The Timex brand is a lot older than most people think, but that’s because these watches weren’t always known as Timex watches.

However, ever since they changed their moniker (something that we are going to touch upon in just a moment), they have established themselves as one of the most recognizable timepiece brands on the planet and are responsible for making some of the best watches in the affordable market segment.

Beautifully designed, intelligently engineered, and amazingly accurate, these are the kinds of men’s watches that you are going to fall in love with.

Seriously – Timex men’s watches are always a worthy addition to your collection.

A Quick History of Timex Men’s Watches

As we touched upon above, Timex men’s watches weren’t always Timex watches in the first place.

The company was established in the United States in 1850, and between that first day of business and 1870 they were known as the “Waterbury Clock and Watch Company”.

Responsible for importing European luxury watch designs to the United States, and manufacturing them at very affordable prices – essentially “knocking off” some of the best European luxury designs and making them available to the American working people at a price point all of them would be comfortable with – they catapulted into a top position in the market that they would enjoy from then on.

Changing their name from the Waterbury Clock and Watch Company to Timex to streamline operations significantly (and to get away from their knockoff reputation), these watches really started to focus on using incredibly accurate movements.

The watches became so known for their reliability, their dependability, and their accuracy that they became the choice of timepiece for the US Army during World War I – and that’s right around when they began to produce the first of their and the original) Mickey Mouse watch.

The men in the trenches really appreciated everything that Timex was able to do for them as far as dependability was concerned, and almost all veterans that had these kinds of watches on their wrist continued to support the brand after the war concluded.

Some Lesser Known Facts About the Brand

The Making Mouse watch (the simple and straightforward watch with Mickey on the face that used his two arms to signal the time) became internationally in demand internationally, and people have been collecting them ever since they first in the market.

Today they are still some of the most popular Timex men’s watches available on the secondary market, and a mint condition original Mickey Mouse watch can effortlessly command $100,000 or more.

Thankfully though, the overwhelming majority of Timex men’s watches that you’ll have the chance to get your hands on these days are considerably less expensive. These watches are designed and engineered to the same kind of standard of accuracy and dependability that the Timex watches in World War I and World War II were, but obviously take advantage of new technology, new components, and new engineering practices.

They will still take a licking and keep on ticking!

Timex men’s watches were also some of the first to be advertised directly to sportsmen that needed a classy watch that they could wear comfortably on their wrist even when they were playing sports.

This was one of the first brands in the watch world to really embrace celebrity athlete endorsements, and the Ben Hogan Timex watch was a legendary bestseller for years and years thanks to the “1000 Golf Swings!” advertisement.

Mickey Mantle was another of their celebrity athlete endorsers, and the company continues to use athletes to market their watches today!

Here is Why People Love These Timepieces

Timex men’s watches have always been regarded as close to indestructible, but during the 1950s they really pushed this angle (especially after coming out of World War II).

Most of the advertising for these watches at this point in time featured “torture tests” – Timex men’s watches were strapped to the propellers of outboard motors, thrown over Niagara Falls, held on to buy scuba divers or strapped to deep sea turtles, were placed on the baseball bat of legendary professional sluggers and they hit home run after home run without losing a single second of time on the watch.

This was a brand that really came to embody everything that the “takes a licking and keep on ticking” exemplified, and at one point in time in the 1950s one out of every three watches sold in the United States were Timex timepieces.

During the 1960s (in the middle of the Space Race) Timex really started to take advantage of new and advanced technology – at least for that point in time.

They really started to hammer the benefits of quartz automatic movements, they introduced “night vision” to their faces as well as glow-in-the-dark numbers and hands, and they really helped to pioneer deep-sea watch technology so that divers could rely on Timex watches up to 50 m without any trouble whatsoever.

The Timex brand obviously continued to morph with each and every new decade – in the 70s, they really move forward with exciting designs, in the 80s they went all in on the digital revolution, in the 90s they were all about “watch calculators”, but in 2000 (and continuing today) they did everything they could to get back to their roots.

Retro design is definitely the “in thing” right now, and many of the new Timex men’s watches hitting the market today look exactly like those that were first manufactured by this company in World War I.

Consider These Reasons If You Want to Buy a New Timex

There are a number of reasons to where Timex men’s watches, but the three biggest ones have to be:

  • That these watches are close to indestructible (even underwater)
  • That these watches have a gorgeous retro aesthetic that will always be popular
  • That these watches come with a very affordable price tag that won’t ever threatened to break your bank account

These watches are designed to look rugged but actually ARE rugged (unlike a lot of the pretenders out there on the market right now). You’re looking at seriously masculine timepieces here, and that means they’ll go with pretty much anything you’re wearing and nearly any social situation.

