Tissot T0144271603100 Review

Tissot T0144271603100 reviewOne of the best ways to express your individuality and to add a stylish appeal to your wardrobe is to adorn a beautifully crafted watch. The Tissot T0144271603100 can either be the perfect present to a loved one or a great way to show your own personal style.

With innovative features such as water resistance and a built-in chronograph, you will be purchasing an accessory that provides timelessness and a classic feel. As one of the most impressive watch manufacturers, Tissot has created time pieces for some of the most renowned celebrities including Grace Kelly, Nelson Mandela, and Elvis Presley.

Swiss Automatic Watch Movement

This watch is created with Swiss Automatic movement, a designation that is held in high regard by all watch manufacturers. With a watch that has Swiss-made movement, you will be adorning a time piece that has set a high standard for quality and that will last you many years to come. With that being said, this watch is comprised of mostly Swiss parts in a Swiss factory.

Sapphire Watch Crystal

When choosing the perfect timepiece for yourself or a loved one, it is important to consider the type of crystal that is used on the watch. Essentially, the harder the crystal the less likely it is to scratch. This Tissot PRC200 watch uses sapphire crystal, the most prestigious type of crystal that can be used on a watch.

Fortunately, the sapphire crystal is the hardest crystal available on a watch, making it nearly impossible to scratch. Due to the fact that the manufacturing cost of sapphire crystal is so high, watches that adorn sapphire crystal are held in the highest regard.

Stainless Steel Watch Casing

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a watch is the type of casing that the manufacturer has used. As you consistently wear your watch through the years, it may incur minor damages due to wear and tear.

With the convenience of a stainless steel watch casing, you can easily have any scratches buffed out, thus bringing it back to its original shine. Also, with the use of stainless steel, you can plate the casing in any type of gold that you wish.

Calfskin Watch Band

For an additional piece of luxury, the Tissot T0144271603100 has a band that is constructed solely out of calfskin. As an elegant and supple material that will slide onto your wrist with ease, the majority of high-end watches use calfskin as the material for their bands.

Additional Features

This Tissot watch features a useful chronograph featuring hours, minutes, and seconds. This particular men’s watch it also a great addition for those who enjoy water sports, with its water resistance up to 660 feet.


The convenience and luxury that is portrayed by this T0144271603100 wristwatch will undoubtedly suit the needs of its wearer. For a truly powerful Swiss automatic movement watch that provides elegance style with its calfskin band, stainless steel casing, and sapphire watch crystal, the benefits are nearly endless. Perfect for yourself or as a gift, the Tissot T0144271603100 will not disappoint.