Tissot T17151632 Review

Tissot T17151632 reviewFor well over 150 years now, Tissot has been responsible for some of the very best timepieces in the “affordable luxury” category. Timepieces that have been designed in the Swiss style of watchmaking, each and every one of their offerings continues to deliver on the tradition of excellence, quality, and history that they have become known for.

The Tissot T17151632 is no different, and one of the finest examples of understated luxury – refined yet not in your face – that you’re going to find on the market today.

Watch movement

Thanks to the highly effective Swiss quartz movement used in the Tissot T17151632 T-Sport PRC200, you’ll never have to worry about your watch becoming inaccurate – even after years and years of consistent use.

One of the more finely tuned watch movements available in the market today, there is a real reason why so many high quality watchmakers (at least in those interested in automatic watches) use Swiss Quartz on a regular basis.

Reliable, consistent, and easy to maintain – as well as responsible for almost super humanly accurate time even after years and years of use – you’re going to be able to enjoy an accurate timepiece no matter how frequently (or even infrequently) you slide the Tissot T17151632 on your wrist.

Watch dial window

Another big benefit to this specific timepiece of the Tissot PRC200 series is that it uses 100% real scratch resistance that fire in the watch dial window construction material.

Some other watches (especially at this price point) use far inferior watch dial window construction materials, collecting scratches, dents, and dings whereas this watch will merely slough off those “daily beatings” and continue to look brand-new for years to come.

While certainly not 100% scratch proof or damage proof, the scratch resistance after used in this specific watch dial window can be counted on to deliver elite level performance over the lifespan of the timepiece.

Watch case

The case material used on the Tissot T17151632 PRC200 is 100% jewelry grade stainless steel. This creates an interesting contrast compared to the more “organic” watchband material – something will go into in just a bit – while really pushing forward and elegant design aesthetic all over.

The stainless steel construction material used is also high strength and scratch resistant on its own, all but guaranteeing that your watch will look nearly brand-new for decades and decades to come. This kind of high level endurance just isn’t seen in timepieces made out of other precious metals and materials – but you’ll be able to count on it day in and day out.

Watch band

Abandoning the trend to produce “leather like” watchbands for timepieces at this price point – watchbands made out of synthetic materials – this Tissot PRC200 watch enjoys a 100% authentic crocodile leather watchband that is something to see.

A bit of a rarity (at this price point, at least), the crocodile leather is supple, comfortable, and infinitely flexible – looking for the part regardless of whether you are going out for a more casual occasion or dressing up for something more serious. The crocodile leather has a high strength to weight ratio, guaranteeing that it’s going to stay in full working use for years and years without any maintenance required.

Waterproof capabilities

Like all Tissot watches, this specific timepiece comes with full water resistance and waterproof capabilities – all the way down to 660 feet (at 20 bars of water pressure resistance). While maybe not specifically designed to be a diver’s watch or one that spends a tremendous amount of time in seawater, you should never have to worry about what the weather conditions may bring when you are wearing this timepiece.

While you will enjoy water resistant capabilities of their within the provided tolerances, you’ll probably want to stay out of the deep end all the same.

Special features

Though it may seem a little bit silly to talk about at the clasp used on this specific timepiece in watchband as a “special feature”, the moment that you use it you’ll see why so many people talk about it – rave about it, really – after they try it out for themselves. What’s known in the watch world as an “deployment clasp”, it allows you to put on and take off the watch with one hand – while at the same time protecting the crocodile leather from abuse that can come from daily life.

Another special feature is the built-in chronograph style movements onto the watch face, ensuring that you’re able to accurately record time with just a quick glance at your wrist.


If you’ve been wondering whether or not the Tissot T17151632 T-Sport PRC200 is right for you, hopefully this quick review has given you the inside information you’ve been looking for. Obviously, at this is one of the more affordable luxury timepieces available on the market today and would make a perfect “starter watch” for your collection. Definitely a recommended purchase.