Tissot T17152652 Review

Tissot T17152652 reviewOffering a unique blend of pure luxury with more subdued stylings, perfect for casual occasions as well, the Tissot T17152652 is a perfect option whether you are dressing up or dressing down.

Widely considered to be one of the more affordable luxury watches available, Tissot have been developing innovative Swiss style watches for more than 150 years.

This specific timepiece, the Tissot T17152652, is just another perfect representation of everything that this company has become known for – offering high-level features and luxury styling without breaking the bank.

Main features

Designed in the “aviator” style of watches, this specific timepiece is going to feel (and look) perfect on your wrist regardless of the occasion.

Thanks to clean lines (paired with a relatively bold form factor) and a standard color scheme, this watch is really able to pair the best of all worlds when it comes to style and performance.

There are a number of specific and special features you should be aware of, features that will break down more in depth below.

Watch movement

The watch movement is based off of a Swiss quartz movement, which all but guarantees picture-perfect timekeeping – over long-term periods – all without having to worry about manual winding.

This is the kind of watch movement that is used in even some of the most luxury and expensive watches all around the world, and widely regarded to be one of the most consistent and reliable movements ever to be placed in any watch. You’re never going to have to worry about the Tissot T17152652 keeping perfect time – regardless of how long it’s been on your wrist (or even in its storage case).

Watch dial window

You’ll also be excited to know that the Tissot T17152652 features a synthetic sapphire dial window material, a synthetic solution that is far harder than most other options – especially at this price point.

This means that this Tissot PRC200 watch can withstand quite a bit thrown at it, perfect for those who lead a more active lifestyle and then most. While certainly not indestructible, the synthetic sapphire watch dial window material will resist scratches and look nearly brand-new for years and years of use. It also allows for crystal-clear viewing, regardless of the light situation and source.

Watch case

The watch case is made entirely out of stainless steel (jewelry grade stainless steel). This means that your brand-new timepiece will never have to worry about corrosion or patina combat stainless steel is 100% resistant against these factors.

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to enjoy incredible durability out of the stainless steel case material.

Stainless steel has proven itself time and time again to be far harder and more durable than other precious metals (especially the more soft silver and gold), again lending itself perfectly to those who lead an active lifestyle.

But before you begin to assume that the stainless steel body will do tracked from the overall “luxury” appearance of at this specific timepiece, understand that nothing could be further from the truth.

The stainless steel used has been buffed, polished, and shined to a shimmering glow – certain to catch and glint light in almost any condition.


Though you can always opt to swap out the watchband included with the Tissot T17152652 – especially if alligator leather just isn’t your thing – most keep the same standard watchband on their timepiece throughout its lifetime.

Sourced only from the most ethical and legal providers of alligator leather, you’ll never have to worry about the moral issues behind using this material. Tissot has made a firm commitment to working only with providers that source their raw materials legally.

You’ll also be witness to some of the finest craftsmanship in the world of watch bands, as these alligator leather straps are works of art. Simple, understated, and subtle, they offer just another level of real luxury feel and appearance that you don’t find at this price point.

Stand out features

Though there are a number of other real standout features with this specific watch, the one that stands out amongst all others is it’s water resistant capabilities.

While you’ll probably want to stay out of the deep end altogether when wearing this watch (just because it’s so suited to black-tie events or other dressy occasions), you should have no worries whatsoever even up to depths of 330 feet. With 40 bars of water pressure persistent, this is the kind of confidence and capabilities you can rely on.


All in all, if you’re looking for the perfect blend of style, luxury, and function – all without ever breaking your bank account – and then you’re going to fall in love with everything about the Tissot T17152652. Rugged yet refined, capable yet elegant, at this watch is going to look fantastic on your wrist – regardless of the occasion.