine Star series that can definitely be your next diving watch!

The name of the watch says it all. With 660 feet or 200 meters in water resistant, this 98C62 Marine Star can be your best partner in all of your swimming races or deep sea diving.

Powered by the famous Japanese Quartz movement, this watch will keep ticking around tirelessly and with great time accuracy. You won’t have to spend much time taking care of the it. All you will have to do is rarely battery changing.

The mineral crystal and stainless steel case and bracelet provide the watch with a sturdy armor that can safeguard it from taking scratches and damages.

The fold-over clasp with safety makes it super easy to take the watch on or to put it off. And if you’re a busy person, this features will save you time.

Finally, with a small window displaying day and date at the 3.00 position, and luminous watch hands and indices, reading time can’t be more easier than that!

Editor’s rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

Your Turn

All things considered, you really can’t go wrong with an investment in these top watches.

Bulova men’s watches a consistently ranked among the best in the business, and have quickly become some of the most valuable watches money can buy. The secondary market offers you the opportunity to pick up these watches and a very fair price point, but you will still be able to expect and anticipate their value to grow exponentially in the years to come.

Not only are these watches beautifully designed and incredibly accurate, but they also enjoy a timeless style that you’re going to be able to appreciate for years and years to come.

When you have one of these Bulova men’s watches strapped on your wrist you’re going to feel more confident, you’re going to feel more secure, and you’re going to feel like you have the world by the strings.

This is the perfect kind of watch to add to your collection, and a great starter piece if you are just looking to get established. They have hefty warranties that you’ll be able to trust for years and years to come, and won’t require you to have to visit the jeweler all that often to have them “tuned up”.

It doesn’t get much better than this!