Citizen men’s watches are some of the most popular watches on the planet, no small feat by one of the (relatively) newest watch companies to hit the market.

Established in 1930 (right in the early stages of the Great Depression), these watches went on to capture the attention of the global elite – and have been firmly entrenched in the world of affordable luxury watches ever since.

The entire brand is built around the concept of global citizenry, and Citizen men’s watches are designed to be as beautiful as they are accurate. You are going to fall in love with everything that these timepieces are able to bring to the table.

How the Brand Started – a Quick Summary

As mentioned above, Citizen was first established in 1930 – though the company that would become Citizen is a little bit older than that.

In 1918, a company was founded in Japan called the Shokosha-Watch Research Institute, and it was built on the back of a belief that every citizen should be able to take advantage of advanced timekeeping technology so that they would respect everything that time meant.

One of the most ambitious undertakings in the timepiece world, Citizen immediately started to target the rich and wealthy (which was a bit of a challenge after World War I and leading up to the Great Depression). Moving beyond the borders of Japan in 1936, they began to export their pocket watches to Southeast Asia – and in 1940 and they started to produce timepieces specifically designed for the Japanese military.

In 1949, the Citizen Trading Company was established to help this business reach beyond its relatively confined marketplace. Citizen watches went on sale globally, and the rest is history!

Ever since, Citizen has been serious about producing some of the most impressive and innovative timepieces at affordable prices. They are the favorite of businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and those that are serious about keeping track of time because they respect everything that time symbolizes.

The odds are pretty good you look great with one of Citizen’s men’s watches on your wrist!

Mind Blowing Facts About Citizen Watches No One Is Telling You

There are a bunch of very interesting facts that revolve around the Citizen men’s watch brand, from the establishment of the very first shockproof watch in 1956 to the first watching Japan to showcase the date right on the face – the Citizen Calendar, a watch that you can still buy today!

Another of the most impressive watches important by this company has to be the Diamond Flake in 1962 – the thinnest certified chronometer and the world’s thinnest men’s wristwatch at that particular point in time.

By the time 1967 old around, this company was putting out the world’s first-ever quartz transistor clocks – and the 70s saw the introduction some pretty major innovations as well. We’re talking about the world’s first titanium watch, brand-new quartz watch technology, in some of the most accurate watches effort produced ever.

In 1986, Citizen became the largest single manufacturer of watch movements on the planet, a distinction that they continue to hold today. Though they have stepped into other marketplaces and other areas of manufacturing, this is a watch company through and through.

Here are What Really Make These Timepieces Stand Out

There a lot of signature features and functions behind Citizen men’s watches, but a handful of them really stand head and shoulders apart from the rest of the pack.

For starters, this is a watch company that has really helped to pioneer everything that quartz technology brings to the table. These watches leverage the most advanced quartz timekeeping solutions you’re going to come across, and they have gained such a reputation for their movements that they are often times subcontracted to produce movements for other companies.

You know that when you are making watch parts for your competitors you have done something right!

On top of that, they are Eco-Drive watches and completely changed the game as far as automatic watches are concerned. These watches used to take advantage of incredibly innovative technology that uses solar power to recharge the watch in just six seconds – recharging the power plant in that amount of time enough for six months’ worth of run time, even if the watches kept in complete and total darkness.

The Eco-Drive watches have become some of the most popular watches on the planet, and it’s easy to see why. Today they are able to print any light source whatsoever – not just the sun – to generate power, giving you the opportunity to count on your watch working forever without having to fiddle with winding mechanisms or replacing batteries.

This is really something special!

Exactly When You Should Wear a Citizen Watch

The overwhelming majority of the Citizen men’s watches available perfectly designed in suited for casual situations as well as more business focused endeavors.

Some of them are definitely more rugged than the rest of the pack, watches that have been designed for those that want to get their hands dirty or those that aren’t afraid of putting a couple of scratches and dents on their brand-new Citizen watch.

At the same time, there are definitely high end Citizen men’s watches available that are considerably more expensive and certainly designed for the board room or other black-tie types of affairs.

At the end of the day, you would be hard-pressed to find any situation where you wouldn’t want to have one of these gorgeous and accurate timepieces on your wrists. Travelers in particular are going to want to consider adding at least one of these to their collection, as they automatically self-adjust to new time zones without any headache or hassle at all.

Stop Investing in Other Wristwatches, Choose This Brand Instead

There are innumerable reasons to get your hands on a Citizen men’s watch, but the biggest has to be the advent of the Eco-Drive technology.

Never having to worry about your watch losing any time is one thing, but also never having to worry about winding your watch or replacing batteries is something else entirely. The Eco-Drive Citizen men’s watches are the most hasslefree timepieces you’re going to come across – and they also look gorgeous at the exact same time!

