TAG Heuer

A legendary name in the world of Swiss watchmaking, you can’t go wrong when you decide to add TAG Heuer men’s watches to your collection.

Established more than 150 years ago, this is a watch company that has seen a lot of change in the industry – and it’s a watch company that has been able to withstand significant challenges, upheaval, and a number of complete trend reversals in the world of watches it has still been able to dominate the competition year in and year out.

These are amazing examples of watchmaking and if you have the good fortune to own one or several of these watches you’re going to love showing them off on your wrist.

An Interesting History Lesson About TAG Heuer

As mentioned above, this watchmaking company is more than 150 years old.

Founded in 1860 (in a small watchmaking shop in Switzerland by a man by the name of Edouard Heuer), these watches came right out of the gate as some of the most innovative, some of the most accurate, and some of the most well-designed men’s watches available.

In 1887, the company started to expand into the United States (having their first patent accepted by the US in the same year), and from there the company’s growth really started to explode. The invention of the oscillating pinion transformed the timekeeping industry completely, and when the people at TAG unveiled the Time of Trip patent in 1911 things changed once again.

Innovation after innovation came tumbling out of this company, and by the time 1916 rolled around they were the ones to produce the very first stopwatch accurate to just 1/100 of a second – making these stopwatches the pinnacle of accuracy and a favorite at the Olympics.

From there, TAG watches became the first Swiss watches in space (with Omega watches becoming the first to touchdown on the moon), and a year after that they launched in the first chronograph designed specifically for professional drivers and racers – a watch design that Steve McQueen himself wore at Monaco.

To say that these watches have a legendary reputation would be the understatement of the century.

Amazing Facts About TAG Heuer Watches You Might Not Know

The overwhelming majority of watch companies out there have tried to focus on a handful of things at once (style, accuracy, and premium craftsmanship, for example), but few of them have been able to combine all three of these features quite as nicely as the folks at TAG Heuer have been able to.

Since the earliest timepiece produced by this company they have been the pinnacle of accuracy as well as a very forward thinking company when it comes to design and aesthetics. The watch that Steve McQueen wore at Monaco, for example, would look right at home today – and he wore that watch close to 45 years ago!

They have also helped to pioneer a number of major timekeeping technologies that have become standard across the board.

The first-ever oscillating pinion was crafted by the folks at TAG, the Time of Trip was created by the folks at TAG, the world’s most accurate (at the time) stopwatch was engineered by the folks at TAG, the first chronograph with an automatic micro rotor was invented by the folks at TAG, and (more recently) in 2004 they unveiled the very first ever built driven watch!

This is as forward thinking a company as they get into the world of timepieces.

What Separates These Timepieces From Others

There are a couple of different things that help TAG Heuer men’s watches stand apart from the rest of the pack.

The first feature has to be all of the unique timekeeping movements that they have pioneered since their very first day in the business. These movements are incredibly accurate, and though today many of them rely on quartz technology (or belt driven technology when it comes to the Monaco V4), the mechanical watches that they produce are still really, really special.

Another element that separates these watches from the rest of the pack is that they have been designed primarily for those that depend on ridiculously accurate timekeeping. From the first-ever stopwatch to be accurate to 1/100 of a second to the first-ever chromatograph designed for professional racers, these watches are functional first but also very, very attractive.

Somehow, the people behind TAG Heuer men’s watches have been able to strike that delicate balance between form and function, style and performance, and utility and design. It definitely isn’t an easy line to walk, but they have been able to knock it out of the park for more than 150 years.

This is Why You Would Want to Invest in a New TAG Watch

It’s impossible to count the amount of reasons behind why you would want to own and wear these watches, but we are going to try to break down at least some of the most important ones below so that you know exactly what you’re getting into.

For starters, this is a company with a 150+ year pedigree behind it.

Their watches are legendary, very collectible, and have one of the most impressive resale values you’ll find on the collector market. This means that everything TAG watch you purchase is going to appreciate in value, and you won’t have to worry about “spending” money on these watches because you’ll be investing it!

Secondly, you’re not just purchasing a TAG watch – you’re purchasing all of the history behind these amazing timepieces.

We are going to break down some of the most famous people throughout history that have worn these watches in just a moment, but let’s just say that you’re going to be in fantastic company. Some of the most internationally renowned people in the last 150 years have had these watches on their wrist.

Finally, these are timepieces that are serious about respecting the time that they keep. When you have a TAG watch on your wrist people are going to understand that you yourself respect time so much so that you want to read with a timepiece like this.

These aren’t the kinds of watches that are inconspicuous or easily ignored.

Famous Individuals Who Endorsed These Wristwatches

Of all the famous people to have worn these watches, Steve McQueen is probably the most recognizable.

A legendary Hollywood superstar and the ultimate “man’s man”, it doesn’t get a lot better than Steve McQueen – the King of Cool. Not only did McQueen wore one of these chronographs while he was racing in Monaco in the movie Le Mans, but he also wore these watches for the rest of his life after filming completed, loving everything that they had to offer from a timekeeping standpoint but especially appreciating the rugged and mainly design they brought to the table.

John Glenn (the first American to orbit the Earth) also had a TAG watch on his wrist, and that watch is on permanent display at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. It is one of the most important timepieces in human history, and it really says something that astronauts pioneering the race into space would trust TAG watches to help them out.

Jack Heuer is Titan of the Timepiece Industry, and a man that wears Heuer watches exclusively (surprise, surprise). He regained control of the company that bears his ancestral name in 1962, and led the company up until 1985 when he left it in fantastic condition to pursue other business interests.

