There isn’t a watchmaking brand on the planet that better embodies the American spirit and truly classic Americana the way that Fossil men’s watches are able to.

There is just something about these watches that throwback to a simpler time in the United States when the world was much smaller, Main Street was much more important, and you knew all of your neighbors – and they knew you!

Americana is incredibly important to be design and aesthetics of these Fossil men’s watches, handed likely always will be. Classically inspired, you aren’t going to be caught off guard by any ultramodern aesthetics from this brand.

What you see is what you get, and that’s why these watches remain as popular today as they were more than 40 years ago.

A Quick Look Over the History of Fossil

Perhaps the largest company that almost no one knows that much about, the Fossil brand doesn’t really create quite as many waves in the world of luxury timepieces as other brands will.

At the same time, Fossil men’s watches represented close to $850 million in sales last year alone – which isn’t exactly a drop in the bucket by any stretch of the imagination!

Originally founded in 1984, this luxury fashion brand was established by a man from Texas on the suggestion of his older brother. The brothers combined to create a brand that had a very retro feel, and a brand that celebrated everything that American midcentury pop culture had to offer.

It turns out that this gamble (which is exactly what all of their early investors told them this company would be) was perfectly timed, as the US was just about to go through a major wave of nostalgia – catapulting the company into a stratosphere of success that no one could have ever predicted.

An IPO followed just six years later, and rapid expansion into a variety of different product areas unlock them to diversify their holdings while at the same time staying true to the kinds of products that they wanted to make.

Fossil men’s watches have always been reflective of the 1950s and the style of the time, and this has allowed them to separate themselves from the rest of the pack and be fully embraced by those looking for a casual yet very traditional look that fits this price point.

Interesting Facts About the Brand You Should Know

The most interesting of all the different approaches Fossil has taken in their watchmaking endeavors would have to be the licensing of game changing technology and new solutions to keep all of their timepieces inexpensively priced while at the same time offering unique innovations that just cannot be beat.

Many of the movements that they include in their mechanical watch collection have been licensed from much larger (and much more recognizable, from a brand standpoint) businesses, which means that the “guts” of these Fossil men’s watches are the same as those found in watches like the Rolex Submariner.

When you’re able to purchase the same kind of timekeeping accuracy and overall aesthetics as a Rolex watch for about $3000 less you’re really talking about something special, aren’t you?

A license a lot of the automatic timekeeping technology that they use as well, always open to abuse the best of the best regardless of who is behind those specific innovations. They even went so far as to acquire Swiss watchmaker Zodiac (a business that had been around since 1882) in an effort to really retool all of their watchmaking efforts.

The timepiece collecting community supported this move, as the value of Fossil men’s watches after that Zodiac take over have shot through the roof. These are now some of the most collectible watches, as well as some of the most exciting timepieces to hit the market at a price point that is very comfortable for anyone to afford.

Notable Components And Standout Features

There have been a lot of really notable moments in the history of this relatively young company (compared to many of the other timekeeping manufacturers out there), but the most notable would have to be some of the biggest missteps and mistakes that Fossil has made in the past.

When they deviate from their retro and nostalgia inspired designs, they really seem to struggle a bit – especially when they reach for a more “techno” kind of look. No misstep was probably worse than the release of the Wrist PDA in 2003 – launched just a short while before the iPhone was, which led to the death of PDA technology and the Palm operating system that this watch was based off of.

In 2006 Fossil men’s watches released the first Caller ID watch, an idea that proved to be disastrous at the time, but an idea that was really a precursor to the current generation of “smart watches” that are really starting to grab quite a bit of attention in the timekeeping community.

For the most part, though, when Fossil watches stick to their traditional look, their retro style, and they are high-end movements and automatic timekeeping technology (usually licensed from other companies as we mentioned above) they are able to dominate the entry-level timepiece a like few others can.

These are special watches, make no mistake about it!

Good Reasons Why You Need to Own a Fossil Watch This Year

If you love absolutely everything that the 1950s had to offer when it came to timepieces statics – large aviation style faces, leather bands, and clean-cut American good looks – then you’re going to love absolutely everything that the Fossil men’s watches bring to the table.

Many of these watches are perfectly suited to blue-collar type work, but they are also the kinds of watches that you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable wearing to a high-rise office job, either.

There are even a couple of “black tie” title Fossil men’s watches that you might want to add to your collection, especially since you’d be able to purchase a couple of these watches for less than you would pay for a single dress watch from almost anyone else.

Combine that with their reputation for accuracy, durability, and design and you have almost no reason whatsoever not to grab one (or a couple) of these watches. You definitely won’t regret the decision!

