Internationally recognized as some of the best watches ever designed, Invicta men’s watches have a long and illustrious history (with a couple of bumps along the way).

This watchmaker has and effort through each and every one of those challenges, however, and today the Invicta brand is better, bigger, and stronger than it’s ever been in the past.

If you are interested in adding some of these timepieces to your collection or just want to pick up one of the most internationally recognized watches on the planet as a one-off piece, you’ll want to pay close attention to all of the inside information we are able to share with you below.

Let’s dive right in!

How the Brand Was Born

The Invicta brand was born in Switzerland when a man named Rafael Picard decided to pursue his dream – to produce only the highest quality and most luxurious timepieces at an affordable price point so that even the workingmen of Switzerland would be able to own one of his watches.

Opening their doors for the first time in 1837, he endeavored to work with some of the best timepiece manufacturers in all of Switzerland – real craftsman – to produce his amazing watches using the production line techniques that had helped propel the Industrial Revolution.

The Swiss craftsman innovated new solutions together to manufacture the most accurate (the time) watches available, and because they were able to use economies of scale these watches were nowhere near as expensive as those produced entirely by hand.

Invicta men’s watches quickly became the must have timepiece for the rich, powerful, and influential in Switzerland, and it wasn’t long after that until this watch was known all over the world.

What Most People Probably Don’t Know About Invicta

However not all was sunshine and roses when it came to running a luxury timepiece business in a complex and ever-changing world.

Invicta (Latin for “invincible”) would be tested considerably, as it wasn’t all that long after their doors open for the first time that the quartz watch craze really started to take off.

Quartz watches were able to promise a level of accuracy that even the finest mechanical watches really struggled to replicate, and because it was so easy to get supplies of quartz to run these watches, they were a lot more inexpensive and even the cheapest mechanical timepieces.

This was big trouble for Invicta, as they had built their business and their brand on the back of promising fantastic watches at incredibly low prices, but because they were slow to adopt this new technology that they are brand took a bit of a beating.

Of course, this was all going to rebound as watch manufacturers all over the world started to take advantage of cheaper and cheaper manufacturing approaches that dramatically lessened the quality of the timepieces that they were introducing to the market.

Eventually, quartz technology failed almost completely because of how inexpensively they were being produced – and people started to go towards mechanical watches once again.

When the market shifted, Invicta was right there to take control once again. They reestablished themselves, pushed through a number of significant challenges during the 1970s, and re-cemented themselves at the top of the mechanical and the luxury watch industry – a position that they have held ever since.

It certainly wasn’t easy, it certainly wasn’t effortless, and at any point in time, even just a single misstep or mistake could have sent the business to bankruptcy at any point in time.

However, the Invicta name proved to be prophetic – and today they look as invincible as they ever have.

What People Love About These Timepieces

Of all the notable components and standout features that this particular brand chooses to showcase in most of their timepieces, the one “common thread” you’ll find in just about every Invicta men’s watch is the use of only the highest quality construction materials available.

Invicta has been working ever since day one to partner with suppliers and craftsman to produce watches that are worth 4 or 5 times as much as the company itself charges, instantly putting watches out on the market that are collectible pieces with a value that has already appreciated.

Obviously, watch collectors snap up Invicta pieces at every opportunity, and though the secondary market can be very competitive (with prices much higher than you would ever have seen at retail), if you have the opportunity to get your hands on a classic Invicta watch it’s almost always going to appreciate in the future.

The Invicta men’s watches are beautifully designed and use classic and traditional aesthetics in almost all of the collections. However, many of the new Invicta men’s watches showcase a much more contemporary style and design while still paying tribute to the legendary craftsmen that helped to put this brand on the map in the first place.

It’s a bit of a delicate balancing act, but it’s one that this business and this brand pulls off better than most anyone else out there in the timepiece community.

Many Reasons to Bring Home a Good Invicta Wristwatch

Invicta watches are easy to tell apart from the sea of Rolex watches that most people reach for, and that’s probably the number one reason to go with these men’s watches in the first place.

Watches that have been designed specifically for people that want to stand out in a crowd with a luxury timepiece head and shoulders apart from the rest of the pack, Invicta men’s watches are the kind that command respect without having to blend in with all of the other “me too” watches out there.

Seriously, how many Rolex Submariner watches can you see on until you’ve seen enough?

At the same time, Invicta men’s watches aren’t going to break your bank account the way many other watch brands would.

Does it get any better than that?

