What Your Favorite Watch Dial Colors Have to Say About You

What Your Favorite Watch Dial Colors Have to Say About You

Just about everyone on the planet has a favorite color, but even if you don’t, the odds are pretty good that you find yourself more naturally drawn to or attracted to specific colors over the rest.

Well, color psychologists (yes, that’s a real deal science, by the way) have broken down exactly which each of our favorite colors tells us about our personality. Most of the psychology of color is used to improve business results (after all, there is a reason why those Golden Arches are golden in the first place), but the color of your watch dial also tells quite a bit about who you are as a person as well as who you wish to be perceived as.

We are going to dive into some of the most popular color choices below, all in an effort to give you a bit of extra insight into who you are and what your watch dial says about you!

So your favorite watch dial color is…gold or silver?

The traditional gold and silver watch dials (as well as brass and stainless) say pretty much the same thing about an individual – that they are traditional, that they care about old values, and that they are happy with a clean, minimalist aesthetic that doesn’t “jump right out and scare people”.

Some of the most beautiful watches on the planet have dials that are golden and silver, and they go with almost any attire. There is a reason that these colors are so popular and have been so popular throughout time.

So your favorite watch dial color is… gray?

In some corners of the psychology of color world professionals believe that gray is the color of non-commitment, and that it is first and foremost an “invisible” color that allows all others to outshine it.

However, the gray has always been an important color in business, and the important color in fashion, and an important color in the watch world – just look at the brand-new Omega Gray Side of the Moon timepiece and you’ll see that it is a red hot and very fashionable color to choose.

So your favorite watch dial color is…black?

Those that have fallen in love with black watch dials are said to be very sophisticated, very much in control of their own lives, and very serious with a focus on establishing their financial future.

If you’re looking to add a professional watch to your repertoire, you’ll want to look to add at least one with a black dial. You just can’t go wrong.

So your favorite watch dial color is…brown?

Brown has always been a color of comfort, a color of simplicity, and a color that is as far apart and away from extravagance as possible. Those that are drawn to brown watch dials are unpretentious, are down to earth, and are direct and usually frugal.

So your favorite watch dial color is…blue?

Blue is one of the most universally beloved watch dial colors (as well as one of the most universally beloved colors in general), and honestly, you have to be at least a little bit crazy to have a problem with blue to begin with.

The color of the ocean, blue is most commonly associated with feelings of calm and serenity, and those that are pulled towards blue regularly find themselves being a rock in the middle of a hurricane. People that wear blue are lovable, easy to get along with, reliable, and trusting – so you really can’t go wrong with a blue watch dial.

So your favorite watch dial color is…red?

Red is very much a color of passion, a color of attention, and a color that leaves behind a tremendous first impression. The odds are pretty good that you aren’t going to want to get your hands on a timepiece that is completely red (especially if you’re going to find yourself in a business setting), but red accents all over your watch dial will really add a bit of visual interest to your timepiece that didn’t exist previously.

They’ll also think of you as a shark!

So your favorite watch dial color is…green?

Green, the color of money, is almost always associated with cold hard cash – and those that are looking for a watch dial that includes green are almost always serious about their finances and the rest of their important relationships.

Those that seek out the green watch dials are usually looking to be seen as successful, wealthy, and influential.

So your favorite watch dial color is…yellow?

Yellow is a very playful color, and it belongs to the realm of the idealists, the innovators, and the rule breakers.

There is absolutely nothing the various, nothing malicious, and nothing negative about the color yellow, but sometimes its over-enthusiasm and its extra optimism can be misinterpreted as naivety. This is something to think about when you’re purchasing a timepiece for sure.

So your favorite watch dial color is…orange?

Those that find themselves routinely drawn to the color orange on their watch dials are usually very friendly, very outgoing, and the social butterflies of their group.

These people absolutely love center stage, love being in control of a room, and dream for every opportunity to perform. They may even tend to be a little bit on the more flamboyant side always usually pulls people to them like a tractor beam – unless they go overboard, and then the flamboyance works as a reverse magnet and repels just as hard.

So your favorite watch dial color is…purple?

If you’re ideal watch dial is going to be purple, or at least includes purple highlights, the odds are pretty good that you’re a lot like those attracted to blue – but maybe just a little bit off-center.

These people are usually very energetic, very much dreamers, and see the world through a violet colored lenses that distort reality just a bit. It’s also the color of royalty, so there is something to be said about purple lovers and their self-image!

So your favorite watch dial color is…pink?

Pink used to be regarded as 100% a feminine color, and in many ways it still is, though powerful, secure, and incredibly masculine men have been “stealing” pink – especially a very, very pale pink – from the feminine gender and turning it into a real statement piece.

You’ll probably have a challenging time pulling off a pink watch dial unless you are a young professional woman or incredibly, INCREDIBLY confident, so go in this direction with care.

So your favorite watch dial color is…white?

White is traditionally the color of innocence, purity, and simplicity, so if you’re looking for a watched I’ll that highlights each and every one of these attributes you’re looking in the right direction.

This color is also beloved by those that want to have a meticulous appearance, take themselves seriously, and those that want to show just how dedicated they are to even the finest details.

All things considered, finding the right watch dial color for you is probably going to be a lot easier than you have been led it to believe. This is especially true if you already know the kinds of personality traits that you’d like to showcase with your next timepiece purchase.