The Brand’s List of Famous Ambassadors

Celebrities have always gravitated to Timex watches, and as we mentioned above legendary athletes like Ben Hogan and Mickey Mantle were some of the earliest celebrity product endorsers that Timex leveraged to propel them into the upper stratosphere of watchmaking companies.

Individuals like:

  • Hollywood actor Kiefer Sutherland
  • Former US Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush
  • Blockbuster action star Mark Wahlberg
  • Legendary Hollywood icons Clint Eastwood and John Wayne

And Here are My Favorite 3 Timex’s

For clarification sake, I’ve included here 3 short summaries about the most significant features each watches has and how they can help you in determining the best product to invest in. So, read my Timex watch reviews below and let me know your final decision.

Timex Men’s T2H281 Easy Read Watch

Timex T2H281The first watch in the spotlight that I want to cover today is this T2H281 “Easy Read” watch.

And the first impression that I have on this little timepiece is its minimalistic design with white dial, black indices, and black watch hands. As a big fan of this black and white color mix, I’m hooked instantly to this one at the first look. Do you feel the same way?

Powered by a precise and reliable Quartz movement, this wristwatch can offer you a tested and true method of accurate timekeeping. And with this type of engine, you won’t have to spend much time with all the maintenance tasks either. All you will have to do is occasional battery changes.

The calfskin leather band and brass case make the watch lighter to wear and will put no pressure on your wrist unlike with other metal types of bracelets. These two components also make up a great deal in the overall good look of the watch people look at the first time. Plus, the easy to deploy buckle clasp will help you wearing the watch on your wrist and keep it there. No learning curve required.

There is a mineral crystal on top of the watch dial that can shield the inner parts from taking damages and scratches. It also provides you with a clear look over the dial thus making it super easy to glance time on the go.

And with the presence of the Indiglo night light technology, you will find it a whole lot easy to see time in the dark thanks to the glowing watch dial.

Finally, with a small date window at 3.00 o’clock position and the ability to resist water pressure up to 99 ft or 30 m, this wristwatch has all the basics of a good product that you can use everyday.

Editor’s rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Timex Unisex T2N651 Weekender Watch

Timex T2N651The next product that I want to cover today is this “Unisex” T2N651 Weekender watch.

As the name implied, this watch is suitable for both men and women, and can be worn to any social activities you have during your day. The white dial with black hands and time markers plus the nylon strap really make this timepiece look fashionable and active.

Much like the T2H281 Easy Read, this Weekender has for itself a reliable Quartz movement which powers the whole engine from the back end. With Quartz movement, you can rest assured about the accuracy of time over the long run.

The mineral crystal is in charge of protecting the watch from taking scratches and damages. And it won’t let you down since this material is one of toughest and most popular choices when it comes to crafting the dial window.

The Indiglo night light technology, once again, will save you from the problem of viewing time in the dark since the whole watch dial will emit light in the shadows thus making it easy for you to see everything inside.

The nylon strap is designed with comfort in mind and has many colors for you to choose from in case you don’t like the original one.

And finally, with 99 ft or 30 m in water resistance, this watch is somewhat not suitable for any water sports that you might like.

Editor’s rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

Timex Men’s T41101 Expedition Watch

timex t41101The third wristwatch in the series that we have for today is the T41101 Expedition watch.

Unlike the first 2 listed above with traditional analog display, this timepiece has for itself a hybrid combination of analog and digital in one place. That also means this little guy can do some other special tasks that its first 2 fellows can’t including 24 hour lap/split timing and 24 h countdown timer.

The brass case and bezel, accompanied with the stainless steel bracelet make this watch look manly yet fashionable at the same time. They, combined with the sturdy mineral crystal, make up a good armor for this watch to stand up against potential threats of scratches and damages all day long.

The deployment clasp in place will make it easy for your to put the watch on or take it off after using. And with the help of the trademark Indiglo night light feature, you won’t have any problem viewing time in the dark anymore.

This timepiece is also much more durable in terms of water resistance with up to 165 ft or 50 m in water depth of pressure. And when you buy the watch, you will also have other special features such as day/date/month calendar, alarm clock, and dual time display.

Editor’s rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Which One is Your Favorite?

Timex is a legendary brand in the world of American watches, and if you want to own a little piece of history – or at least a timepiece that reflects American engineering and everything that the Greatest Generation stood for – you’re going to want to get your hands on at least one of the best Timex men’s watches available on the market today.

Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about breaking your bank account to make this kind of purchase unless you’re going for a collectible retro piece from their earliest days. Those watches can command a boatload of money (especially if they are Mickey Mouse watches), but the “everyday” Timex won’t set you back too much.