In 2001 he returned to the company again, helped it reach even higher heights in the timekeeping industry, and then retired on November 18, 2013 just a day before his 81st birthday. When asked about the timing of his retirement, he said he had made a promise to himself and his family that he wouldn’t work beyond the age of 80 – and, true to his word, he lived up to all expectations.

Tiger Woods, Leo DiCaprio, and Rafael Nadal have all worn these watches, too.

My Favorite 3 TAG Watches

Now that you might have finished scanning through the table, I will do the next step for you here with 3 short TAG Heuer watch reviews on the most significant points each product has for itself. That way, you can make better decisions with a knowledgeable mind.

TAG Heuer WAH1010.BA0854 Formula 1 Grande Date Watch

tag heuer WAH1010.BA0854The first watch in the series of 3 that I want to talk about today is this WAH1010.BA0854 Formula 1.

For me, the first impression I have for this wristwatch is the rugged design with black dial and silver tone case and bracelet. I myself is a big fan of the black and white color combination. And that’s why I pay attention to this watch at the first time. Not sure if you’re like me or not.

Another notable feature this watch has for you is the Swiss made Quartz movement which powers the whole engine. Quartz is a very accurate engine when it comes to timekeeping. And it doesn’t require much of your attention to keep it working as well. So, if you’re a busy person who loves to have an accurate watch that is hassle-free in maintenance, a Quartz-powered one is the way to go.

If there is one concern that any watch buyer has for their future investment, that must be the ability of the watch to resist scratches, shock, and damages of all kinds.

But with a high quality timepiece like this WAH1010.BA0854, a scratch-proof synthetic sapphire crystal and plus the steel case, bracelet, and bezel are the toughest armor that you can have to protect your watch from potential harms all day long.

The sapphire crystal will not just act like a shield against scratches, it will also give you a clear look over the dial. That means, you can glance time with ease whenever you’re in a hurry.

And the stainless steel case, band, and bezel will also add up to the overall look and feel of the watch thanks to their silver tone color and the ability to shine under the sun!

With the presence of a fold over clasp with safety, you will find it easy to put this timepiece on your wrist and keep it there. And it’s easy to take it off as well. No learning curve required.

Talking about special features you will have from this little guy, there is a screw down crown in place to protect the inner parts from water whenever you want to go on swimming or deep sea diving. And the luminous hands and time markers will make it easy for you to see time in the dark.

This watch can resist water pressure up to 660 ft or 200 m, so you can rest assured that it won’t break apart when you want to go swimming or diving. A great product overall in my opinion.

Editor’s rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

TAG Heuer WAN2111.BA0822 Aquaracer Watch

tag heuer WAN2111.BA0822Another watch in the spotlight that I want you to know about is the WAN2111.BA0822 Aquaracer watch.

Unlike the Formula 1 Grande Date that we talked about before, this watch has for itself a Swiss made Automatic movement to control everything timekeeping related. The advantage of an automatic movement is that it can power itself from the movements of your wrist and arm. And its ability to keep time accurate is highly respectable as well.

And with a Swiss version of this movement, you can rest assured that your watch will keep ticking around accurately as long as you keep wearing it often.

The color combination of blue dial and silver case and bracelet is also another nice feature that I like about this guy. Although I prefer black and white, I can’t argue that this kind of combination is great also.

The dial of the watch is protected by the same sturdy material, the sapphire crystal. It makes the watch so much more durable thanks to its hardness. And the time view over the dial is clear also.

Much like the Grande Date, this Aquaracer timepiece has for its own a stainless steel case, bezel, and bracelet which mean even tougher protection with shock resistance and nice look and feel overall.

And with 984 ft or 300 m in terms of water resistance, this Aquaracer is truly a great partner for everyone who is an avid swimmer, diver, or professional water sport athlete.

You will also have a a small date window at 3.00 o’clock position, a screw down crown for water protection, and luminous hands and indices as the special features from this watch.

Editor’s rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

TAG Heuer CV2A10.FC6235 Carrera Automatic Watch

Tag Heuer CV2A10.FC6235The third and final watch in this series that I will introduce to you is this CV2A10.FC6235 Carrera.

This watch has for itself a quite impressive look with black as the primary tone of the dial and band combined with the silver tone from the watch case. It makes the watch look classic and somewhat mysterious.

The precise Swiss automatic movement once again powers this wristwatch thus making it a beast when it comes to timekeeping. And thanks to the nature of the movement, you won’t have to spend time with oiling, winding, or even battery changing like with other mechanical or Quartz watches. Just make sure you wear it often and it will keep ticking around happily.

With a high quality black leather band and a deployment buckle with double push button, you will find it easy to put the watch on your wrist and keep it there. The leather band will make it very comfortable for your wrist. There will be no corrosion problem as well.

The scratch-proof synthetic sapphire dial window or crystal will protect the inner parts of the dial from damages as always plus making it clear to see time. And the steel case and bezel will also level up the overall toughness of this timepiece.

And with up to 330 ft or 100 m in water pressure resistance, you can bring this timepiece on your trip to the beach without any concern about water-related accidents to it.

There are also a small day/date window at 3.00 o’clock position, as well as 3 functional chronograph subdials, luminous watch hands, and a tachymeter bezel as the special features this watch has to offer you whenever you need them.

Editor’s rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

You Final Decision?

If you are on the hunt for a timepiece that exemplifies the very best of the industry while at the same time showcasing amazing design and engineering elements, the odds are pretty good that a TAG Heuer watch is right up your alley.

You’ll have a number of different options to pick and choose from, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them! This isn’t a purchase you’ll ever come to regret.