Tissot T0144101605700 Review

Tissot T0144101605700 reviewTissot has been making watches (incredible, industry-leading watches at that) for nearly 150 years. Even still, it seems as though the people behind Tissot watches continue to innovate and integrate every single time they unveil a new Tissot watch – and this is certainly true when speaking about the Tissot T0144101605700.

Definitely one of the more ruggedly attractive (but still high-end) men’s watches available on the market today, this is the kind of watch that looks like it would be worth far more – and performs right up there with the very best of the best.

You just don’t find this kind of high quality at this price tag all too often today – making the Tissot T0144101605700 one of those “must-have” kinds of watches.

Watch Movement

The first thing that you’re going to notice about the Tissot T0144101605700 is how reliable it is as far as timekeeping is considered. Using a 100% Quartz movement, this is the kind of automatic watch that you’ll be able to rely on (day in, and day out) for decades and decades – all without ever having to readjust or resynchronize your time settings.

Quartz movements have been used in some of the biggest brands in the timepiece world, and are in almost all of the truly “elite level” luxury watches available on the market today. Tissot has perfected the quartz movement to an amazing degree, and has been installing them in almost all of their fine timepieces for decades now.

Watch Dial Window

The other thing that you’re really going to appreciate with the Tissot T0144101605700 is the fact that it uses an anti-reflective sapphire crystal watch dial window.

While other luxury watches are more concerned with the gloss and glare that is thrown off of the watch dial window (under some confusing perception that the gloss year the watch the more “fancy” it looks), but Tissot understands that you’re still going to want to have the functionality of your timepiece intact.

Not content to sacrifice function for form, Tissot has included an anti-reflective sapphire crystal window that is scratch resistant and glare resistant, making this a dream to use in any light situation.

Watch Case

Though there are certainly other watches on the market today that use more “high-end” or luxury construction materials when it comes to their watch case, the engineers and designers behind this Tissot PRC200 watch went for a more robust and durable case.

Using only the highest possible quality stainless steel available, your new Tissot watch is going to be amazingly durable, incredibly strong, damage, dent, and getting resistant – all while looking fantastic thanks to the proprietary stainless steel finish that has been applied.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a stainless steel finish quite as nice as this one, and I’d imagine that you probably haven’t either. The people that worked on the “fit and finish” of this Tissot watch definitely paid attention to all of the little details, making sure that this was a showstopper across the board.

Watch Band

One of the biggest letdowns when it comes to more “budget based” watches or timepieces like this one has to be that many of the watch bands that are included just don’t live up to your expectations.

Luckily, this is not going to be an issue when you purchase this Tissot watch. Not only is the watchband amazingly comfortable – and ridiculously attractive, with real leather used throughout – but it is also strong and durable and has that true “luxury look and feel”.

Though there are already prepunched holes that you can use to adjust this watchband, you’ll also have the ability to create your own for a more custom tailored fit – though it’s likely that one of the prepunched holes will work perfectly.

Special Features

There are a number of different special features and benefits that you’ll be able to take advantage of the moment that you purchase this Tissot watch – almost too many to list.

The first is that it offers water resistant capabilities up to 660 feet, making sure that a bit of inclement weather – or a dive into the ocean – with your watch still on won’t cripple it moving forward. You’ll also be pleased to know that the engineers behind this Tissot watch designed the case and mechanism to be “humidity resistant” (something important for those who sail).

Secondly, the face of this watch is readable in almost any light condition, thanks to the unique construction material used in the watch face. Almost having a bit of an incandescent glow in low light situations (though there is no real light mechanism to speak of), this is a very useful watch when it gets right down to it.


All in all, it’s likely that you’ve just won’t be able to find a better watch at this price point available anywhere. The Tissot T0144101605700 is definitely the kind of timepiece you can purchase (and where on a daily basis) with confidence, and may just be that “heirloom item” and that you decide to pass down to future generations.

Definitely a recommended purchase!