Tissot T0144101105700 Review

Tissot T0144101105700 reviewThough they may not be regarded in the same kind of class of watches as a Rolex, Breitling, or other “elite level luxury timepiece”, the truth is Tissot has been making some of the very best watches were well over 150+ years – and continue to make fantastic (and affordable) luxury watches still today.

The Tissot T0144101105700 is definitely a representation of Tissot as a company, in that it is strong, durable, understated, yet undeniably attractive and luxury through and through. This is a watch that has been designed for the modern man, a man that is both sophisticated, educated, and in complete control of his life and destiny.

Watch Movement

Though there are some in the luxury watch world that look down upon a Quartz style movement (in favor of more traditional watch movement technologies or movements), this certainly isn’t the case with the watch experts at Tissot.

These experts fully appreciate the amazing reliability, consistency, durability, and timekeeping capabilities of a Quartz style movement – which is exactly why almost all Tissot PRC200 timepieces are made from this kind of movement.

You’re going to enjoy ridiculously accurate time for years and years on end (with almost no maintenance whatsoever), allowing you to forget entirely about whether or not your watch is helping you stay on time or guaranteeing that you’re late.

The Quartz movement is definitely the “star of the show”, so to speak in regards to this specific timepiece – and it’s something that you’re going to come to rely on in the years to come.

Watch Dial Window

One of the biggest components that is almost always overlooked as far as timepieces are considered is the construction material used in the watch dial window.

This is a little bit surprising, considering the fact that every time you use your watch you’re going to be staring right at the construction material – even though you wanted to be as “invisible” as humanly possible. This is something that this Tissot T0144101105700 watch has been able to achieve with amazing performance thanks to its use of anti-reflective and scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

Anti-reflective and scratch resistant sapphire crystal might not be the “hottest” watch material on the planet, but it’s definitely something that will get the job done – guaranteeing that your watch looks absolutely fantastic for years and years to come.

Watch Case

You would expect that a modern watch that has been designed with modern technology for the modern man would use pretty modern construction materials – and the Tissot T0144101105700 definitely won’t disappoint as far as this is concerned.

The watch case has been constructed entirely out of stainless steel (the very highest quality stainless steel, at that), pulling off a ridiculously strong and sturdy watch that is attractive at the exact same time. Too many other “affordable luxury” watches on the market use precious metals for their watch cases, but they almost always end up showing their wear and tear much sooner than this watch ever will.

The stainless steel also makes this watch a little bit on the “heavier side”, but that might be something you appreciate since it will be a short signal of just how strong and durable this watch really is.

Watch Band

That same stainless steel that is used on the watch case is used throughout the watch band, though you’ll find that it is used in a very attractive interlocking chain pattern that creates a watchband that’s very comfortable to wear what amazingly strong.

This watchband is a cinch to adjust with one hand (and also allows complete and total flexibility to perfectly fit your specific risk size), another big benefit and special features that you’re really going to appreciate.

Special Features

As far as other special features are concerned, this Tissot watch is water resistant up to 660 feet – providing you the safety and security in knowing that your watch is always going to work in almost any weather condition. It’ll even work if you find yourself pitched off the side of your yacht, and will work at depths much deeper than you’d ever be able to reach on your own.


There are a number of different affordable timepieces available on the market today, but none of them offer the perfect mixture of aesthetics, durability, and reliability quite the way that the Tissot T0144101105700 can.

There is a very real reason why so many people have already purchased this specific timepiece – and continue to do so on a daily basis. It’s beautiful, rugged and distinctly masculine, but at the same time takes advantage of modern technologies and construction materials.

Don’t sleep on the Tissot brand, and definitely don’t sleep on this specific Tissot watch. You’ll be happy that you purchased it almost the moment that it hits your wrist, and it’s likely that you never take it off!