Tissot T17158632 Review

Tissot T17158632 reviewIf you’ve been looking for the kind of “starter timepiece” that will kick off your watch collection without breaking the bank – but still delivering high marks as far as quality, history, and luxury are concerned – and then you are going to absolutely fall head over heels for the Tissot T17158632.

Rather elegantly designed (while still maintaining a very rugged and masculine design aesthetic), the Tissot T17158632 PRC200 is one of the finest Swiss style timepieces you could start your new watch collection off with. Here’s our quick review and break down about this very fine – and very affordable – timepiece.

Watch movement

The watch movement used in this specific timepiece (like so many other high quality Swiss style automatic watches on the market today) is of the Swiss Quartz style.

A watch movement widely regarded by many watch collectors, industry insiders, and manufacturers alike as one of the more accurate watch movements of available, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most reliable timekeeping available in an automatic wristwatch – for years and years to come.

Not only will you be able to count on day-to-day consistency from your Tissot T17158632 T-Sport watch, but you’ll be able to enjoy the exact same kind of consistency regardless of how often (or how infrequently) you wear your watch on a regular basis. This is all thanks to that Swiss quartz watch movement.

Watch dial window

A lot has changed in the 150 year history of Tissot timepieces, but their quest for the ultimate watch dial window has continued to be one of the aspects that they’ve become recognized for all over the world.

Trying almost everything under the sun (and each and every new advancement as it comes along) to deliver a crystal-clear watched dial window that is 100% resistant to scratches, dents, and dings, they use the scratch resistance sapphire window material on this specific timepiece.

While not bulletproof, you’ll certainly be able to wear your watch with confidence without worrying about scratches, dents, and dings from most day to day activities. While the sapphire scratch resistant material certainly can take on some abuse after years and years of wear, the reality is that with just a bit of upkeep you should be able to enjoy a brand-new looking watch dial window after decades of ownership.

Watch case

The watch case used in the construction of the Tissot T17158632 is 100% jewelry grade stainless steel. Strong, durable, and infinitely masculine, the stainless steel used in this specific timepiece has been polished to an almost silver sheen. This gives off a real sense of luxury and strength, all without the outrageous price tag of actual silver (or even nickel) – while at the same time providing durability and reliability you would the able to get out of those other precious metals.

The stainless steel construction material also protects all of the “guts” of this specific timepiece, acting as a shock resistant and drop resistant material to guarantee long life and durability.

Watch band

The watchband on this Tissot timepiece also constructed out of stainless steel (with a 19 mm width) that accents the overall rugged masculinity aesthetic of this watch quite well.

Again, durability, strength, and reliability come into play when we’re talking about this stainless steel construction material – and it’s also one of the more flexible and adaptable watchband materials available. You’ll be able to custom sizes with little technical know-how or extra help whatsoever, giving you the opportunity to fit this watch right to your wrist in just a few moments.

Waterproof capabilities

All Tissot PRC200 timepieces enjoy some level of water resistance, and this one is no different. Promising real water resistance up to depths of 660 feet (at 20 bars of water pressure resistance), you’ll be able to wear this watch in any type of condition – including the sea diving (if that’s your sort of thing). Obviously, you may not be investing in at this specific watch to act as your dive watch, but in a pinch you would be able to use it as such.

A bit of rain or cloudy weather will never stop you from wearing this timepiece with this kind of water resistant background.

Special features

There are a couple of special features you’ll want to pay attention for when you invest in this timepiece. Number one, is the stationary bezel and extra chronograph features that allows you to accurately record time with just a passing glance at your watch. Secondly, there is a tachymeter scale available on the inner vessel, as well as a date display window around the 4 o’clock position.


Recommended purchase for anyone serious about getting into the world of luxury watch collecting or just looking for a high-end timepiece, you’ll fall in love with all that the Tissot T17158632 has to offer the moment that you on box it.

Tissot watches have been worn by the legendary figures such as Elvis Presley, Nelson Mandela, Michael Owen, and Nicky Hayden – just to name a few – and you’ll be able to take part in that long-lasting tradition the moment that you purchase this watch.