Tissot T17158642 Review

Tissot T17158642 reviewIf you’ve spent any time at all looking at all of the different chronograph options on the market today, it’s likely that your head has begun to spin. Seemingly every watch company on the planet offers a chronograph of one type or another, but very few of them are able to deliver anything close to the Tissot T17158642.

Widely recognized as one of the very best chronographs available out there, you simply don’t find this blend of performance features, luxury styling, and decades long durability and reliability in any other timepiece. There is a real reason why so many people continue to invest in the Tissot T17158642 – and a number of reasons why you’ll want to seriously consider it as well.

Special features

For a watch company that has been around for more than 150 years, Tissot has done a fantastic job of not only keeping up with current timepiece construction trends – but also innovating every single step of the way.

Regarded by many as the be-all, end-all timepiece manufacturer for those serious about keeping and recording accurate time – including those responsible for timekeeping at the world championships in cycling, motorcycling, as well as being the official watch in timekeeper of NASCAR – this Tissot watch is jam-packed with special features and options that you’re going to love.

Let’s break down some of them right now.

Watch movement

Though there are some watchmakers still producing manual movements, Tissot has elected to install Swiss Quartz movements in almost all of their timepieces.

A watch movement that affords incredible reliability (all without ever having to maintain it), the Swiss Quartz movement installed in the Tissot T17158642 should keep accurate and consistent time for years and years to come without having to worry or adjust anything at all.

Obviously, daily use (especially those that enjoy active lifestyles) will want to make sure that there Tissot watch is synchronized with the most accurate time on it in you’ll basis or so – but thanks to the Swiss quartz movement even this annual checkup may not be necessary.

Watch dial window

Using a scratch resistant sapphire crystal window, not only is your watch going to be protected from much of the daily “wear and tear” that all time pieces are subjected to, but it will also deliver crystal-clear visual clarity regardless of the light source available.

This means that this Tissot PRC200 watch will be able to be read without any hassle or struggle whatsoever in any number of conditions, and can take a real beating before showing any signs of wear whatsoever. Obviously, at this watch dial window material isn’t able to protect against any and all damage – but it holds up better than almost any other material.

Watch case

This Tissot T17158642 watch features a full stainless steel case. There are a number of reasons that this timepiece was constructed with a stainless steel case, many of them having to do with the durability and reliability of this metal but also some of them lending performance and stylistic benefits as well.

Most of us understand that stainless steel is a material that resists corrosion and patina (regardless of the abuse it is subject to), making sure that our watch stays looking brand-new even after years and years of daily wear. Secondly, stainless steel is a relatively light construction material – helping this watch maintain a thin figure while strapped to your wrist. Finally, stainless steel (especially when polished up the way that this watch is) looks fantastic in any light source without any extra maintenance required whatsoever.


The watch band of the Tissot T17158642 is also sourced from stainless steel, for the same reasons as listed above. The stainless steel (polished stainless steel, for that matter) creates a seamless look – but you’re certainly not required to keep this watchband if you like the look or feel of other custom options available.

Some have reported that the stainless steel band makes the watch just a little bit too heavy, and they have elected to replace it with leather or other synthetic options. I’d recommend that you try the stainless steel band out for a couple of days before making this move – is the extra weight probably won’t interfere with your day to day wear that much.

Stand out features

The real standout features of the Tissot T17158642 would have to include it’s waterproof capabilities, it’s chronograph capabilities, as well as it’s very stylish blue dial design aesthetic. Really setting itself apart from all of the other Tissot chronographs available, that blue design just pops next to the stainless steel – really delivering a look that is exciting, interesting, and luxury all around.

Waterproof capabilities extend to 660 feet (at 20 bars of pressure), and you’ll find all of the chronograph features you’ve been hoping for included within.


Though there are certainly more expensive options out there in the Tissot T17158642, very few of them deliver the same kind of value you’ll be able to enjoy when you select this timepiece. Reliable, durable, and definitely attractive, this makes a perfect addition to your timepiece collection – as well as the ultimate daily wear option.