Tissot T0144101103700 Review

With more than 150 years of experience crafting some of the best luxury watches we’ve ever seen, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Tissot continues to build upon their legacy of incredible timepieces with the all new Tissot T0144101103700.

Definitely one of the real “eye-catching” kind of watches that Tissot has become known for over the last few years, this men’s bracelet style watch is attractive, durable, but rugged unknown without the training any of its truly luxury features.

If you’ve been on the search for a high-class watch that won’t break the bank, you’re going to fall in love with this specific timepiece by Tissot.

Tissot T0144101103700 reviewWatch Movement

Like almost all of the Tissot watches available on the market today (and many of the truly elite level timepieces that are currently available for sale on the market), the Tissot T0144101103700 take advantage of an amazingly accurate quartz movement as far as timekeeping is concerned.

And this allows you to trust that your Tissot watch is going to be amazingly accurate with very little upkeep or maintenance whatsoever, providing you with reliable timekeeping and time tracking capabilities that you might not find elsewhere. This is not the kind of watch that sacrifices functionality over form or fashion – but instead the kind of timepiece that blends all of these things seamlessly into a single unit.

You’re really going to appreciate the amazing accuracy and consistency of this Quartz movement, giving you that confidence you need to know that your watch is never going to let you down.

Watch Dial Window

Another big area that this specific Tissot PRC200 watch really stepped up is in the watch dial window material type, which is not unlike most other solutions available on the market today.

While luxury watch brands the world over are focusing on all different kinds of glass or glass replacements for their watch dial window materials, Tissot has been experimenting – and in fact perfecting –the use of scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

This is an amazingly hard surface material with crystal clarity, combining the best of the clearest glass in the world with the strength of the hardest polycarbonates available. Though it’s not 100% scratch proof, you’re certainly going to find that this watch takes a daily beating and keeps looking brand-new for decades and decades to come. They just don’t make watches like this anymore.

Watch Case

The reason that the Tissot T0144101103700 is able to be sold so cheaply is because it avoids many of the “top” quote precious materials like gold or silver that have been innovating the timepiece world in favor of stainless steel.

But don’t let that throw you off of the incredible value that this specific watch provides.

The stainless steel used in the watch case construction is of the highest possible quality, and has been polished and finished to an incredible luster. You’re never going to feel as though you are walking around with a “cheap” watch at any point in time – this watch feels substantial thanks to the stainless steel.

You’re also going to be able to take advantage of the incredible durability that this stainless steel watch provides. Unlike watches or timepieces created out of the precious metals mentioned above (soft metals like gold and silver) you’re never going to have to worry about dents and dings destroying your timepiece. This is definitely a big benefit.

Watch Band

As mentioned above, this specific Tissot watch uses stainless steel construction materials in the watch case construction – but also uses stainless steel in the watchband as well. This creates a unified appearance and strength in this specific wristwatch that you just won’t find in many other timepieces, giving you the confidence you need to wear it on a daily basis.

You’re also going to appreciate the way that the stainless steel has been finished, as it’s been polished to a stunning luster that only a handful or so precious metals could match. This is definitely a real “looker”.

Special Features

Aside from the legendary Tissot quality that you’re going to be able to take advantage of the moment that you purchase this timepiece, you’ll also be able to enjoy a handful of other special features.

This watch provides for 330 feet of water resistant capabilities, and also has a luminous coating on the face of the watch that lets you see the time in any like condition. Combine that with the one hand open clasp and an included calendar function, and the features just keep piling up.


There are a ton of different watches available on the market, but none of them offer the perfect blend of performance, aesthetics, and price quite like this one. If you’ve been searching for a new high quality watch, definitely purchase the Tissot T0144101103700.