Famous Celebrities Who Have Fallen in Love With These Merchandises

Of course, these watches are certainly some of the most popular timepieces you’ll come across.

Celebrities, athletes only and internationally recognized personalities have all fallen in love with everything that these watches have to offer. We’re talking about people like:

  • Two time Super Bowl winning NFL quarterback Eli Manning
  • Future Hall of Fame NBA great Kobe Bryant
  • Three time NBA Champion Dwayne Wade
  • Hollywood superstar George Clooney
  • International sex symbol and one of the most dominant soccer players in history David Beckham
  • Current President of the United States Barack Obama
  • TV personality Michael Holmes
  • Country music superstar Tim McGraw

And of course, many more…

Introducing My 3 Favorite Citizen’s of All Time

Just to make sure that you can understand all of the great features these little timepieces bring about, here are my 3 brief Citizen watch reviews or summaries of the features each one has.

Citizen Men’s BL5250-02L Eco-Drive Watch

Citizen BL5250-02LThe first watch that I want to cover today is the BL5250-02L from the Eco-Drive series of Citizen.

The watch, as the name implies, has a very powerful light-powered system that can keep the watch ticking around tirelessly year after year without you having to replace any battery or do any other maintenance jobs. It can convert any light, be it domestic or sunlight into energy to power up the watch in a eco-friendly way.

This little guy also has the powerful and precise Japanese Quartz movement that can keep time accurate for a long time.

The titanium case and bezel act like a safe layer of protection that will safeguard the watch from shock, taking scratches, and other harmful activities. And by going hand in hand with the high quality brown leather strap, they make up a manly look that everyone will want to take a look at.

With 660 ft or 200 m in water resistance, you can rest assured that this watch will never go out of work when you want to bring it along with you on the trip to the beach.

And finally, with a respectful collection of special features such as perpetual calendar, date window, alarm feature, dual-time display, and chronograph subdials, this wristwatch is definitely one of the best choices out there when it comes to mens watches!

Editor’s rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Citizen Men’s BJ7000-52E Eco-Drive Nighthawk Watch

citizen bj7000-52eAnother great timepiece that I want you to know about is the BJ7000-52E from the Nighthawk collection.

Perhaps the most notable feature that everyone will notice about this wristwatch is the big dial with pilot’s slide rule inner bezel ring that you can use to perform flight calculations or other complicated tasks involve measuring.

This watch also has the light-powered Eco-Drive technology embedded inside with a precise Japanese Quartz engine thus making it a great choice for both time accuracy and eco-friendly power reserve. No matter where you go, if that place has light, the watch will charge itself to extend its operating duration.

With a very “high tech” look and feel thanks to the stainless steel case and bracelet as well as the “complicated” dial, I’m sure that you can easily attract people’s attention whenever you wear this watch. And the stainless steel case and bracelet will also act like a sturdy armor to protect the watch from harms as well.

The heat-treated mineral crystal will provide you with a clear, non-reflective view of the dial and protect the inner parts from taking scratches and damages as well.

In addition to all those great features, you will find in this timepiece the following special functions such as low energy warning, luminous hands and indices, dual time display, date window, and incandescent light as well.

Finally, with the ability to resist water pressure up to 660 ft or 200 m, you can take this watch with you when going on deep sea diving or swimming.

Editor’s rating: 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Citizen Men’s BM8180-03E Eco-Drive Watch

Citizen BM8180-03EThe third watch that I want to cover in this section is the BM8180-03E, another member of the Eco-drive family.

This watch has a military-inspired look and feel that you can catch on at the first time looking at it. Although the design of the watch might look simplistic at first, the strong and durable canvas combines with the metal grommets really make this watch look manly and masculine for the eyes.

Also run by the same Japanese Quartz movement and the light charging power source, you can rest assure that this timepiece won’t let you down when it comes to accurate timekeeping and hassle-free watch maintenance.

The stainless steel case and bezel go hand in hand to make up the first layer of protect that keep the watch away from being scratched or damaged by shock from outside forces. And they do make the watch look better overall, in my opinion.

And with the sturdy mineral watch dial window or crystal, the inner parts of the watch will be safe from potential scratches that you can unconsciously make to your watch everyday.

The special features of this watch include luminous watch hands and time markers, as well as a small date window at 3.00 o’clock, and water resistance up to 100 m.

Editor’s rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

It’s time for the final decision

At the end of the day, many people are all looking to add brand-new Citizen men’s watches to their collection and its effortless to see why. These timepieces are incredible, engineered to perfection, and the Eco-Drive series is maybe the most innovative timepiece to hit the market in watchmaking history.

If you want to add a brand-new men’s watch to your collection you to have to be at least a little bit crazy to ignore all of the great watches that this company continues to put out every year.