Tissot T0554101604700 Review

Tissot T0554101604700 reviewWhen buying a watch either for yourself or as a gift, there are certain features that you consider. You will want to purchase a watch that has allure and a classic appeal, thus the Tissot T0554101604700 will be the perfect time piece. Not only does this watch add an additional sense of elegance to its wearer, it is also convenient and functional for every day wear.

Quartz Watch Movement

For pristine accuracy, the quartz watch movement offered from this Tissot PRC200 watch will prove to be quite useful. In comparison to a generic mechanical watch, quartz oscillators are far steadier than balance wheels (commonly found in mechanical watches). Due to the convenience associated with a quartz watch movement, only a minute or two will be lost every year.

Scratch Resistant Sapphire Dial Window

One area of watches that commonly incurs the most damage is the dial window. If your watch is equipped without a dial window constructed out of a resilient material, you will experience a multitude of scratches. This Tissot T0554101604700 PRC200 timepiece has a scratch resistant dial window that is comprised of high quality sapphire. If you’re a first time watch buyer, a sapphire dial window ensures that no scratches will harm the dial window. As the most resilient material used to construct watches, sapphire is used primarily in prestigious watch design.

Stainless Steel Casing

The casing of a watch adds an extra touch to the full design of the piece. For the utmost amount of functionality, stainless steel can provide the owner with many design options. As an example, you may want to consider plating the case with yellow gold. Without stainless steel casing, this would not be possible, though luckily this watch has the perfect casing to do so. Stainless steel also helps to add a more stylish appeal to the overall look of the watch.

Blue Leather Watch Band

There are generic colors of leather but this watch provides a more fashion-forward take on traditional leather. With the blue leather watch band, you will have a recognizable watch that will be admired for its classic design and its unique aesthetic appeal. Also, leather is an incredibly comfortable type of band to adorn on a daily basis.

Additional Features

This PRC200 watch has many additional features to help increase the functionality of the watch. With a water resistance depth of 200 meters and a calendar, you will be able to use your watch while you’re on-the-go.


There are many features incorporated into this little wristwatch. Whether you are looking to add a more unique appeal to your everyday style with the blue leather band or if you are interested in having a time piece with the functionality of a calendar, the features are endless.

To add a classic feel, your time piece includes a stainless steel casing and a scratch resistant sapphire dial window. To accommodate both fashion and functionality, the Tissot T0554101604700 is the perfect addition to a watch collection.