Tissot T0144271105100 Review

Tissot T0144271105100 reviewOne of the more legendary watchmakers in the world, there is a real reason why Tissot watches are prized by so many hundreds of thousands of people all over the planet. Carrying on a tradition of excellence that they first began establishing almost 150+ years ago, Tissot watches continue to surprise, amazed, and innovate as far as “affordable luxury” is considered.

The Tissot T0144271105100 is a perfect example of what Tissot has been producing for years and years now, establishing itself as one of the industry’s premier casual luxury timepieces. Perfect for nights that you’re going to be dressed up as well as days spend out on the country club golf course, this is the kind of watch that you’re going to fall in love with the moment that you slighted on your wrist.

Crafted out of higher quality materials and with a very stylish watch face, this is a timekeeper that is going to become a big part of your everyday life.

Watch Movement

Almost all Swiss style watches today are produced using Quartz movements, and this one is no different. The quartz movement that is included in this Tissot PRC200 watch is one of the most accurate available today, and allows you to count on the time that your Tissot watch is keeping for months and months – cheers even – without any upkeep or maintenance.

This is pretty impressive as far as automatic watches are considered, as many of them have gotten a bit of a bad reputation for being less accurate than most would have hoped. However, Tissot T0144271105100 and its Swiss quartz movement are truly at the top of the industry – providing you with accurate timekeeping that you’re looking for.

Watch Dial Window

The other thing that you’re going to absolutely love about this specific Tissot watch is that it uses a 100% scratch resistant sapphire crystal watch display window. Not only does this mean that you’re going to enjoy crystal clarity with an almost “high definition” display, but you’re also going to be able to enjoy elite level protection from every day dense, dings, and daily wear and tear.

The sapphire crystal that is used with this watch dial is truly stunning from the moment that you lay eyes on it, and you’re really going to appreciate the crystal clarity that it produces in almost any like condition. Though it’s not 100% scratch proof, the scratch resistant properties are definitely going to be appreciated.

Watch Case

Though it’s become a little bit “standard stock” across the affordable luxury timepiece industry, stainless steel that is used to create this watch case dial is at the upper end as far as quality is concerned.

Tissot definitely spent a lot of time sourcing the construction materials used in all of their timepieces, but it’s fully on display here thanks to the prominence that stainless steel place in the watch design. Stainless steel literally covers almost every square inch of this watch (with the sole exception of the watch face and watch dial window), and it makes for an amazingly durable and strong watch that you can count on.

You’re also going to appreciate the specific finishing touches that have been applied to this timepiece. The watch doesn’t look like stainless steel, but instead looks like it is made of brushed nickel with chrome accents.

Watch Band

You’re going to find that the same stainless steel used in the watch case is used in the watchband as well, which makes for a pretty “heavy” watch – but something that you’re actually going to appreciate.

Unlike some of the luxury watches available on the market today, this watch feels sturdy, steady, and reliable – not like some flimsy piece of jewelry that you have daintily hanging from your wrist. It’s a comfortable watch, it’s a rugged watch, and it’s definitely a man’s watch.

Special Features

There are a number of different benefits that you’re going to be able to take advantage of when you purchase the Tissot T0144271105100. The first is the fact that it has elite level water resistant capabilities, good for depths up to 660 feet.

Combine that with included chronograph feature, calendar technology, and one of the most attractive – if understated – watch faces you’ll find in the market today, this is definitely a watch you’ll appreciate.


Coming with all the bells and whistles, this is the kind of watch that you are going to fall in love with – the kind of watch that will become a part of your everyday attire. It’s also the kind of watch that can stand up to the test of time (no pun intended), and just might be the watch that you hand down to future generations. Purchase the Tissot T0144271105100 today – you won’t regret it.