The List of Brand’s Famous Endorsers

They are our wait a few celebrities and famous individuals throughout history that have had Invicta men’s watches on their wrist, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Former US Pres. Bill Clinton
  • Legendary Hollywood actor, action movie superstar, and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • James Bond actor Daniel Craig
  • Both of the men from MythBusters
  • Future Hall of Fame NBA basketball player Kobe Bryant

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

These watches are incredibly popular with those in powerful positions, as well as those that embody everything that the “invincible” meaning behind the brand name embodies. When you wear one of these Invicta men’s watches, you’ll be a brand ambassador as well!

My Top 3 Invicta Mens Watches You Should Know

So now you might have finished scanning through the table. I know there will be some things that you don’t know about at first. And that’s why I compiled a short collection of 3 Invicta watch reviews about those products so that you will understand more about them before making the final decision.

Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Watch

Invicta 8932The first wristwatch that I want to cover today is the 8932 Pro Diver watch.

This watch comes with the traditional Japanese Quartz movement which mean it’s super accurate and reliable when it comes to actual timekeeping. The Quartz engine is also known for its hassle-free maintenance. Therefore, you won’t have to spend much time keeping an eye on it. All you will have to do is occasional battery changes. And it doesn’t cost much either.

Another notable feature that you should know about is the flame fusion mineral watch dial window or crystal. This sturdy crystal will protect the watch and inner parts from taking damages and scratches all day long. Although it’s not as hard as sapphire, it still provides a decent layer of protection.

The stainless steel case and band also add up to the overall resistance with their ability to safeguard the watch from shock, scratches, and damages as well. They also make the watch look more appealing to the eyes especially when you wear this timepiece under the sun.

And as the name implied, this watch can resist water pressure up to 660 ft or 200 m thus making it an ideal choice for all of your favorite water sports like swimming or diving.

Finally, with other great add-on features such as luminous watch hands and indices, as well as a small date window at 3.00 o’clock position, and a push-pull crown, this watch is a great choice for everyone who loves style and precision.

Editor’s rating: 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Invicta Men’s Speedway 9212

Invicta 9212The next watch that you might be interested in is the Speedway 9212 watch. A watch that will surely catch your attention at the first glance.

With an all-metal design including a two-tone stainless steel and 18k gold plate case, bracelet, and a 18k gold bezel, this watch definitely holds the feel of a high class watch. And it will surely help you in attracting people’s attention whenever you have it on your wrist.

Not just for design and style purposes, this combination of strong metals create a strong armor that will protect the watch and its inner parts from taking damages, scratches, and shock from outside forces.

Talking about time precision, you can rest assured as this watch also has its core powered by the world famous Japanese Quartz movement. With this engine in place, accurate timekeeping will be an easy task to accomplish!

And like the first watches introduced in the series, this timepiece also has for itself a heat-treated mineral crystal whose primary role is to keep this little guy away from scratches. It will also provide a clear look over the white watch dial so that you will find it super easy to know what time it is at a glance.

This watch is also great at deep diving under water with its excellent 660 ft (200 m) water resistance.

And finally, with a small date window at the 4.00 o’clock position, and 3 functional chronograph subdials, you will have a wide range of choices when it comes to measuring time at high accuracy.

Editor’s rating: 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

Invicta Men’s 6977 Pro Diver Watch

invicta 6977The third wristwatch in this Invicta mens watches series is another one from the “Pro diver” collection.

Perhaps the very first thing that you will notice about this watch is its sporty and “rebellious” design with black and white mixed altogether. This is a feature of the watch that I really like.

Powered by the high quality Swiss Quartz movement, this watch will never let you down in terms of time accuracy. There are many debates out there comparing the Swiss and Japanese version of the Quartz movement. However, you don’t have to mind over that matter, Quartz is Quartz, and with this, timekeeping will never be an issue!

The stainless steel case and bezel help making this timepiece more resistant to shock, scratches, and almost all kinds of damages that it can potentially take from your daily activities.

The high quality black polyurethane band make it super easy to wear the watch without any concern about corrosion or hand fatigue like with other metal bracelets.

And with the mineral crystal like usual, there are not many things you will have to worry about because this dial window will shield up the inner parts of the watch from scratches all the time.

The special features of this watch including rotating date window, chronograph subdials, luminous watch hands, and water resistance up to 330 ft or 100 m.

Editor’s rating: 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

What’s Your Vote?

These Invicta watches aren’t going to set you back nearly as far as other timepieces may, but you aren’t going to have to compromise the value or the quality of your timepiece collection when you go in this direction.

Beautifully designed, expertly engineered, handcrafted to a level of quality and attention you just don’t find often these days, you’re going to fall in love with everything that the best Invicta men’s watches bring to the table. There are a number of different collections from this company released each year, though the more traditional pieces are probably the most popular (and likely always will be).

There is most certainly an Invicta watch picture-perfect for you!