Well Known People Who Have Worn Fossil Watches

There are a lot of celebrities that where Fossil watches, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Multiple Grammy award-winning recording artist Usher
  • Hollywood blockbuster superstar and former WWF wrestler Dwyane Johnson (The Rock)
  • Ultra billionaire and the world’s richest man Bill Gates
  • Future Hall of Fame college coach Nick Saban
  • Internationally famous producer Simon Cowell

Believe it or not, a lot of women also love everything that Fossil men’s watches bring to the table when they want to wear something a little bit more masculine. Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Paris Hilton, and Jessica Simpson have all been photographed with Fossil men’s watches on their wrists.

Reviews of the Top 3 Fossil Mens Watches

Finished reading yet? OK, now I know that you might definitely need some help just to understand a bit more about the very specific features that each watch has in order to make your final decision. So here we go with my 3 short Fossil watch reviews about the products listed above.

Fossil Men’s FS4487 Watch

Fossil FS4487The very first watch in the collection that I want to talk about is the manly and stylish FS4487 watch.

With an all black and rugged design on the outside, this watch will surely make people pay attention to you whenever you wear it on your wrist. The white watch hands, time markers, and subdial make it even more attractive to the eyes for everyone who look at it.

This little guy is powered by the precise and reliable Quartz movement which mean you will never have to worry about the accuracy of timekeeping from this timepiece. A Quartz-powered watch is also a hassle-free watch since you won’t have to pay much attention to watch maintenance. All you will have to do is occasional battery changes.

The sturdy heat-treated mineral crystal provides a great layer of protection against scratches for the watch. It also provides you with a clear look on the dial whenever you want to see what time it is.

And with the help of the stainless steel case and bezel, you can rest assured that this timepiece can stand up against some serious threats from harmful outside forces.

The silicone band, although doesn’t provide a solid way to protect the watch, does in fact make the wearer feel more comfortable when wearing the watch. And it’s corrosion-proof as well.

You will also have a small date window between 4.00 and 5.00 o’clock positions, luminous watch hands, and chronograph subdials as the special features accompanying the watch.

And finally, with the ability to resist water pressure up to 165 ft or 50 m, this watch is NOT your ideal watch for any water-related sports.

Editor’s rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Fossil Men’s CH2565 Watch

Fossil CH2565The next timepiece that deserves a place under the spotlight today is the CH2565 watch. This wooden toned wristwatch can be a serious investment for anyone who wants to impress people around himself with ease.

Like with the first watch we’ve covered in this section, the powerful and hassle-free Quartz movement powers this watch to make it a reliable partner when it comes to timekeeping. You can rest assured that you won’t miss out on any important events or moments in your life with this accurate timepiece.

The high quality calfskin in wood tone really adds up to the overall good look of the watch. Also, it will provide you with a comfortable way to wear it all day long.

And with the presence of the mineral crystal combined with the stainless steel case and bezel, this watch can surely stand up against all kinds of scratches and damages from daily activities.

There is a small date window on the watch dial for you to see whenever you need. And you will also have 3 functional chronograph plus the water resistance up to 330 ft or 100 m with this little guy.

All in all, a great watch in my opinion.

Editor’s rating: 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

Fossil Men’s FS4545 Watch

fossil fs4545The next wristwatch in the collection that I want you to know about is the FS4545 men’s watch.

Perhaps the very first thing you will notice about this watch is the way it’s designed with black dial and band thus making it look attractive and powerful. And this is one feature that I really like about this timepiece.

The stainless steel case and bezel don’t just make up a great shield that protects the watch from shock, scratches, and damages that it might take unintentionally, but also add up to the great mix of colors of the watch.

And once again, the powerful Quartz movement runs the whole system in the back end thus making this another great example of super accurate and reliable chronograph.

The high quality black leather band will make you feel very comfortable wearing the watch in the long run without any concern about corrosion or hand fatigue.

Worrying about the watch taking scratches on the dial? Worry no more as with the heat-treated mineral crystal, that problem is solved at 99%!

And finally, you will find it convenient with the appearance of a small date window at the 3.00 o’clock position plus easy-to-use chronograph subdials.

The watch can resist water pressure up to only 165 ft or 50 m, so it’s not ideal for water sports or even dropping into water at all.

Editor’s rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)


While maybe not quite as instantly recognizable a brand name as some of the other bigger watch companies on the planet, Fossil watches command respect, appreciation, and admiration for those that collect these kinds of timepieces.

With a unique design and aesthetic that is entirely their own, and a reputation for taking advantage of only the best watchmaking and timekeeping technology, you are definitely going to want to add at least one of these watches to your collection ASAP.

And with so many different Fossil watches to pick and choose from the you’ll definitely be able to find the right one for you!