Tissot T0144101104700 Review

Tissot T0144101104700 reviewIt’s hard to argue with the near perfection that Tissot has been able to accomplish over the last 150 years of making absolute fantastic timepieces – and this specific Tissot watch is a perfect representation of everything that they bring to the table.

Not only is the Tissot T0144101104700 rugged and incredibly masculine, but it’s also crafted from some of the finest materials available on the planet – making for a timepiece and wristwatch that you’re never really going to be able to forget about.

This is amazing engineering combined with picture-perfect styling, the kind of men’s luxury watch that you’ve been looking for – the kind of men’s luxury watch that isn’t going to break the bank.

Watch Movement

The most important part of this specific Tissot watch is the fact that it uses a high quality Quartz movement inside of the watch mechanism, providing for some of the most accurate timekeeping you’re going to find anywhere.

After all, other reason that you’re investing in a watch like this is not only for its stunning good looks – but also so that you can enjoy the utility of perfectly track time (regardless of where you find yourself around the world). You’re going to be pleasantly surprised with the amazing accuracy of this Tissot PRC200 watch, as it guarantees that you know exactly what the time with a quick glance at the face of the watch.

Watch Dial Window

There are other watch dial windows available on the market that are truly glossy, brilliant even, but they almost make the watch too difficult to use in bright light or outdoor conditions.

Combine that with the fact that though super glossy and ultra-brilliant watch dial windows are prone to surface scratches, dents, and dings that immediately detract from the appearance of your watch, and they just aren’t viable alternatives.

This is not something you’re going to have to worry about when you are using the Tissot T0144101104700. That’s because this watch dial window is crafted from 100% anti-reflective sapphire crystal – providing for a truly high quality visual aspect in any light condition. It’s also scratch resistant and dent resistant, making sure that your watch is going to look absolutely fantastic for years and years to come.

Watch Case

Stainless steel has gotten a bit of a bad rap over the last few years as far as jewelry is concerned, with many luxury timepiece companies and manufacturers stepping away from this rather industrial metal. However, Tissot really embraces this specific construction material, using it in almost all of their high-end watches to great effect.

Not only are you getting a truly strong and durable watch when you purchase this specific timepiece, but you also get a watch that is going to look jaw-dropping the attractive at the same time. Though I’m not exactly sure how the engineers behind this specific timepiece were able to create such a brilliant finish with your run-of-the-mill, every day stainless steel – once you set eyes on this watch you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Watch Band

The watch band included with the Tissot T0144101104700 is also created out of that same stainless steel, creating a unified appearance and aesthetic that you just can’t beat. At the same time, the relatively modern design of the interlocking chain links that you’ll find on this specific timepiece is pleasant, rugged, and masculine for sure – and also makes the watch amazingly comfortable for daily wear.

There are some who remain a little bit skeptical about whether or not a full on stainless steel timepiece and wristwatch could be comfortable on a daily basis, but I think you’ll find that this specific watch becomes a key part of your everyday wardrobe. Sure, it’s a bit on the heavy side, but it offers a kind of solid and substantial feel that you just don’t find in many of the other luxury timepieces out there.

Special Features

There are a handful of different special benefits and features that you’ll be able to take advantage of with this Tissot watch, and it all stems from the overall design of this timepiece. Water resistant up to 660 feet (and with an included chronograph style timekeeper), this is a watch that you are going to be proud to have on your wrist in almost any type of activity.


All in all, there is a real reason why so many people continue to purchase the Tissot T0144101104700 on a regular basis – and why so many people claim that this is one of the very best watches that they’ve ever owned. The odds are fantastic that you’ll fall in love with it is Tissot watch as well, and the sub $300 price tag definitely makes it one of the most attractive luxury watches that you can buy today.